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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    First, I thought you might "get a kick out of" this explanation I gave on a thread for the Go'auld voice (no comment required).

    Second, I wanted to find out if you know whether or not the set designers and staff use Grancrete ( or Monotech ( - which is almost the same thing - to rapidly construct very rigid structures on the sets that you don't have to worry about the actors colliding with or supporting weight on?
    Do they auction any of the sets off or cut portions of them up into parts like 1 of 4 and auction them off to recover their money?


      Originally posted by Capt. Voronokova
      Do the Ori and Priors know about Daniel's history as a "1 and 1/2 times" ascended, or are they just picking on him because he's the one that visited...or is this something meant to stay vague for Daniel and/or the audience until a future episode?

      I've gone back and forth on this, and by now, I'm just confused.

      P.S. Overall, love the seasons of both SG-1 and SGA so far.

      Thanks for your time!

      Capt. Voronokova

      Oh, they know.


        Originally posted by sashka1
        Hello Mr Mallozzi,
        First I want to say that I love both shows SG-1 and SGA and I' m still surprised after all these years, writers still find such original stories. But I have to admit that Jack O'Neill is my favourite character and I miss him even if you really did a great job with this new team on SG-1, that's why I ask you if you have scheduled with Richard Dean Anderson his "possible occasional" return as you mentioned it? Thank you.
        There are no plans for O'Neill to make a reappearance this year.


          Originally posted by LOL4JACK
          Hi Joe, I hope you are doing well, but I guess you are busy, busy, very busy as you write in your blog, it's the time when you are going over 3/4 eps at the same time , we miss you....

          I just watched Prodigy with the audio comentary, I didn't know that you and Paul wrote the song for the opening credits... I love that song.. and I'll miss it... Did you also write a song for the Atlantis DVD's comentary? Have you come up with some lyrics for the 10sec opening?
          Sure. The lyrics to the 10 sec opening are: "Staargat-!" Da-da-da-dum.


            Originally posted by star47
            Hi Mr Joe:

            I'm often hearing about this or that scene that will be in the "directors' cut", and I was wondering at what time the director's cut will become available? Is it after the show ends or are some of the seasons out there already? Thanks for your time.
            I have no knowledge of any "directors' cuts" finding their way to DVD. And, to be honest, its doubtful.


              Originally posted by d3u5
              Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

              I have 2 quick questions:

              1.) Do the Hive ships has a shield?


              2.) How did Wraiths jam the transport in 2x01 - The Siege, Part 3?

              That about a shield is a bat so pls answer Thank you.
              Yup, and

              See above.


                Originally posted by DelTrax1
                Have you read any of the Stargate Horizon's and what do you think of that as a possible spinoff?
                Never heard of it. But, to be perfectly honest, if anyone is going to create another spinoff it will be Brad and Robert.


                  Originally posted by walter_MacChevron
                  What did M.M. stand for before u changed the new guy's name to Cameron Mitchell?

                  *I must be REALLY slow but where when does joe answer everything?
                  To be honest, I don't know. That's a question for Rob who came up with the name.


                    Originally posted by majorsal
                    hi, joe,

                    spoilers for s8's threads


                    was the sam/pete breakup scene purposely written vague (with pete not really knowing sam's reasons for dropping him), or was the reason (her feelings for jack) originally written in and then later edited/changed?

                    The scene was not edited or changed.



                      Can you give us a scoop here and now and let us know whether or not SG-1 and SGA have been renewed???

                      Not that we're at all on pins and needles or anything. Not us.


                      Mary Beth

                      ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                        Originally posted by prion
                        A Stargate Atlantis question.

                        Whose finger is Dex wearing around his neck? Well, finger bones, I should clarify
                        Some poor wraith who should have known better than to mess with him.


                          Originally posted by tofuchef
                          were you really the producer of the show "student bodies"!?!? that show was the greatest during my years in Jr.High next to Stargate!
                          Yeah. Student Bodies was the first live-action show Paul and I worked on. We wrote roughly a third of the shows 65 episodes. It was a lot of fun. We shot in an abandoned high school. Our office was a carpeted classroom where Paul could practice his golf swing and where we could challenge the various cast members to air hockey matches.


                            Originally posted by Osiris-RA
                            Hi Again Mr. Joe Sorry, Mr M. Mr Mallozzi.

                            I'm just wondering your personal opinion of the baddies on SG1. Do you think that SG1 and the Goa'uld are a match made in sci fi heaven? That coin a phrase, complete each other, in a way? I mean, I know that the Ori are the newest bad guy and I'm pretty hyped to see William B Davis as an Ori (will he feature a pack of Morley's between the cover of his Book of Origin? ) but in my own opinion, it just seems that SG1 and the Goa'uld have this odd kind of relationship. Like Luke on General Hospital for instance. Helena was who kept him in the game. As long as she was around, he had something to do. He had a purpose in life. To hunt her down. Now...he's just kind of floating around, waiting for the next challenge. Do you think it's like this with the Goa'uld or am I totally off my rocker and on the floor, alone in my opinion?
                            The goa'uld were a great nemesis for SG-1, but we're headed in a new direction. However, that doesn't mean that the goa'uld are done with. Not by a longshot.


                              Originally posted by SlightlyManiacalGater
                              Hi Joe.

                              Can you tell us if Dr. Lee will be returning this season? He adds a nice touch of humor that lightens up some of the more techno-intensive scenes and always makes me chuckle. I've missed him in the last couple of episodes.
                              Yup. Plenty o' Dr. Lee headed your way in season 9.


                                [QUOTE=Colonel_Sheppard]Got 1 1/2 questions:

                                1.) Are we ever going to see a Supergate active?


                                1a.) And will the wormhole (Flush, Event Horizon, and the actual travel path) look different for some odd reason?


                                1 1/2.) Was "Fumbles McStupid" inspired by King of Queens' "Fatty McButterpants"?

                                I didn't write the episode, but I can pretty much guarantee you that the answer to that one is "no".