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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by SG-4MarineLeader
    Will there be any chance of seeing the Prometheus or Deadalus or both blowing up a Ha'tak this coming season?
    - I don't know about blowing up a HA-tak specifically, but we'll definitely see both ships in action this year.
    Originally posted by SG-4MarineLeader
    How soon will it take for more of these ships and possibly other classes and types of ships to come about, or is that stuff something that will not be seen for a few years in either SG-1 or Atlantis.
    - New ships are definitely in the works. How long until we see them - only time will tell.
    Originally posted by SG-4MarineLeader
    Are the two battlecruisers Prometheus class ships or Deadalus class ships?
    - Sorry. I don't understand the question.
    Originally posted by SG-4MarineLeader
    Will Zipacna, Camulus, Morrigan, or Kali be in the upcoming season, at least as far as mentioning their faits, whether or not they are still alive. What about learning the identity of the two unnamed System Lords that Replicarter probably deep sixed in "Threads"?
    - We probably won't be seeing any of the above-mentioned system lords. With the exception of Camulus who is only possibly dead, the others are in all probability dead. With the exception of Zipacna who is definitely dead.
    Originally posted by SG-4MarineLeader

    Almost forgot, will we learn anything about the two unknown Goa'uld mentioned during the series, Phelops and Nefertum(sp)? Are these two alive somewhere, or are they dead. If they are dead, when did they meet their experation date?
    - Still awaiting definite word on them.


      Originally posted by keppiezbt

      Will we finally learn about the plague that wiped out the ancients in this season? When it happened and why!!!!!!!!

      Thank you!
      We may learn a bit more about the plague in season 9.


        hi Joe
        thanks for your time, two times in two days, pretty cool for someone with such a schedule!

        just wanted to know if you have some news about RDA and his possible appearance in some more episodes

        and just in case you haven't see the previous post, any comment on this ? is it your idea?

        thanks again, we appreciate it


          Joe, earlier this weekend, you responded to a question from me. But you didn't answer it.

          By not "violating the integrity of the S/J ship," I mean that TPTB acknowledge that a Sam/Jack relationship exists (even if it's long distance), and it means that Sam isn't dating all the guest stars or anyone else during S9.

          We all knew that RDA wasn't going to be on the show for most of S9, and that you weren't killing the character of Jack O'Neill off. Couldn't you throw us some little bone here? We've been suffering since the end of March, and there are still about eight weeks to go til the S9 premiere.


            Originally posted by The Maneuver
            Hey, Joe. Awesome thing you're doing.
            Can you reveal any more information on "Four Horsemen" or "Ex Deus Machina"?
            They look awesome.
            I can't really offer up much on Ex Deux Machina without giving away spoilers. Suffice it to say that the title is a clue.

            In The Fourth Horseman, a new enemy unleashes a plague on Earth. As forces from Stargate Command, USAMRIID, the CDC, the WHO, and concerned governments try to head off a global pandemic, SG-1 race the clock in an effort to find a cure.


              re-hi joe
              a quick little one
              do you know yet if Sean Patrick Flanery will play Orlin again? any idea when you'll know ?
              thanks for your time


                Joe, Will Mitchell stay in charge once Carter rejoins the team?


                  Originally posted by lonely_star
                  hi Joe
                  just a quick little question, well actually two

                  1) which episode of SG1 do you prefer? one you've been working on or not ? and why ?
                  We're working on a lot of terrific episodes for season 9. To be fair, they're in various stages of development so it's hard to pick a favorite given we have yet to see a finished product. If pressed, however, I'd probably go with "The Ties That Bind" because it was great fun to write and even more fun to watch being shot.
                  Originally posted by lonely_star
                  2) do you film some stuffs that you utilize later on ?I mean is that possible that you film something at the end of a season and use at the beginning of the next one ?? can you do that or is it in opposition with the actors' contract or anything like that ? have you ever done it ? or do you plan to ? by any chance
                  Let's just say we don't do it on purpose. Borrowing scenes from previously shot episodes (and I'm not referring to clip shows here) is problematic for various reasons.
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                    Mr Mallozzi, This may not be in your area but I'm curious to know the reasoning behind dropping the always enjoyable commentaries from the season eight DVD's. Is this just pressure of work? or will they be included in some other version, such as the box set?
                    Thanks for taking the time to keep in touch and making us feel like part of the SG family.
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                      Dear Joe,

                      So, If Jack is now doing Gen. Hammond's job, is he promoted to Maj. Gen? Because it says he picks Landry who is a two star so how is that possible that a one star picks a two star and takes over the oversight position at the Pentagon without being promoted? And therefore is he now not Carter's direct line commander and can be her love interest per AF regs?

