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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe,
    Will their be a lowdown special at the beginning of season 9?


      Hey Joe

      I'm not sure if this has been asked, but, in 'Nemesis' when the gate crashed into the ocean with Thor's ship and SGC had to have the 2nd gate unlocked, why is the point of origin still the same as on the 1st gate? i.e., the Antarctic gate has a different representation for the point of origin right?


        If theres a Season 10 you should explore Lovecraft mythology from Hp Lovecraft tales. Also explore other ancient civilizations like: Lemuria, Sheba, Shangri-La, Mu, R'lyeh and Hybornea. Are you considering this.

        Who is the Lucian Alliance?
        Thank you for your time.


          Originally posted by lilslim142000
          If theres a Season 10 you should explore Lovecraft mythology from Hp Lovecraft tales. Also explore other ancient civilizations like: Lemuria, Sheba, Shangri-La, Mu, R'lyeh and Hybornea. Are you considering this.

          Who is the Lucian Alliance?
          Thank you for your time.
          You still didnt answer my question Joe; You answered everyone elses but you wont anwer mine.

          Whoa, whoa give the guy some space! He isent even on yet!!! Hes a busy guy!!

          Hey Joe my question.

          I just watched Window of Oppertunity and it is the funniest ep ever!
          Soo on the kissing Carter and shooting golf balls through the Stargate how did u com up with these. I mean did u already think of them or were they suggested at a meeting as a joke then used?

          And if you had any other funny ideas and you didn't use them what were they?

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            this thread is for questinos to joe, not for discussion.

            Also, Joe comes when and if he has time. It's fine to re-ask a question after he's come - for example if you ask one on monday, he comes on tuesday, doesn't answer it, then you can re-ask it, however spamming your question won't get it noticed.

            Please, feel free to ask questions but also remember that Joe's a busy guy who carves out some of his free time to come and play here.
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              Will we be seeing Cassandra and Svetlana Markov in season nine?


                hello J. Mallozzi,

                I would like to know if in future the stargate's programm will be revealed to public opinion?
                In this case, this evenement will arrive in SGA or SG1 episodes?

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                  Hi Mr Mallozzi
                  Thanks for answering my questions previously...

                  I have a couple of questions about Sheppard:

                  1. Regarding the Johnny Cash posters... are they included as an in-joke by the crew or is it done at the request of Joe Flanigan?

                  2. Who picked War and Peace for Sheppard to read on the expedition? The writers or JF?
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                    Other than arthurian legend are there any other new mythologies/type thing we can hope to see in the future of stargate?

                    Isn't having a ZPM asking for trouble in terms of plotlines as there is much humans could do with it. for example witha ZPM they could send the entire atlantis database back to earth letters of pegasus style (obviously keeping it open for longer) and then go back themselves. This would mean that saving Atlantis woulf not be overly important as they would have the necessary knowledge.
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                      Will there ever be any Sheppard centric episodes in Season 2?
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                        Hey Mr. M! Thanks so much for the amazinness of actually daring to venture on here and answer our Q's, it's so exciting to see a PTB come on and talk to us!!

                        My question: Are the Ribbon Devices and the Personal Shield's actually all that one package, or are they seperate things? We've had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the ribbon device... (including whether the personal shield and Ring Control are actually PART of the device, as well as exactly how they're controled (see Seth, Forever in a Day etc)

                        Plus... Are we EVER going to see Sam make use of her abilities with the Ribbon Device again!?!? Or in fact any Goa'uld tech in general... The first use of the Ribbon Device was brilliant, (down with Seth!) but has left us (or at least most of the people I know!) wanting to see that delved into more... for the past 5 years!

                        Thanks so much for your time
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                          Hello Joe,

                          Once again for being around and answering our questions, many, many thanks...

                          I have 3 of them I hope you have the time to answer.

                          1.- I love time travel eps and I was wandering if you were planning for S9 any ep consequence of the time travel in M1 & M2, something additional to fish not in the pond, fish in the pond...

                          2.- I know Lost City was supposed to be a movie, but have you guys talked about "if" and "when" Stargate SG1 ends, to end it with a movie? RDA included?

                          3.- Last but not least, any plans of "A" General O'Neill (with two "L"s) becoming a civilian to run Homeworld security?


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                            Hi Mr. Mallozzi!

                            Should i be that formal? i'm sorry if i'm too formal. Anyway, my fiance and i were discussing the upcoming season of stargate sg-1 and the new enemies and such that are coming up. I was wondering, are you going to try and wrap up this "arc" i guess you call it in one season? or are you going to try and span it over a couple seasons? i know stargate kind of goes by season by season renewal, but we were trying to figure out how plausible it would be to try and wrap up the new enemies and the new story arc you're bringing in for season 9 and it just seems like it would be hard to try and fit all the stuff one would need to wrap up the series within one season. are you guys going to try and have a season 10 due to the fact you're bringing in new characters and new stories or are you going to try and wrap things up in one season?

                            thank you!


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                              Hi Joe,

                              Thanks for the great replies to my questions! Naturally, they just inspired more...

                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              - I specialized in Renaissance Drama (Shakespeare and Marlowe). Like you, I loved Gothic Lit. as well.
                              Mmmm Dracula, The Monk, Wuthuring Heights and Frankenstein are still some of my favourites. Especially Dracula. Love that stuff.

                              Trying to think how Renaissance Drama and SG could be related...Jack O'Neill as an everyman? SG as a lesson in morality? Teal'c as Dr Faustus? Baal as Mephistopheles...

                              Moving on... I have a chicken or the egg question: where did your interest in Sci Fi come from? Did a love of the genre lead you to Stargate, or did Stargate lead you to a love of the genre?

                              - "Talented" is a dangerous word. You're only as good as your last script. As for becoming a "professional writer" - I guess the first time I sold a script, "Patrick Pig Learns to Talk" for a little animated series called "The Busy World of Richard Scarry".
                              Hmm that's interesting because it seems animated series are often overlooked. At least I don't think many of the people in my script writing class would have considered writing for one.
                              If I had my choice, I'd love to earn my stripes on a kids tv show (or young adult). There seems to be a lot more creativity there than the dramas and sitcoms served up to the adults.

                              - You'll definitely benefit from the feedback you receive in these programs in addition to an understanding of the mechanics of producing film and television. I'm not knocking an education of the technical aspects - however, I think that anyone who believes creativity can be learned is full of crap.
                              You've mentioned in a much earlier post on this thread that you believe the reason you got a script agent after you finished studying was not because your scripts were brilliant, but because you had more than one.

                              I was wondering what genre these early scripts were? And were they TV or film?

                              Also, what lead you to decide to write for the screen? Were you ever tempted (or did you actually) write short stories or novels or other forms of fiction?

                              Do you ever write, or do you have a desire to write, outside of the SG/A universe? I guess you wouldn't have much time for recreational writing...

                              Thanks again for your answers...much appreciated.
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                                Hi Joe!

                                A really stupid question (or two) this time, but I was discussing this just the other day.

                                Why are there so many pineapples in episodes of Stargate? (can't list episodes...I'm terrible with names)

                                Another silly thing...I haven't heard any Wizard of Oz references in recent episodes...will there be anymore????
                                Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)