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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe,

    if Stargate does go to a season 10 dare we hope that Vala will be on SG1 with Daniel, Mitchell and Teal'c.

    Thank you.

    Jack and Daniel...the old married couple.



      I just read that Vala will be back for 2 episodes. While I enjoyed her character, I did not enjoy the way the show turned into the Daniel and Vala show for 6 episodes. This next time around, can you assure us that won't happen again? In particular for this fan, I don't want to see Ben Browder underutilized any more than he already has been.



        I loved Ba'al in "Ex Deus Machina" episode. Is there a chance that Vala is going to meet
        one of his clones or Ba'al himself
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          hi joe will you ever do an episode about how the gould actually came to power and got their first human hosts? maybe an episode to show why the gould and tokra split. How they dump the unas hosts for human hosts.


            Originally posted by Buc252
            I don't know any of the fans who seem to dislike Jonas in the way TPTB do. (Even the faint ire that came up in S6 faded away once D came back.) That being said, why are you folks so resistant to bringing him and Corin back into the fold to please the fans? We'd even take him on Atlantis! And please don't say he's needed on Kelowna, because he's really not, while there are several story threads that were left hanging when the character was abandoned. We know Corin is willing, as he's said it publically.
            To put it bluntly - adding cast members = $$$. In order to add a cast member, we'd have to lose another.


              Originally posted by Token
              Hi, Joe!

              You have said that Jack didn't need a "fond farewell" because of the possibility for him to return. However, will we ever hear this season the "where/what/why" of Jack's new position?

              We won't be getting into the specifics of his departure.


                Originally posted by soulblade64
                hi joe, hopefully you can answer this for me.

                in condemned, shep tries to break a branch over his knee. the reaction that joe gave looked as if he really did slam that branch into his leg. was that a prop branch? and if it wasn't, was it just a good camera angle that made it look like he slammed it onto his knee, or did he really slam it onto his knee, either by accident, or on purpose to make himself give a good reaction?

                also, you said we might be seeing an aussie in atlantis in season 2? any news on that yet?
                It wasn't a prop branch but it was planned.

                As for the Aussie - keep watching.


                  Originally posted by Kalliope

                  can Daniel/Vala shippers hope for them both admitting that they REALLY like and need each other?
                  Sure, they can hope.


                    Originally posted by Jafana
                    I was watching The Ties That Bind again today and noticed that there were a few intertextual references to The Princess Bride.
                    I was wondering whether this was this done before or after Wallace Shawn was cast?

                    These pop culture references are something I've always enjoyed in the show, and It's always interesting to find out the background to why they were chosen.

                    One or two may have been added after casting.


                      Originally posted by 5X2
                      Joe, it is great to see some feisty, interesting female characters in Season 9 with both Vala and Carolyn Lam.

                      My question is, when will we see some explanation of what made Carrolyn Lam have such a prickly and interesting relationship with her father?
                      Eventually, yes.


                        Originally posted by StargateIndy

                        I was wondering what you thought about my latest project...
                        I figured out of all people, you would get a kick out of it...

                        The Bradys!!????

                        Brilliant. Marcia's my favorite.


                          Originally posted by keshou
                          Since the Goa'uld arc is pretty much history - I've always wondered about this...

                          Did the writing team ever seriously consider "Goa'ulding" one of the team members and if so who?

                          P.S. I mean a real multi-episode "snaking" with lasting consequences, not the sort of thing that happened in "Into the Fire".

                          Thanks, Joe.
                          The goa'uld aren't done yet.

                          Never thought of goa'ulding a series regular as it would be something next to impossible to undo.


                            Originally posted by Salas1
                            Seeing as they have made a point on the show that you can dial a place if you have enough power to establish a wormhole but then you can rely on the receiving end providing the power necessary. So surely the Earth gate can dial to Atlantis now they have the ZPM as it would be able to use power from the ZPM to maintain itself so all the SGC would have to do is to provide enough power to establish a wormhole in the firstplace. Which to actually establish a wormhole didn't seem to take that much as only a few Naquadah generators and one Pj engine on low kept the gate open for almost half a second which is surely long enough to actually start drawing power from the ZPM.
                            We have one ZPM and it is being used to power the wormhole from the Atlantis side and/or powering the cloak keeping Atlantis hidden from view should the wraith ever return.


                              Do you dress up your pugs, too?

                              It's a guilty pleasure. Poor babies.


                              My pugs are absolutely miserable when they're dressed up (albeit very cute). They don't even like collars (so we did away with them and now use harnesses instead which they only put on for their walks).


                                Anyway, I am just fascinated with the awesome sets this year, but was wondering, how long does it actually take to build, and then take down one of the intricate sets, like the village in "Avalon"? It seems like it would be quite an undertaking, although I'm sure the set directors have a whole system set up. I would love to see it done on a special on one of the DVD extras. Anyway, just wondering how much work and time go into the design and building of one of those fantastic sets?[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

                                Check out Ivon Bartok's blog for info on the building of the village - and an upcoming DVD extra.