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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by JMallozzi
    {regarding cons} (with the exception of the few I was already invited to). However, you can always catch me here at the Gateworld forums.
    So, which cons, Joe? Any in the SW USA?

    (Edited to note that I have since looked up Post #621, linked here for other folks' convenience.
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      Hi Joe - Apologies if these were asked before:

      1) Will we ever see the Nox back in the mix again?

      2) Without giving away spoilers on future episodes, what are some of the unasked questions you have as a creator of the show about the Stargate program, the Stargate technology or other technologies of the Ancients, the alien species (Jaffa, Tokra, Ancients), or even places in the galaxy that you hope to see addressed in future story lines on Stargate SG-1?

      Thanks for continuing to wade through all these posts and answer fan questions! Looking forward to Season 9.



        Hi Joe

        I was wondering we have only seen the female wraith once in season 1 so will we be seeing a female wraith or the queen in season 2.
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          Hi Mr Mallozzi...
          This is one that has baffled Atlantis fans...

          In Letters to Pegasus... Does Sheppard give one or two messages at the end of the episode?

          Thanks for looking...
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            Originally posted by Wass
            Hi Joe

            I was wondering we have only seen the female wraith once in season 1 so will we be seeing a female wraith or the queen in season 2.
            Hi Joe, Do they actually have queens
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              Hi Joe,

              Since everyone's talking Wraith...maybe you can clear something else up:

              What colour are they??

              Seems like they've gone from a lovely, flattering shade of blue to a sickly green colour.

              Are they not taking their vitamins?


                Hello Joe,

                a couple of questions for you.

                1. It's been reported that agent Barrett will be back in Ex Deus Machina and will be paired with Sam. In previous episodes, Barrett has been shown to have a romantic interest in Sam. Will we be seeing any of that in this episode?

                2. Is this the episode where Sam returns, if not, can you tell us the name of the episode where she does return?

                3. What is Daniel's role in Ex Deus Machina? I'm hoping it's not just standing around waiting for Sam and Barrett to "solve the mystery".

                4. According to info post on GW in Avalon Part 2 and Origin, Daniel and Vala will take over the bodies of two Ancients, Harrid and Sallis, who are on some planet in some distant galaxy (their minds possibly telepathically linked through some alien technology.). So, my question is, if Daniel and Vala are not physically there, then does that mean when they are linked to Harrid and Sallis, we will SEE April Telek and Steve Park (the actors playing Sallis and Harrid), but HEAR Michael and Claudia? Or is this being done some other way (i.e. we see Daniel and Vala on this planet, while Harrid and Sallis seem to mirror/mimic their every word and action.) What I'm really wanting to know is,when Daniel meets the Orii, will it be Steve Parks we see or Michael Shanks?

                5. So, what's the weather like in Vancouver right now?



                  Hi Joe,

                  Just one question :

                  How do you spell the name of the new great enemies who are ascended in season 9 ? The " Ori " ? The " Orii " ? Or what ?

                  Thank you for your future answer and bye.


                    Hey Joe, a quick Teal'c question for you.

                    In 2010, we got to see a Teal'c without the Apophis emblem on his forehead (presumably because the Goa'uld were defeated by the Aschen Federation). Now with Teal'c's character developed to the point that he is growing his hair...thus fitting in more with the Taur'i, and the Goa'uld have been defeated (to a point)...will Teal'c get to shed his snakey Apophis emblem once and for all?

                    ...or was he only able to have the emblem removed so successfully as a direct result of the medical advancements provided by the Aschen (who I hope we'll get to see again)?
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                      Hi, Mr. Mallozzi!

                      Firstly, thanks for your time and your answers.

                      1. I really like the name of the Ancient ship Aurora, I think that means "dawn" in Latin. My question is that has the meaning any significance? I mean the Ancients named the ship Aurora, because it was/is able to destroy the Wraith? Was it some kind of a new hope for the Pegasus Galaxy?
                      Anyway who named it?

                      2. Is there any chance that we'll see Atlantis underwater again in the foreseeable future?

                      3. Joel Goldsmith composes the music for Stargate: Atlantis. Are you going to hire new composers to "accompany" him?
                      Who works with Mr. Goldsmith to decide which kind of music will be heard during the episodes?

                      4. Was it Janus who built the timeship in It's Good to be King and Moebius?

                      5. Do you like Garfield?


                      PS: Sorry for the grammatical errors, I'm a Hungarian.
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                      Well, not anymore... Good bye Atlantis!


                        Hi Joe, quick question about Atlantis. With Daedalus arriving in season 2, regardless of whether it gets blown up in "The Siege, part 3", can we expect to see F-302s' as part of Atlantis's arsenal now? Thanks for your time (assuming you read this! )
                        Coming soon to Syfy and DVD... hopefully!


                          Joe, I have a question......

                          Can you promise all us Sam & Jack shippers that you won't break our hearts when the show returns this summer? We can accept RDA leaving, but there's so much concern on the threads about whether the integrity of the Ship will be maintained as we've seen it built up over the last two seasons.

                          So, can you promise us you won't break our hearts?

                          That's all I want to know! All the other changes, I can accept.


                            Hi Joe! Thanks again for stopping by here whenever you can. I have a quick question:

                            When filming a scene that takes place at Jack's house (either inside or outside), is that an actual house you use, a set, or a combination of both? It's a gorgeous house.



                              Hi Joe.

                              Thanks, for taking the time to answer our questions.

                              I'm a military nut and I enjoy Tom Clancyesque expositions both on screen and on paper, so the questions I ask are related to this.

                              Will we have any clarification as to the SGC's standing as either a USAF Major Command buried in Space Command which is subordinate to the Unified Combatant Command, US Strategic Command, with a reporting structure to match, or is it simply under the administrative control of said commands (best way to keep a secret is to bury it nice and deep in bureaucracy) but given a special status with the CINC SGC reporting directly to the National Command Authority and maintaining exclusive OPCON of all SGC assets?

                              Will we get a clearer picture of the the SGC's order of battle and organisation especially some of the staff sections like J-2 and J-3?

                              Will we get a clearer picture as to the role of the NID, Area 51 and the exact scope of Homeworld Security?

                              Where do the Prometheus, Daedalus, and F-302 squadrons slot in? Are they a seperate command or are they part of the SGC?

                              Finally, will we see closer unification of the equipment used by the SG Teams on the show to the current equipment used by SOCOM units?

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                              Why it's a "magazine" and not a "clip".


                                Good morning Mister Mallozzi,I have an important question:

                                I will want to know if you weigh to make new a spin-off.