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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hello again Mr. Mallozzi,
    Originally posted by JMallozzi
    Thanks for the kind words, but as much as I would love to accept all the fan accolades (and please, don't let this little blurb stop you), the heart and soul of both Stargates have and will always be Robert and Brad. They are the showrunners and are responsible for 8 out of every 10 story ideas, and much of their work goes unrecognized when they do uncredited rewrites of other writers. Like Paul and I, Brad and Robert will produce the individual episodes, meaning the task of "prepping" a given script will fall on them. Brad Wright, for instance, was credited as a writer on "Rising" and "38 Minutes" but could have easily claimed credit to having scripted at least 6 more. Robert C. Cooper is credited with having written some 5 scripts for SG-1's 8th season but could just as easily have been named the main writer for another 6. At to that the casting, editing, and endless meetings and you can reall appreciate all of the hard work these two guys do for the show.

    I guess it's easy to assume that the writer whose name appears on the credits is the one responsible for the clever story or dialogue but, in truth, Robert and Brad have a hand in everything that gets produced. How much of a hand varies with different scripts, but I'm sure that certain fans who have, for instance, lambasted Rob's writing and praised other "non-Rob Cooper scripted episodes" would be surprised to learn that, in several cases, he was responsible for rewriting up to 90% of a script. Alternately, yes, Paul and I wrote and produced Lockdown and Endgame - but we also wrote and produced Prodigy and Avenger 2.0.
    Ya see! I liked Lockdown and Engame.............
    Interesting process, and thank you for that peek into your professional world. And all the stories are appreciated, that was never in question. The observation in question was... that we are always(lately) denied SEEING the personal connections, reactions, (normal responses) as they should be. Selective editing? Much can be said or implied in one line alone. And if one of them (the team) is not present, an explanation to where he/she is, and an occasional mention, so he/she would continue to remain relevant. I think it is a human need to see those bonds stay strong, bonds we actually thrive for and want to relate to. For them to show how important they actually are to each other. (Includes all of them) The reactions when Daniel suddenly popped up in the office just didn't seem real enough. Daniel just seems to always get shafted lately in his importance (connection) to Carter and Teal'c ON SCREEN. I don't mean mushy stuff, just real stuff. We saw emotion in "Fire and Water" and in "Revelations". Even if this is sci-fi, they are still people and relationships exist almost everywhere. (Most everyone appreciated the dynamic & whitty friendship between Jack and Daniel). Besides real people watch it, and for some reason SOME of us need to see DEEPER CONCERN provided to the one of them that is in trouble. Go figure. But I suppose everyone has their own preferences.

    It would be cool to see Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c calling Jack for advice now and then, during S9.
    Thanks again for listening, for your generous time, your generous response, and thank you for my favorite show, I guess everyone has one. Some of us are just more obsessed.

    Thank you Mr. Mallozzi for giving us a linguist who actually speaks a different language on screen, will we see more of this?
    Does Mr. Wright still pitch idea's for SG1? (after "Lifeboat") or just for SGA now?
    "The Ties That Bind" sounds like an interesting episode, was it written mostly by yourself and Mr. Mullie? Or were idea's also contributed by other writers?
    Can a Director change the lines in a script if he thinks it is appropriate?

    Still think it is cool that you take the time to be here.
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      Hey Mr. Mallozzi, we are having a little disagreement in the thread "The Tech Disscusion Thread" you can reach it here

      I belive that the stargate converts matter into energy at the event horizon, transports the energy through the wormhole along with the information of the matter that was dematerialized, then it is rematerialized at the second event horizon on the recieving gate.

      However Jarnin believes that the Stargate breaks matter down into its constituent atoms, and transports it through the wormhole, along with the information of that matter. Then at the event horizon of the recieving gate, it is put back into its original form.

      If you could clear this up for us, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Owen Macri
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        My very first question for either Joe or Martin......and it's really quite silly, but, here goes.

        I understand the Asgard have lost the ability to reproduce sexually, however, are there any female Asgard or are they truly asexual. Seems people here are wondering....... And if there aren't, is there any chance that Heimdahl's (?spelling) experiments will ever pan out?
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          Ok...Here goes Question number 2................

