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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by mahram
    Joe I was wondering if you or anybody at stargate has anything to say or do for the people who were devastated by hurricane katrina. I know alot of you guys donated props and time for various charities. Will you be donating props to support charities for the victims of hurricane katrina this time?
    What's happening in New Orleans is a tragedy. Most of the city's residents have lost everything. Still, its been wonderful to see how people the world over have responded. It goes without saying that, if we were approached with a request, we would do our best to help out with any proposed auction drive.


      Originally posted by jree
      Hey Joe,

      Will Oma return this season?

      Nope. Oma has her hands full with Anubis for all eternity.


        Originally posted by Kalliope

        are we going to learn something more about the Tok'ra who removed Vala's symbiote and healed her?
        No plans to pursue this for the time being.


          Originally posted by Olli
          But if some day there is a decision for a direct-to-DVD movie or movies(!) is there a possibility that this project will be settled in the first seven seasons and we will see some much-loved, sorely missed characters back on screen?
          Of course its possible - but unlikely anytime in the near future.


            Originally posted by the dancer of spaz
            This is a potentially odd and probably quite meaningless question, but I was wondering if you knew if RDA got Jack's extreme prejudice against Russians from such 1960s military satires as Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

            I just saw it the other day and George C. Scott's portrayal of an Air Force general was classic - and strangely familiar in some instances.
            Nope. I think he is generally a cautious individual and his past experiences in dealing with the Russians colored his attitude.


              Hey Joe,
              I must say that I'm terrifically disappointed that O'neill won't be back at all this year. That said, would you characterize the chances of him appearing in a possible season ten as 1) No chance, 2) A resonable chance, or 3) Likely?


                Originally posted by TheCorpulent1
                Hey Joe,

                I know this might seem kind of nit-picky, but I was wondering why Teal'c has taken to using a P90 this season? I miss the distinctive image of Teal'c with his trusty staff weapon.

                Oh yeah, and is there any hope at all of getting a Mitchell/Teal'c BOXING MATCH? Teal'c boxed with O'Neill way back in season 1 and bonded with Jonas over a friendly boxing match in season 6, so it seems only fitting to carry on the tradition with Mitchell. I think it'd be a great scene to include sometime.

                Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.
                I think Teal'c has moved past the staff. Its a cumbersome and not particularly effective weapon.

                As for a Teal'c/Mitchell boxing match - I'd love to see one, but there are no plans to set one up.


                  Originally posted by belgian
                  did you got the faster than light travel thing that the wraith use idee from battlestar galactica

                  it is also in short jumps and it also looks the same as in battlestar galactica



                    Originally posted by George Costanza
                    Hello Joe. I read that Vala will return later this season. I don't like the character; in fact, she's kind of ruined the Stargate experience in the first six episodes for me. However, I would like to know why you think she is a great character, why you are intent on bringing her back, and how you feel about the massive amounts of people who dislike Vala. Thanks in advance.
                    Personally, I think she's a terrific character. She's roguishly-wicked, funny, and impossible to pin down. There's no knowing whether she has a hidden agenda or what her true motives are - but, despite all that, there's the sense that she is a good person at heart. In short - she's a blast to write for.


                      Originally posted by chyron
                      In watching LOST CITY Friday night, I realized that I liked the blonde Weir better than Torri Higginson. It also occurred to me that she (Weir) seems very much like a secondary or supporting character as opposed to a featured character. I was wondering then if we're going to see her character more involved with the various storylines and if we're going see storylines dealing with her specifically. Also, I was wondering if to that end, if we're going to see her learning fighting skills/sparing with Sheppard, Teyla, and Ronon preparing us to see her character defending herself. (Not to mention that it also promotes the idea of women learning self-defense.)
                      Check out The Long Goodbye for Fighty Weir with kung-fu grip.


                        Originally posted by majorsal
                        hi, joe,

                        here's a question i've wondered about for some time. do the writers of stargate consider the sam/jack relationship as a love story, or just two ppl that are attracted to one another, etc? i'm just trying to understand the whys and wherefores on this issue.

                        Just two people who were drawn together by a mutual attraction that developed over time.


                          Originally posted by Erik Bloodaxe
                          Well, as I mentioned in the PM, the site has unfortunately not done anything like that since season 7, but the above also inspired another question: I remember hearing quite a ways back about the wish to do a special "deleted scenes/outtakes" disk (collecting 'em for all seasons) once the series was finished, so I was just wondering if something like that is still on the cards? Will probably have to be its own box set once the series has truly finished.

                          We haven't given it much thought since the show was picked up. Perhaps, when the series finally ends, it will end up as a special feature in one of the boxsets.


                            Hi Joe,

                            I happen to be a big Sam/McKay fan. I know there's a crossover planned and I'm hoping for some really good scenes between the two of them - not just Sam coming in to help solve a problem.

                            Will S9 bring us any good angsty scenes that help develop the Sam/McKay friendship/rivalry?

                            Life is hard...and it's harder if you're stupid


                              Why does Lt. Col. Cameron “Shaft” Mitchell always call Daniel “Jackson”, but calls Carter “Sam” and Teal’c by name or “brother” and will it continue? (Daniel told him to call him Daniel in Avalon 1 ).

                              I know it’s not meant to be derogatory, like O’Neill always called Sam “Carter”, but it’s very weird and offputting for viewers (not just me, I swear ) who have become used to eight years of hearing “Daniel” or “Dr. Jackson” unless it's a Makepeace "demean the civilian" type.

                              And though this may be answered in future episodes, what DOES Daniel call Mr. Browder’s character?

                              Thanks again for all your time and patience with us insatiable fans.


                                Speaking of Sam/McKay, will McKay EVER get to one-up Sam? Or is he forever doomed to fail whenever she's around, even if it's on his own show?