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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Excuse me for being cynical, but where are they gonna get all the Tretonin when it was already in short supply to begin with?

    Not a question for Joe, obviously, but I believe it was stated at some point that a lot was available. Presumably SG-1 or the Tok-ra learned how to duplicate it.
    In Episode 6X19, The Changeling, Jacob/Selmak explained that the process to make the Tretonin had been refined for Jaffa use. He also explained that it was still derived from "ground Goa'uld" (as Jack exclaimed). However, it was never described as being synthesized nor as being in abundance. Indeed, if it comes from the symbiotes, then it should be increasingly more difficult to get a hold of.
    In addition, the Jaffa/Tok'Ra relations aren't what they used to be, so any help one might give the other (especially the entire Jaffa race) would be suspect.

    So the question still stands. Where are they gonna get all the Tretonin?


      I have a question, im not sure if its been asked before or if its off topic, but im no going through 50+ pages!
      Anyway my question is how are gate scenes shot if the iris is always closed?


        I just want to know what happened to Eris Bock (sp?) and his people. Did Sam ever figure out how to get them off of their drug dependency? Also, what happened to the teen in the episode with the addictive lava lamp? You know, the one where Daniel almost kills himself? Also, whatever happened to that young guy who helped Teal'c when he was blinded by that weapon? For that matter, where's ex-Osiris? Will these questions ever be answered?


          Hey Joe,

          If you had to eliminate one episode from SG-1's entire nine year run, which would it be and why?


            Originally posted by JMallozzi
            The amount of research that goes into a goa'uld depends on the amount of backstory/mythology we'd be looking to explore in a given episode. In the case of Baal, we have yet to fully explore his Canaanite background.

            Very nice, I so look forward to how you all handle that. It is rather interesting and to say as someone with a background in Ancient Civilizations/Religions I love to partake of Stargate SG-1.

            Another Question, kind of a funny one actually but, I was watching the original Stargate movie and in the scene were Jack {Kurt Russell} was in his son's bedroom, the camera panned the room and went across the dresser where there sat a certificate, the name on the certificate was Tyler O'Niell, so, so the name change to Charlie in the TV show.........why?

            Check out an excerpt of my SG-1 book on my blog..


              sorry if this has been asked but will we see the aliens in episode 713 Grace again?.....will they be in season 9???

              (was the aliens from episode 713 the asgard becouse the beam looks the same)

              thanks for your time


                Originally posted by JMallozzi
                In The Fourth Horseman, a new enemy unleashes a plague on Earth. As forces from Stargate Command, USAMRIID, the CDC, the WHO, and concerned governments try to head off a global pandemic, SG-1 race the clock in an effort to find a cure.

                Any chance you can tell us the symptoms of this plague and if any members of SG-1 are affected by it? Also, will Dr. Lam be featured in this ep? Seems like she would.




                  This is harking back a little bit, but your reference to the London convention got me wondering..... After your comments on writers etc attending conventions, I had the pleasure of seeing Brad and Rob in Vancouver , and I pondered - did they enjoy their panel/run screaming in horror/convince you you might one day agree to come along to one after all?

                  And as a comment, I would adore seeing a "dearly departed character" return


                    Hi Joe,

                    Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Could you please fill me/us in on the following:

                    1) What is the status of the alliance between the Asgard, Nox, Furlings & Ancients? Is it still in effect? Do they all still talk?
                    --> Martin said this was a Joe question

                    Thanks again Happy Victoria Day "May 2-4" weekend. Mmmm Beer.

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                      Originally posted by Gremalcon
                      Joe, let me say thanks to you for spending time here answering our questions. The one question that nags at me more than any other, and to which I would greatly appreciate a solid answer, is from season 2's The Fifth Race. I would like to know if that device that jack made was a jurry rigged, one use ZPM or something else. For me, every other question pales in comparison. I look forward to your reply.

                      There are two kinds of people in the world, those who finish wha
                      This is probably a question for Robert Cooper since he wrote the episode - but, in my mind, while not a ZPM, the device Jack made in The Fifth Race was a one-use creation.


                        Originally posted by GuardianKentel
                        First off let me say thank you, for answering soooo many questions.

                        I was just reading the article on GW concerning Avalon, And they say that the Ancients didnt come from the Milky Way, if this is so.. Why is Earth so important? Why not anyother planet (granted I know there wouldnt be a show) But i personally had always believe that earth was there home, now it kinda feels like it was just like a research outpost, from which they built atlantis and that is why there are no ruins on earth. Can you please explain this decision alittle more as to why?
                        This is one of those questions that I can't really answer without spoiling upcoming episodes. We'll be focusing in the Ancients and their backstory a-plenty in season 9.


                          Originally posted by Dana_Jeanne
                          Another one for you, Joe!

                          "Atlantis was about where the Ancients went after they left this galaxy," Cooper said [at the Vancouver Creation Con]. "The big revelation at the beginning of Season Nine is that they didn't start here -- they came from somewhere else. And we find a piece of Ancient technology, and use it in conjunction with some other Ancient technology that we had lying around, and are able to discover where they came from. And in going there we get ourselves into some trouble!"

                          With O'Neill gone, who has the ancient gene to make this work? Ben Browder said in an interview that there wasn't anything special about Mitchell, so who's doing the ancient biz now?

                          Dana Jeanne
                          No one on our team, that's for sure.


                            Hey Joe. A bunch of us were in Vancouver not too long ago. A bunch of us went on the set tour. A bunch of us came home sick. Then there are those spoilers revealed about Fourth Horseman...

                            Is that just another of life's funny little coincidences, or do you guys take your research that seriously?


                              Originally posted by majorsal
                              hi, joe,

                              besides being an s/j shipper, i'm also a sam carter fan. any tid-bits you could share to get me excited about the new season regarding this wonderful character?

                              Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter makes her return in Beach Head to help Stargate Command deal with a galactic threat. Check out the big mid-season two-parter, The Fourth Horseman, in which a certain someone from her past drops in to lend a hand - with poignant consequences.



                                I noticed this in the latest blurb for the SG-1 Magazine:

                                "...and Corin Nemec ("Jonas Quinn") reminisces about his time on the show and admits he would welcome the chance to return."

                                So, although this has been asked before, in light of Corin's comments, I'm wondering if there are any of TPTB reminising about his time on the show and thinking about a chance for him to return? Or are TPTB still in that "do everything we can to forget he ever existed" phase they were in during Season 7?

                                No plans to check in on Jonas this year but reports out of Kelowna say he's doing fine.