          Is there or has there been a discussion regarding the original Asgard's backstory? We see one episode(which I apparently don't remember and can't seem to track down.) where the Asgards have an Anceint Asgard and are trying to figure out some way using it to make better clones. I always felt that this was not finished....and I am sure that I am not alone. Could we see a back story of these Asgards? I am sure that these were the ones that interacted with the Anceints,Nox, and Furlings when the oringinal 4 races came together.
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            Hi Joe:

            I have a question about a past character: Dixon (Adam Baldwin)

            I don't remember seeing him come back through the gate in Heroes, but in my happy little world he is ok. Which leads me to ask if there is any way possible that we will see him again.

            I would really love it if he could appear in SG-1 again, but if you have to send him to Atlantis on the Daedelus, well, that's ok too.

            Thank you for taking the time to come here and answer our questions!

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              hi Joe thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to answer questions now here is two from me.

              in season 8 we saw the Replicators rise before the Goa'uld but then the Replicators got killed by carter but do we see the Replicators again in season 9?

              do we see Anubis again because we saw Oma go into the fin air with him does it mean hes dead or ?


                HI Joe,

                My question is: If you were going to give someone a crash course on the Stargate franchise, which episodes would you chose and why? Obviously the original movie, and Children of the Gods, but what else?
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                  hi again Joe
                  I'm watching Window of Opportunity
                  I have a technical (and maybe stupid question), when T and Jack are playing golf, how did you stop the ball for coming back ? because there is a wall behind the gate isn't it ??


                    Hey Joe,

                    I've always been a big fan of Brad Wright's ability to write interesting and thought-provoking stories. From Solitudes to 2010 to Abyss (and all credited and non-credited others as well), I find myself continually entertained by Brad's scripts. I'm hoping that despite his tremendously busy schedule he'll find time to pick up the pen for a story of his own this year. So, any chance that he'll be writing an episode of SG-1 in season 9?

                    Edited to add: In the last few days it has already come out that Brad Wright has written Beachhead. Any chance you could say a little more about the episode or if he'll write any other stories?
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                      Hi Joe

                      I'm feeling quite worried about Season 9, i'm not a big fan of changes and from what i'm reading for Season 9 it seems like almost everything is different!! Please can you just re-assure me that it will the the same old Stargate that we have all grown to love...and that it won't change too much.
                      Is there any more news on the number of episodes that RDA will be in?? I hope it is more than 2! and if Season 9 is going to be the last ever season RDA has to be in the finale!! It wouldn't be right without him!!

                      Thank You
                      Sam x

                      P.S-Will we get some Sam/Jack RST in Season 9?!?!? Please don't just leave us hanging after Moebius!! I would love to see them as a couple!! Just 1 scene would do!

                      @->-4eva Sam and Jack!<3

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                        Has Daniel shaved, yet? PLEASE get that fungus off his face!!!

                        Or.... could it be.... is Daniel Jackson actually a FURLING????

                        Dana Jeanne
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                          Originally posted by JMallozzi
                          Are you implying some sort of potential romantic relationship between Sam and the new General played by Beau Bridges. Well, I never really gave it a thought but now that you mention it...hmmmm....
                          You mean Gen. Hank Landry will be single? What an amazing coincidence, that three SGC commanders in succession would be unmarried men.

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                            Hi Joe, new question for you, is there any chance we'll be seeing Laara Sadiq back as a Technician this year? We last saw her in Season 4! (Nothing against Walter, but she's the other technician I think most of us recognise!)


                              Hello Joe,

                              I'm hoping you can answer a question I have about the S9 three part opener.

                              Highlight to read:
                              In a recent interview, Claudia Black said that Vala is "a highly comedic character", and "Everything she says is to get a rise or reaction out of someone." Also, in another interview April Telek, who plays Sallis in Avalon 2 and Origins said that working on Stargate gave her the opportunity to do comedy.

