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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    If Rob would decide he's tired of all the showrunning on SG1, where would you and Paul take the show?


      Will there be any chance of seeing the Prometheus or Deadalus or both blowing up a Ha'tak this coming season?

      How soon will it take for more of these ships and possibly other classes and types of ships to come about, or is that stuff something that will not be seen for a few years in either SG-1 or Atlantis.

      Are the two battlecruisers Prometheus class ships or Deadalus class ships?

      Will Zipacna, Camulus, Morrigan, or Kali be in the upcoming season, at least as far as mentioning their faits, whether or not they are still alive. What about learning the identity of the two unnamed System Lords that Replicarter probably deep sixed in "Threads"?


      Almost forgot, will we learn anything about the two unknown Goa'uld mentioned during the series, Phelops and Nefertum(sp)? Are these two alive somewhere, or are they dead. If they are dead, when did they meet their experation date?


        hi, joe,

        i'm a sam/jack shipper, and i'd like to know if there's any juicy tid-bits you could share regarding future ship between the two? 'threads' brought things to a new beginning, so i'm excited to know what's coming up.




          Mr. Mallozzi,

          I know you probably get this all the time but... can I work on the show? Either SG-1 or Atanltis? I'm a third year film student and I have recently completed the 2005 CSC Camera Assistant's Course in Toronto and I'm planning on joining the local IATSEE 667 union at some point (it's hard to get into) and I'd really like to work out in Vancouver.

          I'm very familiar with the camera department as I've operated on almost all of our college projects and whenever I couldn't operate I was always the assistant.

          I know it's probably not the right thing to do asking you here but being a big fan of both shows it would be a dream come true to even just work on one episode.

          Thanks, and even if the answer is no, that's cool ,

          Brendan Payne.
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            Will we finally learn about the plague that wiped out the ancients in this season? When it happened and why!!!!!!!!

            Thank you!
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              Originally posted by IMForeman

              For some reason all of Colonel Everett's lines seemed to have been re-looped... was there a problem with his dialogue as recorded in studio, or am I just imagening things again?

              Nope. You are definitely not imagining things.


                Originally posted by trudy

                I believe I saw somewhere that RDA was doing some filming in California for Season nine. I would think with special effects it would be fairly straightforward to meld that film in with the Canadian filming a la Carter and RepliCarter or even simpler if he does not share the screen. Assuming his daughter is about to start school at least part of the day, and that the sets used (or outdoors) were not too expensive, might that be a way for a larger RDA presence in season nine than otherwise?
                At present, O'Neill's appearance will be limited to some early season 9 episodes. To be perfectly honest, shooting him in LA is a lot more expensive than you might assume.


                  Originally posted by Schrodinger's Cat

                  The Genii seemed somewhat cooperative in Siege, Part 2, so I was wondering whether they will still be our enemy in Season 2 of SGA.

                  Funny you should mention the Genii. Martin and Brad were spinning a Genii story the other day that will probably find it's way into the back half of the season 2 schedule. It's true - they were somewhat cooperative. But in retrospect, we may have opened up a can of worms...


                    Originally posted by SophieTucker
                    Mr. Mallozzi - I just discovered this thread - thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

                    I've become a big SGA fan but I am concerned with all the spoilers I've read about season 2 - that they're changing too much. Sheppard no longer senior military officer, something wierd with Ford, adding a new character. Why change so much when you have a product that works? Will Sheppard still be in charge of an offworld team and will Rodney still be on that team? I fear if we lose the Sheppard/McKay dynamic the show will not be as good.

                    I've noticed Dr. Zelenka has had a larger presence in the last half of season 1 - any plans to make him a regular cast member? Are they reducing McKay's role to add more Zelenka? It seems a bit like it.

                    Did the actors get raises for season two? I think they should - they're doing a terrific job?

                    One more, why does Daniel sometimes wear his glasses and sometimes he doesn't?
                    Sometimes, change is good - especially when you're developing a television series. Ford's character takes a very interesting turn and I have a feeling Atlantis fans will really like "the new guy", Ronon Dex. The Sheppard/McKay dynamic will still be there and, no, we're not reducing McKay's role.

                    As for the actors getting raises. To be honest, I don't think they do it for the money but for the love of the art.


                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      At present, O'Neill's appearance will be limited to some early season 9 episodes. To be perfectly honest, shooting him in LA is a lot more expensive than you might assume.
                      How 'bout a bake sale? Yard sale? Car wash? (Jack O'Neill, POLITICS)

                      Joe...can we clear up once and for all whether or not Sam will be the kickbutt SG-1 team leader that we got a glimpse of in Season 8? There still seems to be some doubt on those lines...

                      Also, it was super fun to see Sam be snarky in It's Good to Be King with some great zingers fired at Maybourne. Will we see more snarky Sam Season 9 (I hope) or will the snarkiness be reserved to Mitchell, who many believe will assume the role as the smart alec on the team?
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                        Originally posted by lov-lee-sg1
                        Joe, I am really interested to see a lot more exploration and less (MUCH less) of characters love lives this season. What are the chances? Will Sam stop being purely defined by her desire to have a relationship with her boss?
                        Are you implying some sort of potential romantic relationship between Sam and the new General played by Beau Bridges. Well, I never really gave it a thought but now that you mention it...hmmmm....


                          Originally posted by Fox McCloud
                          Any chances of seeing any more infiltration/foothold type episodes in the future ?
                          They can be pretty fun when executed correctly

                          How much of a militaristic feel will Season 9 have?
                          Will it be all SciFi..ey..or will some episodes be quite realistic and military/air force themed?
                          Like previous seasons, fans of the show can look forward to a variety of different episodes ranging from off-world exploration to earth-based adventure, stories that will focus on everything from the Ancients to the Jaffa, infiltration/foothold situations to galactic threats.


                            Hi Joe...thank you so much for your time here

                            and just so you know that the Sam & Jack shippers are STILL alive and well many are asking over in the *S&J Ship Thread* if there is going to be any REAL resolution for these two characters? I realize that you said that you thought it was *Obvious* but apparently not to many who post in this forum. Can you give us a definitive answer as to the TPTB's thoughts about how that relationship is either beginning or ending?

                            Also as a person who enjoys a bit of the Sexual Tension in the show will you and the other PTBs be continuing to utilize that *plot device* and if so what direction will it be going?
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                              Hey, Joe. Awesome thing you're doing.
                              Can you reveal any more information on "Four Horsemen" or "Ex Deus Machina"?
                              They look awesome.
                              O'NEILL: For all we know, Daniel could came walking in that door right now.
                              [Cut to shot of the door]
                              [Cut back to O'Neill]
                              O'NEILL: Any time now.
                              [Cut back to door]


                                hi Joe
                                just a quick little question, well actually two

                                1) which episode of SG1 do you prefer? one you've been working on or not ? and why ?

                                2) do you film some stuffs that you utilize later on ?I mean is that possible that you film something at the end of a season and use at the beginning of the next one ?? can you do that or is it in opposition with the actors' contract or anything like that ? have you ever done it ? or do you plan to ? by any chance

                                thanks for your time, sorry if I ask questions you've already answered, I'm new over there
                                sorry for my english...I'm french...and we love you guys oversea!