                      And, how is it possible he does not have the Congressional Medal of Honor on his ribbons after everything especially S8?
                      Causality should not be taken lightly.


                        Originally posted by Dana_Jeanne
                        Hey Joe--

                        Is Daniel going to keep that fuzzy face all season? If it's because people think Michael Shanks looks like Browder, he doesn't, and Daniel looks even less like Mitchell, especially when Daniel's wearing his glasses. PLEASE get that fuzz off his face!!!

                        Thank you :-)

                        Dana Jeanne
                        He won't be keeping it all season.


                          Originally posted by sg-1fanintn
                          Joe, we appreciate you being here, but as anxious as many fans are about the future of the Sam/Jack ship right now, the quote above is just a mean thing to say!

                          As to shooting with RDA in L. A., you said in another post above that it would be more expensive than we think it would be. Well, from my broadcast background, let me offer you a low-cost alternative to studio shoots. For about $200-$400 dollars a month (I'm familiar with East Coast prices; aren't things always "slightly higher west of the Rockies"?), you could install an ISDN phone line (broadcast quality) at his house and let him do phoners. In the fans' minds, that would keep him in touch with Sam (or "alive and well on the Stargate canvas," as you promised), and would beat NOTHING----which is what we're all afraid we're going to get.

                          Could the budget bear that?
                          The budget may be able to bear it, but I'd wager that most of our audience won't. Lengthy onscreen phone conversations wouldn't exactly make for great televison.


                            Originally posted by White Knight
                            Joe, (can I call you Joe?)

                            All indidcations are that Season 9 of SG1 will be as good as everyone's predicting, so...that's good. Keep up the good work.
                            Enough akwardness, onto some questions...

                            1) After reading an interview with the developers of 'Stargate SG1 - the Alliance', the upcoming Stargate video game (the interview is linked from the Gateworld homepage), I was just wondering; what involvement have you had, so far, with JoWood, Perceptions, and the game development team? Can you give us some inside info?
                            Our involvement has been minimal. Robert read the treatment early on and offered some comments. That was about the extent of our participation.
                            Originally posted by White Knight
                            2) Some sites are saying that Lt. Col. Mitchell will be contributing the smart alec-ey remarks (and humour) to the team in Season 9. Any comments? If this is so, how will Carter be reacting to all this (considering that, for once, she outranks the smart alec)?
                            Mitchell has a sense of humor, not unlike Daniel, Carter, and even Teal'c. As for Carter outranking Mitchell...she does?
                            Originally posted by White Knight
                            3) Will there be a foothold situation/s at the SGC this year? I ask because they're some of my favourite types of shows (for me, Foothold and Proving Ground are some of my all-time favourites).
                            Originally posted by White Knight
                            4) Lt. Col. Mitchell's background, in terms of his past association with the Stargate program, have already been revealed to us through your thread here, and various other reports on Stargate websites. But what of General Landry's (Landy? Ladry? Laundry?) background? Will this be covered in Season 9? Can you give us some hints?
                            We'll be finding out about Landry's professional and private backstory over the course of the upcoming season. As for hints? Let's see... Did you know he has a daughter?
                            Originally posted by White Knight
                            5) Any plans to bring back ex-Vice President Kinsey in Season 9, possibly in the 'Ex Deus Machina' episode? (my God, I just thought of the most evil villan in history; Ba'al's symbiote in Kinsey)
                            We like Kinsey, so that's very possible.
                            Originally posted by White Knight
                            6) Any plans to bring back any of the SGC recruits from 'Proving Ground' (episode 513)? I know Lt. Elliot died...and Grogan probably got shot...and Satterfield turned into a robot (cheap BSG joke)...but what about Hailey?
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                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              The budget may be able to bear it, but I'd wager that most of our audience won't. Lengthy onscreen phone conversations wouldn't exactly make for great televison.

                              I didn't suggest lengthy conversations. I was just hoping for occasional short conversations, a la "Citizen Joe." How about those?
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                                Originally posted by Nessva
                                Hi Joe,
                                My dad thought up this question when we were watching "The Other Guys" last night - Do Zat Guns work underwater, and if they do, does the person who fired the gun get shocked as well?
                                Good question. I would make an educated guess and say, no, they don't work underwater.