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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hello Joe,

    I've been wondering about the Jaffa and their culture whilst under Goa'uld rule. I know we've mainly seen warrior and priest/ess Jaffa, are there other "classes" within Jaffa culture? Like teachers, keepers of lore, doctors etc, and more importantly and interestingly are there Jaffa scientists and engineers that maintain the fleets of ships and all the other technology?

    Thanks muchly,



      Hey, Joe!

      When Orlin fell this time, why did he have clothes?


        Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

        I've been very much enjoying Season 9, and happy that I came back to the show after too long an absence. Yes, I'm one of those that crept back after Ben Browder was announced. This is my first time asking you a question here, so hopefully I'm not repeating one you've answered previously.

        I was just wondering when we would be learning more of Mitchell's backstory, especially his recovery after the crash. From the impressions I've had in AT and BB's scenes together, Carter kept in touch with Mitchell during this time, and they've become good friends because of that. Or am I totally out in left field here?

        I know that I've heard that there is not going to be any focus on any 'shippy relationships', but since this is part of my original question on Mitchell's backstory. Will we find out about his past relationship (if i'm remembering correctly) with Lam, and why he reacted the way he did to the mention of the sponge bath in The Fourth Horseman?

        Thank you.
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          Hi Joe,

          You mentioned previously that if is not showing scenes cut from the S9 episodes (which their not) then you would (very kindly) post a transcript of them. I would be especially interested in the Daniel/Mitchell missing scene from Prototype, many thanks.
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            I appologize if this has been asked before, but I have not the time to read all the pages this thread has accumulated. And if it has, I'm betting that I'll be redirected by a member anyway. But...

            Does the "stick fighting" that Teyla and the Athosians specialize in have an actual name? That has been troubling me and other writers/conversers I know.
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              Joe, why did TPTB bring on a military hero with a strong command record (Mitchell) and a terrific actor with a strong fan base (Browder) and then stick him in a support role while others (mostly the civilian Daniel) drive the action for the season?


                I gave up watching, in disappointment over the absence of RDA, Amanda, Don Davis, Teryl, etc. and real offense at Vala the Vulgar in a show that the family used to be able to watch. I came back to see how things were going when I could tell Amanda was scheduled to be back.

                My question is, are TPTB planning on any tinkering now that the season has gotten underway?

                The one bright spot is Beau Bridges. Other than that, we have the truly bad acting by Lexa Doig(sp?) who clearly demonstrates that she can only play a robot-like individual, and who is messing up what should be an interesting relationship with her father, I yearn for her to leave and a lookalike cousin of Janet to appear; the lack of a human relationship element among the team members now that Jack/Amanda is gone so that things are just shoot-em-up; Ben not contributing anything as a character; and the baffling throwing away of cameos by RDA and Don Davis, where I actually wondered if RDA was sick, and we could hardly even see Don Davis.

                At least bring back Teryl as her cousin, so some of the humanity would be restored, this would seem to be workable.


                  Right... and to lighten up the negativity. (Eek.)

                  Fourth Horseman question: I know it won't exactly create the best storyline for SG-1 and all (innocent whistling), but is there something stopping the Orii from just creating their own galaxies full of billions of people to worship them at whim and get them stronger? Sounds like a much easier job than trying to convert a galaxy full of people who are already used to fighting their gods.
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                    There is an interview with Andy Mikita in the Cult Times Stargate Special #35. At one point, he talks about Ben Browder and says that Ben handed over a "key moment" to Michael Shanks because he thought it made more sense for Daniel to be doing it. This was an episode directed by Peter DeLuise.

                    Do you have any idea what episode this might be, or what scene he's talking about?



                      I would like to take a moment to remind folks about the reasonfor this thread.
                      It is not a place to express your like/dislike of an episode event. Save that for fanmail or for other threads.

                      This is a place to ask questions of Joe. That's it. Questions.