                              So, I'm wondering are Avalon 1 & 2 and Origin being played as comedic episodes with a few serious moments thrown in, or are they considered serious episodes that happen to have a few light-hearted, comedic moments?

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                                More than a year ago, fans sent in questions for a special Q&A with executive producer Joseph Mallozzi. For many and varied circumstances the Q&A never materialized. Instead, we kicked off this exciting, interactive thread that you are reading now.

                                Now, at long last, we present The Missing Q&A! Joe made it through almost half of the questions, done before Season Eight and Atlantis Season One premiered last July. There is some interesting stuff in here, including the most in-depth details we've ever seen for the fabled third Aschen story, plus hints of what would come along in Season Eight.

                                Thanks once again to Joe for his time and dedication.


                                1. Will we learn why the Asgard did not come to Earth's aid when Anubis most recently attacked, now that the Replicators are bottled-up and the Asgard monitor all hyperspace activity in the area?

                                Yes, we will. And, since you’ve no doubt seen our opening two-parter, you now know why the Asgard have been incommunicado – and perhaps what long-raging effects this will have.

                                2. Will we finally see the third story in the Aschen arc this year?

                                Unfortunately, there are no plans to revisit that storyline. About two years ago, Brad pitched out a story idea that would have seen the return of the Aschen in a third and final installment to their storyline. The episode would have picked up some time after the events of 2001 when we sent them off with gate addresses to some very unpleasant places – not the least of which was the black hole planet from Matter of Time. In short, the Aschen return to accuse Earth of massacring billions of their people (who lost their lives to the black hole). Earth would have been forced to stand trial in a galactic court, with Thor and the Asgard presiding as judge – and various other races acting as jury. Presumably Joe Faxon would have made an appearance as a material witness.

                                It was a terrific premise that, unfortunately, never really worked on paper.

                                3. Will Jonas be back?

                                So far, no plans to have Jonas back.

                                4. Will we ever meet or learn more of the Furlings?

                                Ah, those cute, lovable Furlings. We were supposed to touch on the Furlings in Paradise Lost but they didn’t make the final cut.

                                6. Will Don S. Davis be featured in any shows in this new season?

                                Yup. Watch for General Hammond to make appearances in both SG-1 and Atlantis.

                                7. What are the chances for a shippy ending to the series?

                                It’s a two-edged sword, Anthea. As much as I would personally love to see a shippy end to the series, the fact is getting Jack and Sam together would effectively deep-six any chances of further SG-1 adventures. I think we’re looking to wrap up loose ends, but keep the door open for the foreseeable future. That said…

                                8. Will Daniel ever fully remember his experiences from when he was an ascended being?

                                Oh, it’s very possible. All four of our characters will see major growth this season. In Daniel’s case, he will finally get to confront his Ascended past.

                                12. Is it official that the Tollans are wiped out, or have some of them survived?
                                erik mccoy

                                Schroedinger survived and was adopted by General Hammond. As for the other Tollan – they’re toast. Until someone comes up with a brilliant Tollan storyline that would require us to revive them.

                                18. Does Stargate Productions accept script or story concept submissions, like the producers of Star Trek used to?

                                Sorry, we don’t.

                                19. Will the Jaffa finally be free?
                                Peter Beckerson

                                Lots of changes in store in Season 8 – and the Jaffa.

                                20. Is the ship in "Grace" a Wraith vessel? (If not, who was it?)

                                It was not a wraith vessel.

                                26. How long do you have to edit your scripts before they begin to film?

                                It usually takes us a couple of weeks to write a script. We’ll make changes to the script over the course of prep week to incorporate changes / suggestions / requests by the various departments and producers at which point its finished – and ready to be changed on set by the director, on-set producer, or actors.

                                34. Whose idea was it for O'Neill to have a Mary Steenburgen fetish, and what's the reason behind it?

                                That’s a question for Mr. Richard Dean Anderson.

                                35. Will SG-1 get a feature film, or is that project dead?

                                An SG-1 feature is always a possibility. The DVD sales have been huge and the franchise shows no signs of slowing down. With the end of the series with Season 8, it would make sense for SG-1 to survive in some form or another.