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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Calhoun
    Hi Joe, quick question about Atlantis. With Daedalus arriving in season 2, regardless of whether it gets blown up in "The Siege, part 3", can we expect to see F-302s' as part of Atlantis's arsenal now? Thanks for your time (assuming you read this! )
    The Daedalus is arriving in season 2?


      Originally posted by sg-1fanintn
      Joe, I have a question......

      Can you promise all us Sam & Jack shippers that you won't break our hearts when the show returns this summer? We can accept RDA leaving, but there's so much concern on the threads about whether the integrity of the Ship will be maintained as we've seen it built up over the last two seasons.
      I'm not sure how to answer this question. After all, RDA will not be returning as a regular for the show's 9th season. However, we're not planning to kill him off if that makes you feel any better.
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        Originally posted by JMallozzi
        Originally posted by AnubisMYTH
        10) The ZPM found in Zero Hour is that gonna be fixed?
        It's no longer in our hands. What exactly happened to it is a question for Camulus and/or Baal.
        I don't mean to contradict you, Joe, but when Sam was concerned that the sabotaged ZPM could be used to destroy Earth's solar system, didn't Jack say that they gave the dead ZPM to Camulus?


          Originally posted by trudy
          Will we be seeing Cassandra and Svetlana Markov in season nine?
          Originally posted by JMallozzi
          No plans to revisit either of them as of yet - although Cassandra will be mentioned in an early season 9 episode.
          It later occurs to me that I really like the dynamic between Carter and Svetlana. Now that (alas) Janet, and by extension Cassandra, and Catherine are gone, the show has no bright female to bright female interaction, while there are tons of regular cast Earth-based male characters around. How about bringing Svetlana back long term as a "visiting scientist" or some such? She could appear as needed, like Janet, vs as a main character. This would also bring the idea of US/Russian interaction back.

          (I don't expect Lexa to add much, any actress brought into that spot will suffer in comparison to Teryl, and she didn't distinguish herself in Andromeda. Also, she's not an interesting person "of a certain age," like Svetlana and Catherine and General Hammond, all of whom kept the show from being Young People In Space.)
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            Hi Joe,

            when SG-1 Season 9 DVDs are released, can we hope for an interview with Claudia Black?


              Finally saw It's Good to be King last night. That Leo nomination of Tom McBeath's performance was very well-merited. Is a Maybourne episode planned for S9?

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                Originally Posted by Platschu
                4. How long can the free Jaffas live without Goa'uld queens? Beacuse their symbiontes will mature after some years. This question wasn't solved in S8.
                Tretonin offers a solution to this problem.

                Maybe I missed something somewhere, but in the original episode where Tretonin was introduced, wasn't it described as having a limited supply, since the Tok'Ra Mommy could only make so many symbiotes before she died? Suddenly, Teal'c and Bra'Tac are usuing it all the time. And now the entire race of free Jaffas are going to use it? Excuse me for being cynical, but where are they gonna get all the Tretonin when it was already in short supply to begin with?

                The Mus


                  Joe Mallozzi, is there any chance of visiting the myths surrounding Easter Island and the giant heads found there? (No relation to the Giant Aliens, I presume.)

                  Oh, and are the Ori related to the evil Orieo? ;-)
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                    hello J. Mallozzi,

                    I would like to know if in future the stargate's programm will be revealed to public opinion?
                    In this case, this evenement will arrive in SGA or SG1 episodes?



                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      - - She'll be returning in Beach Head.
                      Joe: There has been no info on Beach Head as of yet - can you share some info on the overall story and which no. ep this will be. Thanks.


                        Originally posted by The Mighty Musnud
                        Excuse me for being cynical, but where are they gonna get all the Tretonin when it was already in short supply to begin with?

                        The Mus
                        Not a question for Joe, obviously, but I believe it was stated at some point that a lot was available. Presumably SG-1 or the Tok-ra learned how to duplicate it.


                          Originally posted by SueS
                          Hello Joe,

                          1. It's been reported that agent Barrett will be back in Ex Deus Machina and will be paired with Sam. In previous episodes, Barrett has been shown to have a romantic interest in Sam. Will we be seeing any of that in this episode?
                          Originally posted by JMallozzi
                          - Maybe a little.
                          Hello Joe,

                          I'm confused in previous answers you have mentioned that the resolution to S/J relation was obvious after S8.

                          For us shippers it is obvious that Sam and Jack are together specially after Threads and that that is how S9 will start.

                          So why a romantic interest for Sam?

                          Thanks in advance and if you have time, please join us at the Sam and Jack shipper thread.... we would love a little chat with you

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                            Originally posted by ChevronSeven
                            Hi Joe! Thanks again for stopping by here whenever you can. I have a quick question:

                            When filming a scene that takes place at Jack's house (either inside or outside), is that an actual house you use, a set, or a combination of both? It's a gorgeous house.

                            Nope. It's a real house.


                              Originally posted by medoche71
                              Good morning Mister Mallozzi,I have an important question:

                              I will want to know if you weigh to make new a spin-off.
                              We're up to our eyeballs in production with two shows. A third would probably kill us.


                                Originally posted by shockwave
                                If Rob would decide he's tired of all the showrunning on SG1, where would you and Paul take the show?
                                Rob getting tired? What've you heard?