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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    [crawls out from corner again and goes to get cage]
    [comes back with cage and sets it in the corner]


    One question, when will we be seeing Ori/Prior ships? Do you people already have something prepared or in the works?

    [crawls into cage and locks the door]

    This poster has a Superiority Complex. Apologies in advance.


      Originally posted by Anubis[MYTH]
      I just thought of this and really badly wanted to know thw awnser

      How do you guys know how to spend your money... do you split it up into the episodes and whatever is left over carry it into the next episode or is there some other way of knowing how much money you will spend on an episode
      It really depends on the stories we're telling. Some episodes will cost a little more (ie. Beachhead), so other episodes will have to be less expensive (ie. Ex Deus Machina, The Ties That Bind). In the end, it all evens out.


        Originally posted by Sela
        Hi Joe,

        Thanks for taking the time to be with us here on Gateworld. We all really appreciate it. I personally look forward to every update of your blog.

        As you know, The Space Shuttle Discovery just finished their successful mission under the guidance of Air Force Commander Eileen Collins. She was the first woman pilot of a Space shuttle and was the first woman to command a Shuttle mission. As you’ve had high ranking Air Force personnel on the show before, it would be great to have an actual space shuttle pilot do a cameo. Any chance of getting Commander Collins on one of the shows in a cameo next season? She could visit the SGC or take a ride on the next run to Atlantis on the Daedelus. It would be great if you could fit her in.

        It would be great to have her on the show - but only if it made sense for the story.


          Originally posted by Neelan_Liquor
          Hey again, Joe.

          I realize that the upcoming Babylon will be a very Mitchell-centric eppy, but there's a lot of concern that Mitchell isn't leading anyone anywhere yet. It seems he's been used (mostly) as wallpaper. Are we going to see him behave like a leader in this week's Beachhead? *fingers crossed*

          Well, since Beachhead already aired, I guess you have your answer.

          Some good Mitchell episodes upcoming: Babylon, Collateral Damage, and Stronghold.


            Originally posted by gatebee
            Hi Joe , just reposting my own question so that you don't have a hard time looking for it. Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule and answering all the questions.
            I believe it was his bicycle.


              Originally posted by veneticuss
              My question:
              What is the weakness of the orii and their fellow Priors?
              If I told you, you'd tell SG-1 - and that would spoil the fun of their finding out on their own.


                Originally posted by Platschu
                Hi Joe!
                Do you have an Atlantis gate for off-world adventures or we will see only CGI gate?
                We're going CGI.


                  Originally posted by purpletoo1
                  Hi Joe, I thought the leather pants and long tan coats on the sg1 guys were so hot!! Will we see them again and was it written in the script for them to dress like that? Hugs to the one who dressed them like that!! loved it!!!!!!!!
                  They had to go undercover, bounty hunter chic. Thank Christine Mooney, our SG-1 costume designer for the outfits.


                    Originally posted by Kalliope
                    Hi Joe,

                    another question(s) about Vala - are we going to learn anything more about her past: her home planet, family, how long exactly she was a host to Qetesh, whether there is ANY place in the galaxy she can call her "home" and tell she feels safe there?

                    Maybe. Unless of course she's dead. Oops.


                      Originally posted by @Li3n
                      Hi Joe:

                      Just one question: Did the Ori ascend before or after the Alterans left?
                      Can't answer that one at the moment.


                        Originally posted by SueS
                        Hello Joe, hope all is well with you.

                        Would you consider Ethon to be a Daniel-centric episode since it is a sequel to Icon which was Daniel-centric?


                        I hesitate to commit on that one because people are certain to have their own interpretation of what a "Daniel-centric" episode is. Suffice it to say Daniel will play a key role in the episode.


                          Originally posted by RubyRed
                          This has been bugging me for months. Can Carter cook? In 'Emancipation" she said that she's was a lousy cook. But then in "Jolinar's Memories she is making chocolate chip cookies. Then in "Rite of Passage" she said she bought the cake but it wasn't what she said, is how she said it. It sound it like she bought the cake cause she couldn't cook. Then in "Forsaken" she said she makes a mean souffle. My question is simple can she cook or not?
                          She can cook, but she's incredibly modest.


                            Originally posted by Platschu
                            Will the Ori convert the Pegasus-galaxy too?
                            Maybe once they're done with us.


                              Originally posted by Klorel
                              Hello and thank you for answering our questions.

                              Some friends and I were wondering how the colors for the boxed set dvds are chosen. Do you have any say in that?
                              Haven't a clue. And we don't have a say.


                                Originally posted by Fsudryden
                                Mr. Mallozi,

                                In 2 previous episodes of Stargate SG-1 I have seen Teal'c use the Deathglider weapon. That weapon was made for him it looked like. He used it well and then we neer saw it again. Teal'c to me seems like a guy that would use the weapon more often. Do you think you can work in having teal'c use that weapong more often?
                                Done and done.