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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    hi, joe,

    it was commmented on by (i think) rob cooper that you guys originally wanted to have season 9 a spin off and call it something else (i think stargate: sgc) - but scifi wouldn't let you. so, did that make you guys change anything of your plans on how the show was to be written? like, did you guys consider never having any of sg1 on the show (no sam, teal'c, or daniel) and just starting fresh with new characters?




      Originally posted by JMallozzi
      Good news. Brand new (long version) opening credit sequences for both shows will be airing with the back half of both series in January. Watch for 'em.
      Yeah!!! So happy to hear this news! To what do you attribute the change of heart? Thank you for sharing the joyous news.


        "Not Exactly..."


        Which of the M&M dynamic duo came up with that scene?

        Thank you for throwing (what could concievably be seen as) a bone to the shippers.
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          Are there any signicant Daniel Jackson eps. coming up in the second half of the season??


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            Originally posted by Suebsg9

            Are there any signicant Daniel Jackson eps. coming up in the second half of the season??
            I hope you don't mind me adding to this question.

            First thank you for answering my previous question:

            Originally posted by JMallozzi
            I hesitate to commit on that one because people are certain to have their own interpretation of what a "Daniel-centric" episode is. Suffice it to say Daniel will play a key role in the episode.

            I understand your hesitation in labeling any episode "Daniel-centric" or "Carter-centric" or "anyone-centric" because that's really in the eye of the beholder. However, there is some concerned among the Daniel fans that because the first 5 episodes of S9 were Daniel-heavy, the rest of S9 will be Daniel-lite.

            In Beach Head, Daniel's role consisted of a few snarky comments directed at Vala, delivering one line to the Prior, and then passing out when Vala goes missing. In Ex Deus Machina his "significant role" appeared to be to look through a pair of binoculars.

            Now, if you look at the synopsis that GW has for the upcoming eps:

            BABYLON: Colonel Mitchell is injured in a skirmish with a warrior from a mythic tribe of rebel Jaffa, and is trained in their fighting techniques only so that he may engage in a ritual battle to the death.

            PROTOTYPE : SG-1 finds a genetically advanced Goa'uld-human hybrid -- the first of an elite warrior race conceived by Anubis -- and must decide his fate.

            THE FOURTH HORSEMAN: The Ori unleash a deadly plague on Earth, prompting a powerful ally from SG-1's past to come to their aide.

            COLLATERAL DAMAGE: Colonel Mitchell stands falsely accused of murder -- but he remembers committing it, thanks to technology that grafts memories into someone else's mind.

            RIPPLE EFFECT: ??

            ETHON: ??

            STRONGHOLD: Baal brainwashes members of the Jaffa High Council to thwart their move toward democracy. Cameron Mitchell faces a tough decision when he learns that an old friend is about to die.

            OFF THE GRID: SG-1 is captured on an alien world after a deal with the Lucian Alliance goes bad ... and the planet's Stargate goes missing.

            THE SCOURGE: A tour of an off-world research base for a group of foreign diplomats turns dangerous when an insidious insect species gets loose.

            ARTHUR'S MANTLE: Mitchell and Carter are shifted to another dimension, making them invisible to everyone at the S.G.C. Teal'c and SG-9 discover that the Sodan have been brutally attacked.

            CRUSADE: ??

            CAMELOT: ??

            None of these spoilers even mention Daniel. So, I hope you can understand our concern.

            That being said, for me a good Daniel episode would be one that has a lot emotion, a lot of angst for Daniel. So, any chance that any of the upcoming eps will have some significant angst or "emotional turmoil" for Daniel to deal with?




              Hi Joe,

              I've recently noticed that Atlantis tends to focus more on friendships between men (Shep and Rodney, Shep and Ford, Rodney and Zelenka, etc.) and shy a bit away from friendships between women. Are there any plans for an episode that focuses/develops the friendship between Elizabeth and Teyla? I think it would be great for both of their characters.

              Oh, and thanks for keeping us updated about your anime-watchings in your blog. Just finished Paranoia Agent myself. Quite...odd, but I like odd. Please keep those recommendations coming!



                We heard about that originally the Season 9 would be the first season of a new SG show, the "Stargate : Command". Michael Shanks told to the fans that the SciFi hasn't allowed use this name. What can we expect for Season 10? Will they keep the "Stargate SG-1" name or the next season will be really the second spin-off and a new beginning? Which title ideas do you have if you get green light? "Stargate : Camelot" would be cool.
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                  The Tok'ra were mention in 'Ex Deus Machina', so we know that the survived the raid on Revanna. Will we see, in person not just mentioned, any of the Tok'ra this season?


                    This is a potentially odd and probably quite meaningless question, but I was wondering if you knew if RDA got Jack's extreme prejudice against Russians from such 1960s military satires as Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

                    I just saw it the other day and George C. Scott's portrayal of an Air Force general was classic - and strangely familiar in some instances.


                      Joe I was wondering if you or anybody at stargate has anything to say or do for the people who were devastated by hurricane katrina. I know alot of you guys donated props and time for various charities. Will you be donating props to support charities for the victims of hurricane katrina this time?


                        Hey Joe,

                        Will Oma return this season?




                          are we going to learn something more about the Tok'ra who removed Vala's symbiote and healed her?


                            Originally Posted by SlightlyManiacalGater
                            Hi Joe.
                            Last year around this time we were hearing some apparently well-founded rumors that there would be a direct-to-DVD SG1 movie set in season 2. Then apparently things fell through. My question is whether there is still a possibility of such a project, and if so will it be an adaptation of what the original plot was supposed to be, but using the current cast (i.e., Mitchell and Landry rather than O'Neill and Hammond)? If not, could you tell us what the original plot was?

                            Thanks so much.

                            Originally Posted by JMalozzi
                            There was no plot per se, but it was intended to be a "lost episode" that would have taken place somehwere during the show's third season. Alas, there are no plans to follow through.

                            But if some day there is a decision for a direct-to-DVD movie or movies(!) is there a possibility that this project will be settled in the first seven seasons and we will see some much-loved, sorely missed characters back on screen?


                              Hey Joe,

                              I know this might seem kind of nit-picky, but I was wondering why Teal'c has taken to using a P90 this season? I miss the distinctive image of Teal'c with his trusty staff weapon.

                              Oh yeah, and is there any hope at all of getting a Mitchell/Teal'c BOXING MATCH? Teal'c boxed with O'Neill way back in season 1 and bonded with Jonas over a friendly boxing match in season 6, so it seems only fitting to carry on the tradition with Mitchell. I think it'd be a great scene to include sometime.

                              Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.
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                                did you got the faster than light travel thing that the wraith use idee from battlestar galactica

                                it is also in short jumps and it also looks the same as in battlestar galactica