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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    I have a bit of an odd question, and it may have been asked before. I couldn't find it if it had though, so, here goes.

    Have you ever accepted submissions from outside sources for scripts? (IE, fans?) Are you even open to that, or am I looking the bit of a fool here?

    If you were/are open to such an offer, what would be any criteria? I know that it must be cannon, no shipper fluff.

    It would be a neat way to be a part of the show.

    ~ Kip.


      Joe, Are we going to see a podcast for "Moebius", like for "The Siege"
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        Hey there Joe, and thanks for all the answers you've given!

        Any chance of seeing Cassie again?
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          Hello Joe,

          please tell us something about Dr. Zelenka in season 2.

          He's favorite Atlantis character for me and other czech fans.

          More of Dr. Radek Zelenka and czech in Atlantis! And PLEASE don't let him die
          (he's wearing blue shirt not red ) !!!

          Sorry for my english and thank you for your possible answer.

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            Hey, Joe;

            Thanks for being such a good sport.

            Will there be any kind of interaction between Vala and Sam?

            Will Vala's ease with Goa'uld tech shed insight into why Sam has such difficulty with the hand devices? (And please don't say it's because Sam wasn't a host for long enough; Kendra(Thor's Hammer) was a host for some time and she had a great deal of difficulty mastering the devices, whereas Vala was an expert.)

            While I agree that it would get boring if Sam brought out the hand device every time someone got a boo-boo, it would be nice to get some sort of explanation for why she can't - or won't - use the devices.

            Thanks again.

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              Hi Joe. I love SGA and my fave character is Sheppard. I was intrigued by him and his GENE from the moment I watched RISING and Joe Flanigan is an amazing actor. That said...will there actually be ANY eps devoted to Sheppard this season? Thanks.


                will there be a Zelenka-centric episode? How big is his role in season 2 so far?


                  Originally posted by JMollozzi
                  Also in another answer you say Sam is far, far away in the beguinning of S9, do you mean in another galaxy?

                  - It's possible.
                  This is my PERSONAL OPINION and not necessarily the truth!!!

                  Joe, is Sam going to be either with the Asgard or on Atlantis at the beginning of season 9??
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                    If theres a Season 10 you should explore Lovecraft mythology from Hp Lovecraft tales. Also explore other ancient civilizations like: Lemuria, Sheba, Shangri-La, Mu, R'lyeh and Hybornea. Are you considering this.

                    Who is the Lucian Alliance?
                    Thank you for your time.


                      Hi Joe!

                      Two Atlantis questions:

                      1) There were several times during the first season where we saw a conflict in leadership between Sheppard and Weir, most obviously in "Hot Zone". Is this conflict going to be explored more and/or resolved next season or are we to assume that their problems were resolved before or during "Siege pt. 2"?

                      2) Are we going to see Alina and/or the Brotherhood next season?

                      Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these fan questions!


                        I have just seen Crystal Skull, and was wondering - when are we ever going to see Nicholas Ballard return? The execs said that they had been finishing stories since season 5 - so what about this one? I'm sure the Giant/s will have given him loads of useful information?!? Maybe you could re-introduce him with loads of very useful information about the Orii?

                        Also, I was also wondering, what exactly to Producers DO?

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                        I MADE THIS PICTURE!!!!!


                          Mr. Mallozzi,

                          I have two questions to ask, plus an extra special bonus round question:

                          1. For someone like me who loves it when a series keeps its continuity right, it was a delight to see Rob Lee come back as now-Colonel Pierce after his year absense in Season 7, and the continued use of Erik Breker as Colonel Reynolds. Plus you guys are doing a fantastic job of keeping the reoccuring characters consistent in Atlantis as well (Zelenka being the biggest example).

                          So my question is, are we going to see more of Colonel's Pierce and Reynolds in Season 9, or ultimately any of your well established secondary characters (Dr. Kavanaugh is another great example - good character)?

                          (Good to hear Rak'nor is coming back too! I, like a lot of people, thought he died before Reckoning I even started!)

                          2. What do you (or any of the production/writing staff) think of 'Letters from Pegasus'? It was reportedly Atlantis' first "Clips Episode", however it was anything but a clips episode. Do you think of Atlantis Season 1 as 19 eps plus a clips show, or as 19 episodes plus a show that was supposed to be a clips show but actually turned out to be a full episode (not that I didn't like Politics/Disclosure/Inauguration)?

                          And finally, the extra special bonus round question:

                          Seriously Joe - 'Packing'? What did O'Neill mean at the end of Mobius II! Nothing to this day has confused me more than this comment.

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                            Thank you Joe for answering our questions. I have two:

                            Many websides brought the news that RDA would return for 2 episodes( Avalon part 1 and Origin. Jack is my favourite character in the show, so I was very happy to hear it. But there is still now official anouncement and I haven´t seen him listed as guest actor for Origin. So my question is: Is it official?

                            My second question is about the DVD´s: I have heard that there were many missing scenes from season 7 which the fans could see from the Sci Fi channel webside. Do you think that there will be ever a DVD edition which includes missing scenes?


                              What will Ronon Dex be doing? I read the spoilers for Duet, he's nowhere mentionned.



                                Thanks for taking the time to respond to these postings. I have been a big stargate fan since it was first aired in the UK. A quick question; Are we likely to see John Billingsley (Simon Coombs in Season 6 The Other Guys) in another SG1 episode?
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