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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hey Joe I was just wondering in the season 7 finale we found out that Canada, UK, France, China, and Russia know about the stargate but in SGA there are soliders from countries like Germany and South Africa do more countries know of the stargate program now? I understand the scientists and other civilians from other countries because they could have gone to them privately and asked them to join but if only 6 countries know of the stargate program how can there soldiers from countries outside of those 6 countries.


      Was Sokar's host a former Prior? He looked very similiar, had the same love of fire, same 'style'.. Is it possible that the host was a scout of some kind that got taken by Sokar, then the goa'uld used the knowledge of the Ori to base his style around...he also appeared to have greater technology than other goa'uld (based on Apophis having cloaked ha'taks in one episode, which I think came from Sokar's empire after Apophis took his place)

      Ofcourse, it's probably nothing related at all, but fun to speculate on, and Sokar was a very cool villian in my opinion.


        Hey Joe
        Just wondering if you are going to explore Hermoid/Teyla relationship because the only alians Teyla has seen is The Wraith and they are enemys? It would be Great to see how she interacts with him.
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          Okay, another Crusade question. According to the spoilers
          Vala makes contact using an Ancient long-range communication device, which links her to Daniel. She remains in the village where she now lives, but can speak to the team through Daniel.

          Now, when Vala is speaking to the team ... through Daniel ... will we (the audience) be seeing Michael Shanks - as Vala, or will we be seeing Claudia Black - as Vala?

          Also, the Daniel/Vala fans are a bit concerned because it appears as though there is little, if any, Daniel/Vala interaction here. If Vala is using Daniel to communicate, that means his subconscious is suppressed which means he is not communicating with Vala. But, what makes Daniel and Vala so great is the way they interact - the chemistry these two have. So, can you reassurace us, Daniel/Vala fans that these two will get back together and we will once again have the priviledge of seeing that wonderful chemistry?




            Atlantis related question, when are we going to see Hermiod again? I must admit I miss this little, not entirely happy Asgard...
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              Hey Joe,

              Now that we're a little further along in the season, is there any chance that we might know whether or not Lt. Ford will be back on Atlantis in Season Three?

              I miss Aiden/Rainbow so much, and Atlantis feels so empty without him. You know you're a Ford fan when you get happy just because you saw him in a "Previously on Atlantis" clip (Conversion). Please...that's all I can say.
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                Hi Joe,

                After watching Babylon on Friday, I was curious to know if it was intentional to make Cameron look so green and incompetent as a leader? Many people are questioning his leadership abilities after watching him totally disregard Tealc's warnings to remain quiet and seeing how he handled his weapon. If Mitchell had simply been a new member placed upon SG-1 these little issues wouldn't have been so blatantly obvious; however, Mitchell is suppose to be the new CO of SG-1 is he not?

                Thank you for your time,
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                  In the episode Beachhead, we learn that Sam had left the SGC and SG-1 to take on a position as head of Research and Development at Area-51 and then in EDM she, without explanation, suddenly rejoins the team of SG-1.

                  Can you please give us a reasonable explanation as to why Sam would be willing to take such an obvious step backwards career wise from a position as Head of R&D to that of 2IC on SG-1
                  (if in fact that's what she is or will continue to be)?

                  Mary Beth

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                    First all, Sorry for my bad english...

                    two questions: Weir and McKay will return to be friends like in the first season, or they will continue ignoring each other like until now during the rest of this season?
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                      Hey Joe,

                      1. Will the Athosians be moving back onto Atlantis anytime soon?

                      Thank you!
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                        Hey Joe.

                        How do you take your Timmies?

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                          Sorry if any of these have been asked before:

                          -Will we be seeing any more of Sgt. Bates, or has he been sent back to Earth for good to recover?

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                              Hi, Joe.

                              Maybe this is one you'll be able to answer a bit easier. . .

                              Isn't it unlikely that the USAF - which Stargate tries so hard to emulate on the show - would allow two Colonels on the same team, rather than having each one command their own team? I'm having a difficult time believing that they'd allow this, and thus, that Stargate would depict it.

                              Thank you!
                              - Mary
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                                Hey Joe,

                                I was wondering did you see Revenge of the Sith earlier this year?
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