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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by JMallozzi
    - She'll be returning in Beach Head.
    Just out of curiosity, do you think you can list the new eps in order and mention which ones feature Vala and which ones that Carter misses out on?
    O'NEILL: For all we know, Daniel could came walking in that door right now.
    [Cut to shot of the door]
    [Cut back to O'Neill]
    O'NEILL: Any time now.
    [Cut back to door]


      Hi all!

      Just a quick note. From this point on, for the time being, we'd like to ask everyone to limit themselves to one question per post in the "Ask Joe Mallozzi," "Ask Martin Gero," and "Ask BamBam" threads. We want to make sure as many people as possible get to participate, and no overwhelm our special guests, and also help to avoid that pesky "He's already answered that five times" problem.

      And no, that doesn't mean you can post 10 times in a row. Please wait till Joe has answered your question (or at least till a day or two has passed) before asking another.

      Thanks! And thanks once again to these guys for spending time with us here at GateWorld.
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        Hi Joe....since alot of you make "cameos", will Amanda Tapping's baby Olivia be making one?

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          Originally posted by Platschu
          Is there any connection between the Orii and the Harsiesis? Why can't have 2 Goa'uld a common child? The satellites in the episode "Siege I" were very similar what Daniel contructed in the episode "Absolut power". Why? What happened with Shifu? Is he an Orii?
          A lot of these are questions that go to the backstory of the Ori. As such, I can't really provide you with answers (for the time being).


            [QUOTE=SueS]Hello Joe,

            A couple questions.

            1. What episode does Carter return?

            She'll return in Beach Head.

            2. Will Vala be gone by the time Carter returns? I think it would be interesting to see some Vala/Carter interaction.

            Nope. Vala will appear in Beach Head as well.

            3. There's been some discussion about whether or not Daniel has the Ancient gene. Any chance this subject will be address in any future epsidoes? Either establishing that he does have it or doesn't?

            If he had the Ancient gene, it would have already been mentioned.

            4. The Orii - did they go bad after they ascended, or were they bad to begin with, then learned to ascend?

            For the answers to that one, check out season 9 of SG-1.

            5. Martin Gero, you might know him, he just started posting on this board , said they were working on a crossover (sort of) between SG-1 and Atlantis which is currently slated to be the 13th ep of Atlantis. Will this Atlantis crossover be tied to what's happening on SG-1?

            Gero. Gero. Doesn't ring a bell. However, there is an episode in the works that could technically be considered a cross-over - however, I wouldn't consider it a cross-over in the truest sense of the word. And as soon as Carl Binder comes up with a title for it, I'll have more details for you.


              Originally posted by Olli
              Dear Mr. Malozzi

              I'm glad to hear that Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter probably will come back to the show. If he come back I think the comeback of Teryl Rothery will be more likely?
              If you bring back all death characters gradually, the return of Teryl is inevitable, or not?

              Best wishes for the show!
              Just last week we were discussing a story that (if everything falls into place) might see the possible temporary return of a dearly departed character.


                Originally posted by primalelemental
                Hello, Mr. Malozzi--

                I don't know if this has been mentioned before, I'm quite new to the forum. However, I was watching "Letters" again last night and realized that beam of light John went out to look at was never mentioned again. What was it? Will that be explained later in S2? Thanks.
                That one is a question for the Atlantis gang.


                  Originally posted by Platschu
                  In the first spoilers Vala's symbiote was G'ynar, but now it was changed to Quetesh. Why?
                  Just goes to show - you can't trust spoilers.


                    Originally posted by Only_1_Kenobi
                    Mr Mallozzi,

                    What type of research was done for Season 9, ie, what sources did you use to explore Arthurian Legend?
                    We drew from various sources, the chiefest being Mallory.


                      Originally posted by belgian
                      how are the orii goin to look like ?


                        Originally posted by Matt G
                        Is the sword in the recently published pic from Avalon a relatively straightforward sword and if so, what use would the Ancients have for it?
                        Find out in the big season 9 opening three-parter.


                          Originally posted by alaskannut
                          Mr. Mallozzi, I was wondering if you might be willing to comment on the episodes Collateral Damage and Beach Head...just from the titles they really sound interesting
                          Collaterol Damage is a one-off episode in which the team travels off-world and gets into trouble. Well, specifically one member gets into some serious trouble and the rest of the team have to help. We've just finished the first draft.

                          Beach Head, written by Brad Wright, has already been shot. It will deal with the greatest threat our galaxy has ever faced (sound big enough for you?). Maury Chaykin will guest star.


                            Originally posted by DelTrax1
                            Well....Here I go...Here's my question.

                            I have noticed that every time that someone asks about the Furlings that they are met with no answer. I am pretty sure cause I didn't have anything to do today but go through all of your answers. that wasn't really a question.

                   I will actually ask a question.

                            Will we ever see an episode with a Furling? My apologies if I missed that answer somehow. Please answer in 1 to 500 words. Short answers are ok. Long answers would be cool too.
                            Highly unlikely. This is simply too terrific a mystery to solve.


                              Originally posted by DelTrax1
                              Oh....Has anyone ever been contacted by Matt Groening to do a Stargate Simpson's episode?
                              No, but Rick once attended a table reading for a Simpsons episode.


                                Originally posted by Oma-1
                                Hi Joe.

                                I'm an avid Stargate fan and love all aspects of the show (although I am slightly biased towards a certain group of fandom ) and I enjoy reading your responses to fan's questions.

                                I've seen the spoiler images for Avalon on GW, and Vala's costume concerns me and other GW fans as it seems to be regressing to S4 and Anise's wardrobe. I didn't feel then that Anise's wardrobe did her character any favours, but was just gratuitous and superfluous to the story. Having since seen the commentaries for S4, the eye-candy comment was made by the directors, who thought such a wardrobe unnecessary and pandering to specific demographic (single males 18-24) which is by no means a majority of the fans. Since then, (aside from the Sam/Pete bedroom scene in Chimera) there hasn't been any reversion to eye-candy .... until Vala.

                                There have been lots of questions / comments / criticisms about female characters in the show over the last couple of seasons, and I think tptb could be selling themselves short by dressing Vala so stereotypically. We already know she's a strong, sexy woman without having it pointed out so obviously by her wardrobe.

                                Is the eye-candy wardrobe for Vala really necessary to her character development?

                                - We dressed Vala as a rogue who uses any and all means at her disposal to gain the upperhand. We could have put her in "more modest attire", but that wouldn't really be true to the character established in Prometheus Unbound. The question is whether the real Vala is the persona she is showing us or whether there is more to her than meets the eye.

                                And on a completely different note …..

                                Are there any plans to show us how Sam & Jack resolved the whole regs issue? It kept them apart for 8 long years, but wasn’t eradicated before they went fishing - surely it deserves some screen time? (No court-martial though I hope )
                                To be perfetly honest, the resolution of that issue is something we won't be touching on anytime soon.