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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Well....Here I go...Here's my question.

    I have noticed that every time that someone asks about the Furlings that they are met with no answer. I am pretty sure cause I didn't have anything to do today but go through all of your answers. that wasn't really a question. I will actually ask a question.

    Will we ever see an episode with a Furling? My apologies if I missed that answer somehow. Please answer in 1 to 500 words. Short answers are ok. Long answers would be cool too.
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      Oh....Has anyone ever been contacted by Matt Groening to do a Stargate Simpson's episode?
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        Hi Joe.

        I'm an avid Stargate fan and love all aspects of the show (although I am slightly biased towards a certain group of fandom ) and I enjoy reading your responses to fan's questions.

        I've seen the spoiler images for Avalon on GW, and Vala's costume concerns me and other GW fans as it seems to be regressing to S4 and Anise's wardrobe. I didn't feel then that Anise's wardrobe did her character any favours, but was just gratuitous and superfluous to the story. Having since seen the commentaries for S4, the eye-candy comment was made by the directors, who thought such a wardrobe unnecessary and pandering to specific demographic (single males 18-24) which is by no means a majority of the fans. Since then, (aside from the Sam/Pete bedroom scene in Chimera) there hasn't been any reversion to eye-candy .... until Vala.

        There have been lots of questions / comments / criticisms about female characters in the show over the last couple of seasons, and I think tptb could be selling themselves short by dressing Vala so stereotypically. We already know she's a strong, sexy woman without having it pointed out so obviously by her wardrobe.

        Is the eye-candy wardrobe for Vala really necessary to her character development?

        And on a completely different note …..

        Are there any plans to show us how Sam & Jack resolved the whole regs issue? It kept them apart for 8 long years, but wasn’t eradicated before they went fishing - surely it deserves some screen time? (No court-martial though I hope )

        Thanks for your time.


          Originally posted by Oma-1
          I enjoy reading your responses to fan's questions.
          I've seen the spoiler images for Avalon on GW, and Vala's costume concerns me and other GW fans as it seems to be regressing to S4 and Anise's wardrobe.
          Is the eye-candy wardrobe for Vala really necessary ... ?
          Word to what Oma-1 said. Major 'word.' I just got done watching Upgrades & Anise just made me want to crawl under my chair. 'Tacky' doesn't begin to cover it. (Although it was almost worth it for Teryl Rothery's kaleidescope of disdainful/incredulous expressions.)

          On another front: Why are the Region 1 DVDs so 'bare bones' as far as extras as concerned, while the Region 2 discs have all manner of 'goodies'?
          And is there any hope of incorporating the deleted scenes that are sometimes including on the SciFi Channel's Web pages?
          (If a 'special edition' DVD rerelease is ever contemplated, there are plenty of bells & whistles that still can be added.)

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            I've got a few questions that will more than likely fall into the STUPID QUESTION category...but what the hey...I've been wondering about them for a while now.

            1. At the end of Upgrades, Jack ordered Teal'c to take Daniel to the gate and told Carter to come with him. My question is...where the heck were they going? They had already planted the C-4 and the coolant pipes were already set to blow (Carter had already pointed out how little time they had left). What else were they supposed to have accomplished that they couldn't leave with Teal'c and Daniel? (Or was there real no reason and that sequence was necessary just to set up the cool lead in scene for Divide and Conquer)?

            2. I'm a huge fan of the show (thus the username ÜberSG-1Fan) and practically know each ep by heart...and I've noticed something fairly consistently that makes me scratch my head. Okay...typical scenario: SG-1's in a hurry and rushing for the gate...Daniel starts dialing the 7 symbols and as soon as he pushes the great big red button in the middle, we get the kawoosh...but no spinning. Why is it that offworld gates don't seem to spin when we're dialing out? I mean if our guys are running for their lives, which is what they're doing most of the time, there's no way they could wait for the spinning anyway...but even in eps when we only hear the dialing in Demons...there's still no spinning noises, just dialing and kawooshing sounds (okay, Demons is not the best example due to the unfortunate extra dialing sound...but stay with me here if you could please). If the answer is "because we don't have our own DHD" then does that mean that Stargates aren't supposed to spin naturally? What am I missing here?

