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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Hatusu
    Speaking of Cameron Mitchell, why was he named after a recently deceased actor? Was someone a fan?

    That was pure coincidence. I was in the room with Rob when he suggested a couple of different last names before settling on Mitchell.


      Originally posted by MedusA
      Joe, mate, top job on Ex Deus Machina. Now, down to business, highlight below for a question regarding the aforementioned epode. Those of you not into spoilers, I suggest you move on

      That little tid bit of information Sam gave to Agent Barret regarding her single/not singleness, is that all we'll be getting on that issue this season, or can we expect a bit of elaboration?

      PS. nice to see you and Paul on the season 8 special features.
      That's it for now.


        Originally posted by mahram
        hi joe will you ever do an episode about how the gould actually came to power and got their first human hosts? maybe an episode to show why the gould and tokra split. How they dump the unas hosts for human hosts.

        Not in the foreseeable future.


          Originally posted by SilverRider
          "Mr M,

          Would we be seeing Major Davis promoted to Lt Colonel in coming up season? Or maybe a bit about his back ground.?


          Nope. Sorry. No Major Davis in season 9.


            Hi, this was written in another thread, and I didn't see it written here, so, is Siler going to get a first name?
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              Originally posted by LOL4JACK
              Hi Joe,

              What do you think of the Viewers Choice Marathon Results, just in case you don't know... I know why wouldn't you know..., but hey, just in case The viewers could vote for their 10 favorite episodes and SciFi would air the top 6, the results:

              Lost City I, Lost City II, 1969, 2010, Matter of Time and Window of Oportunity.

              I guess one thing can be said for sure, we love the shows that play with time and thanks for coming back from your busy schedule/life... (((Hugs)))
              Good picks. 3 of those make my top 10 list.


                Originally posted by dissie

                Why don't the people in Atlantis fish for food?
                They gather food from a variety of sources - including the sea.


                  Originally posted by NoDot
                  [crawls out from corner again and goes to get cage]
                  [comes back with cage and sets it in the corner]


                  One question, when will we be seeing Ori/Prior ships? Do you people already have something prepared or in the works?

                  [crawls into cage and locks the door]


                  Maaaaybe we'll be seeing something in the not too distant future.


                    Joe - Thanks for Vala. My 8 year old, 3rd grade daughter sees her as a role model and watches with me every week now. Strong female role models are always good, but with a sense of humor is always better. Selfless sacrafice never hurts either.

                    Can I strongly suggest to my daughter that Vala might return this season? It might keep her watching weekly with me. I value the Daddy/Daughter time.

                    Thanks for such fine entertainment.
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                      Originally posted by star47
                      Hi Joe:

                      Everything I've read about the upcoming episodes in the 2nd half of the season sound just incredible, although don't know how you'd beat the 1st half, so far. But you guys continue to amaze me and exceed my expectations.

                      Any idea when you might hear about the 10th season? Hearing about things that will be happening this season, it's hard to imagine the possibility of it not returning. There's so much more story to tell, and story arcs to continue into another season, or several more, for that matter. Have there been any hints from Sci-Fi that there will be a 10th season?
                      Still waiting to hear. I don't think we'll have definite word for another month.


                        Originally posted by singergirl
                        "Not Exactly..."


                        Which of the M&M dynamic duo came up with that scene?

                        Thank you for throwing (what could concievably be seen as) a bone to the shippers.
                        That one was compliments of Rob Cooper who suggested the line during a notes session on the script.


                          Originally posted by SueS
                          I hope you don't mind me adding to this question.

                          That being said, for me a good Daniel episode would be one that has a lot emotion, a lot of angst for Daniel. So, any chance that any of the upcoming eps will have some significant angst or "emotional turmoil" for Daniel to deal with?


                          Like, maybe, Prototype, Ethon, The Scourge, Arthur's Mantle, and Camelot?


                            Originally posted by ToasterOnFire
                            Hi Joe,

                            I've recently noticed that Atlantis tends to focus more on friendships between men (Shep and Rodney, Shep and Ford, Rodney and Zelenka, etc.) and shy a bit away from friendships between women. Are there any plans for an episode that focuses/develops the friendship between Elizabeth and Teyla? I think it would be great for both of their characters.

                            Oh, and thanks for keeping us updated about your anime-watchings in your blog. Just finished Paranoia Agent myself. Quite...odd, but I like odd. Please keep those recommendations coming!

                            That's a friendship that has yet to be fully explored.

                            Re: anime recommendations. Check out Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away, Noir, Kino's Journey, Last Exile, and Infinite Ryvius.


                              Originally posted by Platschu
                              We heard about that originally the Season 9 would be the first season of a new SG show, the "Stargate : Command". Michael Shanks told to the fans that the SciFi hasn't allowed use this name. What can we expect for Season 10? Will they keep the "Stargate SG-1" name or the next season will be really the second spin-off and a new beginning? Which title ideas do you have if you get green light? "Stargate : Camelot" would be cool.
                              The title we're hoping for if we do get the green light would be...wait for it...

                              Stargate: SG-1.


                                Originally posted by greytop
                                The Tok'ra were mention in 'Ex Deus Machina', so we know that the survived the raid on Revanna. Will we see, in person not just mentioned, any of the Tok'ra this season?
                                Its possible - but not until late in the season.