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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hello Joe. I read that Vala will return later this season. I don't like the character; in fact, she's kind of ruined the Stargate experience in the first six episodes for me. However, I would like to know why you think she is a great character, why you are intent on bringing her back, and how you feel about the massive amounts of people who dislike Vala. Thanks in advance.


      In watching LOST CITY Friday night, I realized that I liked the blonde Weir better than Torri Higginson. It also occurred to me that she (Weir) seems very much like a secondary or supporting character as opposed to a featured character. I was wondering then if we're going to see her character more involved with the various storylines and if we're going see storylines dealing with her specifically. Also, I was wondering if to that end, if we're going to see her learning fighting skills/sparing with Sheppard, Teyla, and Ronon preparing us to see her character defending herself. (Not to mention that it also promotes the idea of women learning self-defense.)
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        hi, joe,

        here's a question i've wondered about for some time. do the writers of stargate consider the sam/jack relationship as a love story, or just two ppl that are attracted to one another, etc? i'm just trying to understand the whys and wherefores on this issue.




          Originally posted by JMallozzi
          Didn't the deleted scene make it to the SciFi website. If not, I'll post the written scene (and deleted scenes for other episodes). Let me know.
          Well, as I mentioned in the PM, the site has unfortunately not done anything like that since season 7, but the above also inspired another question: I remember hearing quite a ways back about the wish to do a special "deleted scenes/outtakes" disk (collecting 'em for all seasons) once the series was finished, so I was just wondering if something like that is still on the cards? Will probably have to be its own box set once the series has truly finished.




            I have a Shifu/Threads/Ori three-in-one question...

            Am I correct in understanding that you have to die to ascend? That's what I got out of Meridian, the convo between Daniel and Oma in the diner when she was telling him his options and from Ascension when Orlin died and was allowed to re-ascend. If so, does that mean that Oma facilitated Shifu's death in order to ascend him (he certainly glowed like an ascended being), thereby protecting him from both the Goa'uld and the knowledge he held as Harsesis?

            And now for the Ori tie-in...if he is an ascended being, would he be able to fight the Ori or does he hold the same "hands-off with lowers" policy held by the Ancients?

            Thanks as always for your's greatly appreciated!
            Mary Beth

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              Hello Joe,

              Knowing that the Ori are now aware of life in the Milkway, can the Ori sense all of the planets which are occupied or do they just dial a gate at random and hope that it has people on it. If they can sense occupied planets, what type of confrontation would they Priors have with the Nox. The Nox seem about as advanced as they are. I and many other GateWorlder's would like to know how this would go down.



                Hi Joe,

                In the category useless questions, but I just gotta ask. Being a sailing fanatic myself I was wondering if the Atlantians did enjoy recreational sailing like we do and if so, if we'll ever see an Atlantian sailing ship.

                Regards from the Netherlands, Jelmer

                Ps. Is there a possibility we'll see a Dutch flag on Atlantis?


                  Greetings Joe,

                  Any plans for someone from Atlantis to crossover onto SG1in the future?



                    Hi Joe,

                    Silly question, if there would be a Stargate trivie game, with 4 teams competing agains each other, 1) Brad and Rob 2)You and Paul 3) The actors and 4) The Fans.... who would come first, second, third and last

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                      Hi joe heres a really really nerdy question. Ok you have the stargate program placed in cheynne mountain right the home of NORAD. NORAD is a joint Canadian and american operation. But I was watching cbc documentary, and it they said cheynne mountain has lots of canadian soldiers working there. They work in the most central and intrical parts of cheynne and in every single level. So you cant hide the stargate. Also the leader of cheynne mountain switches from canadian and american periodically. If one leader is canadian the second in cammand is american and vice versa. Shouldnt canada have known about the stargate from the beginning. The cammander of cheynne reports directly to the prime minister of canada and the president. If General Hammond didnt reveal or any norad personel doesnt reveal the stargate to the prime minister he would be court martialed. In violation of NORAD treaty and direlection of duty to his cammanding officer the prime minister of canada. I know you guys like to leave out stuff, for production and story sake, but this is like leaving out the statue liberty in New York or getting rid of the chinese in a china town. The canadian contingent in NORAD is an intrical part of cheynne mountain. As a canadian, and Stargate being produced in Canada I just think its really really insulting that you would omit that.


                        Is there a connection between Prototype and 4th Horseman?

                        The reason I'm asking is because a) Prototype and 4HM will be shown back-to-back on the same night. and b) there is an image from Prototype that shows Mitchell, in a great deal of pain, collapsing with Daniel and Sam trying to support him while Dr. Lam tries to examine him. He looks like he's become ill. So, I'm thinking maybe the plague starts in Prototype and then the full-story happens in 4HM. Or is something else happening to him.



                          First off, you guys have 2 awesome shows, thank you for being a part of making them. Second, its flippin sweet that you actually read and respond to fan questions on an internet board.

                          Third, I've always wondered, how do the writers of Stargate keep track of all the little technologies, ships, characters that exist in the Stargate universe? Is there a book that says something like the stargate can be on for 38 minutes, this is the address for Abydos, etc? Or that Bra'tac was last doing this or whatever?
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                              Mr. Joe,

                              Do any of the main characters have middle names? (on both SG-1 and SGA)
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                                Hey Joe,

                                Hope I'm not repeating this question. This morning I caught "Urban Rush on location" and they were at the SG1 set - awsome surprise. When it got to the part with Robert Cooper and Brad Wright, there was something on the little sign they held up that caught my attention and made me extremely curious. I believe it said "Season 10!" and was wondering if that was true?


                                -very much missing the SPACE channel now that I'm living with my grandma to do some post secondary; she only gets 02 to 22. *sigh* Thankfully have internet now - man, one can sure miss that! And got to see that my photos from Media Arts were finally published at! Have pics in four of the galleries!