            3. And lastly, how do we know for a fact that the Foothold alien impersonating Daniel Jackson really expired? All we have is Maybourne's word for it...

            Thank you,
            Mary Beth
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              Hey Mr M
              Have you ever read Chariots of the Gods?
              Do you frequent any other online boards?


                Hi, Joe! I saw the following post from a fellow "shipper" today, and thought the emotion was so raw that you should see it. Many people who post on the "Sam & Jack" and "Sam's a great character" threads feel you're a shipper. I'm not sure, but this person's post seemed so heartfelt that I wanted to make sure you saw it.

                My question: can you promise us a happy ending for this wonderful pair?


                Originally posted by Catysg1
                In my opinion.....Stargate TPTB just like to mess with the fans' emotions..Although I love the show, in the last 2 years TPTB just didn't listen to the fans who wanted Sam and Jack to get closer...If they did, it was just AU episode or dreams, hallucinations..

                Stargate TPTB is really the worst case I have ever known of treating the shippers of a series that way ..No other series, not JAG or The X Files or any of them have ever been so cruel to shippers. All they are really interested in is to create mixed discussions in the fandom so that they know that every aspect of the show is taken into account ..the bad points and the good points


                  I had asked Martin Gero this Question and he posts it's actually a question for Joe so here goes

                  I'm working on an SG-1 book at the moment and even tho I have a degree in Ancient Civilizations/Religions I did tons and tons of research for the characters, and without deviating from what all you had originally outlined, how much time do you all actually spend on researching say a character like Baal?

                  Check out an excerpt of my SG-1 book on my blog..


                    I've already pestered poor Martin with this question, but figured it'd only be fair to go to the source: Joe, 'fess up- are you a Furling?? It would explain a lot.
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                      Dear Joe

                      Do you think the producers will use some women writers in season 9 SG1 ?!!

                      because I think it needs it to make more sense of the ship in the show

                      It screams for it really



                        Joe, let me say thanks to you for spending time here answering our questions. The one question that nags at me more than any other, and to which I would greatly appreciate a solid answer, is from season 2's The Fifth Race. I would like to know if that device that jack made was a jurry rigged, one use ZPM or something else. For me, every other question pales in comparison. I look forward to your reply.

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                          First off let me say thank you, for answering soooo many questions.

                          I was just reading the article on GW concerning Avalon, And they say that the Ancients didnt come from the Milky Way, if this is so.. Why is Earth so important? Why not anyother planet (granted I know there wouldnt be a show) But i personally had always believe that earth was there home, now it kinda feels like it was just like a research outpost, from which they built atlantis and that is why there are no ruins on earth. Can you please explain this decision alittle more as to why?


                            Another one for you, Joe!

                            "Atlantis was about where the Ancients went after they left this galaxy," Cooper said [at the Vancouver Creation Con]. "The big revelation at the beginning of Season Nine is that they didn't start here -- they came from somewhere else. And we find a piece of Ancient technology, and use it in conjunction with some other Ancient technology that we had lying around, and are able to discover where they came from. And in going there we get ourselves into some trouble!"

                            With O'Neill gone, who has the ancient gene to make this work? Ben Browder said in an interview that there wasn't anything special about Mitchell, so who's doing the ancient biz now?

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                              hi, joe,

                              besides being an s/j shipper, i'm also a sam carter fan. any tid-bits you could share to get me excited about the new season regarding this wonderful character?





                                I noticed this in the latest blurb for the SG-1 Magazine:

                                "...and Corin Nemec ("Jonas Quinn") reminisces about his time on the show and admits he would welcome the chance to return."

                                So, although this has been asked before, in light of Corin's comments, I'm wondering if there are any of TPTB reminising about his time on the show and thinking about a chance for him to return? Or are TPTB still in that "do everything we can to forget he ever existed" phase they were in during Season 7?

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