                      Because of the popularity of this thread, and the fact that Joe has this neat little thing called a 'real life' we do ask folk to restrain themselves to ONE question per session.
                      (a session roughly being 24 hours, or until Joe answers some questions, there is no hard and fast rule, however to try and get as many questions answered in the limited time Joe has, we do ask folks to limit themselves and be considerate of others)

                      I would also like to remind folks that Joe is just one little cog (no offense) in a mighty big machine. There are a TON of things that happen that he has no control over.

                      One of the other writers may change something, a director may change something, the actors may refuse to say the lines Joe wrote, the editor may change things, heck Skiffy may call and change things. Joe does not bear singular responsibility for anything that happens.

                      I would ask people to keep this in mind when they post questions here. Before you hit enter, ask yourself, 'would i respond to that tone of 'voice' well?'

                      if the answer is no, then maybe you need to reconsider how you phrase things.
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                        Hi, Joe!

                        A quick question for you. Will you guys ever revisit the alien race from Fire and Water (Episode 112)? When I first read the name "Babylon" in this season's episode list (Before there were spoilers) I was excited. I thought you were going to bring up that species again. I was always under the impression that they were Furling since their writing is in Cuneiform (As seen in Tourment of Tantulus) a script which was used in ancient Babylon.

                        So my question is basically, "What...Fate...Fishdude race??" Will we see them in Atlantis perhaps?
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                          Hello Joe

                          For the Teal'c fans:

                          Will Ryac, his wife Korin and Ishta EVER return to SG1 either in the remaining episodes of season 9 or in season 10 (if there's a season 10)? I know Ishta is Chris Judge's creation for his character Teal'c; but even if he doesn't write any episodes that feature her, will you or any of the other writers do so? After all, Jaffa characters Kalel (the woman from "Birthright" and "Sacrifices") has been featured in a few episodes and Aron (from "Sacrifices") returned in the Fourth Horseman pt 1; and both characters were created by Chris Judge.

                          The Ishta character is cool. I'm curious to see what she's up to--now that the Gould are defeated and the newly freed Jaffa are trying to adjust to life as a free race. After all one of the women of Haktyl (Kalel?) is on the Jaffa counsel. I'm also curious about how Ishta's relationship with Teal'c progresses too. There's alot of loose ends there. Personally, I think either at the end of SG1 series, or at the end of the Teal'c character, it would be great if Teal'c and Ishta married.

                          Also, what do we have to look forward to for the Jaffa race and our favorite Jaffa, Teal'c for the 2nd half of season 9? Some of the SG1 audience have forgotten and need to be reminded and shown how valuable the Jaffa story is to the SG1 storyline.

                          And, PLEASE DON'T KILL BRATAC !!!


                            Getting both General Ryan and General Jumper to appear on the show deserves major kudos - even though General Jumper couldn't make it for the appearence in Horseman. My question is - how did it come about that the two of them got onto the show? Did someone from the studio ask them to come on or did they volunteer? Have there been other high ranking air force officers, etc., who've expressed a desire to join in the fun?


                              In watching the older episodes featuring the Goa'uld (eg "Hathor"), it seems as if the production team would typically use a few chords of the Stargate theme (Original film) played on a violin at certain points. It was always somewhat creepy to hear. I'm curious as to wether or not you've developed a theme for the Orii?
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                                Another mod note here, with a couple of suggestions.

                                first of all, as we all know, Joe's time is limited. Having long, drawn out paragraphs leading up to a question does little more than drag things down and limit the number of questions he may have time to answer.

                                Succinct is good.

                                second of all, as a person who has known Joe, even just through the forum, for the better part of four years...while i can appreciate that people have passionate feelings about aspects of the show, the more terse the questions are, the less likely they are to be answered.

                                Polite is also good.

                                And, even though someone may express an opinion in a manner that you don't like or using words that you don't like, as long as those questions don't break the forum rules for language and content, we won't do anything about them.
                                Where in the World is George Hammond?