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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe,

    Stargate is the best show ever! Thanks for all the hard work.

    I was wondering if there is still a plan to revisit the Nicholas Ballard character and see what he's been up to since "Crystal Skull"? That was an awesome episode and there seems to be much more to explore with the aliens introduced in that episode.


      Originally posted by JMallozzi
      No. Remember, we're finding out about them over the various stages of their evolution.
      So, you saing that all the cool super-cool things Ancient tech we have seen in the Milky Way is better because it is newer than the stuff in Pegesus?


        You've stated that Rick will not be making a guest appearance in the S9 finale. Is this because he wasn't asked, or because he was asked and turned it down?

        Inquiring minds want to know. <g>
        - Mary
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          Hi Joe,
          Yes, likely a permutation of the same question but stay with me.

          Sam is a scientist, a soldier, and a woman. The first two appear to be addressed in the first half of Season 9 and I assume will continue in the second half and in Season 10.

          That leaves Sam the Woman. She still has a story to be told. RDA may not be present but Jack O'Neill can be with a phone call or email message. Sam and Teal'c and/or Daniel can refer to Jack O'Neill and their "relationship (Sam's and Jack's)."

          Question: Will Jack O'Neill be integrated into Season 10 through references to his role as #1 the leader of Homeworld Security and as #2 Sam's significant other?

          No giggling, Joe. Just the answer! thanks, nell



            Although SG1 is entering its 10th season and the record books, eventually the series will end.

            Are you keeping a file of inside jokes to include in the final season and/or the final episode? Can I lobby you to add the following line of dialog

            Jack O'Neill: Where's MacGuyver when you need him.

            David H
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              Originally posted by JMallozzi
              The chances are very good.
     that I'm downright giddy over a good Sam/Vala "antagonistic" friendship, let me push my good fortune by asking yet another charged question.

              As a Carter fan, I fear that I'll see only "all work all the time Carter" now because I sense perhaps you think you went too far with the shippy stuff. But if that's true then that would be as unbalanced as showing just her shippy side all the time.

              Is there a chance we'll get to see some small acknowledgements and nods intermingled throughout next season regarding ship while still showing Sam as the brilliant and strong character she is...nothing that would take up whole episodes, but little moments here and there (perhaps with prayed for RDA cameos)?

              I ask this because I fear that the plan is to ignore ship for all eternity which would make TPTB look wishywashy for dropping a story you started; and further, it would weaken and devolve Sam by essentially invalidating the emotional journey she took from Grace onwards.

              I know you all have lots of great new stories to tell...just please remember there's a whole bunch of us old timers (you know...the ones who incessantly pester you regarding ship) who would really like to experience the payoff from this story arc...(hey, if they could do it for Harm and Mac [JAG]...) And since Jack's not there anymore, what difference would it make to the team or the show or Sam's contribution to either/both if you gave us these moments...or for that matter, if she were to one day have a ring on her finger that just sort of appeared out of long as it doesn't affect her aim?

              Ever the optimist, I thank you as always...
              Mary Beth
              (who hopes she isn't holding her breath for naught)
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                Joe - you confirmed that the official SG1 team of S9 is Carter, Mitchell, Teal'c and Daniel.

                Based on the fact that you have confirmed that vala will be in all 20 episodes of Stargate SG1 - how many episodes of Stargate SG1 will Carter be in, and

                who will be the official SG1 team members for S10 (that is who will be wearing the SG1 patches)?

                Thanks for the time.
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                  Can you give us any hints as to what story/reasons will bring Vala into the main cast fold? I can't see the SGC just randomly offering her a position on SG-1, especially if the pregnancy storyline continues through S10.
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                    Hey Joe,

                    I've been thinking about the Wraith alot lately and something just came to mind, with so many Wraith awakening at once and a limited food source (and forgive me if this has been asked already), could we be seeing a Wraith civil war? It would seem to make since with the way things are going and it could definitely prove to have both it's positive and negative effects on the Atlantis team.
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                      Since you and the other PTB have already started spinning ideas for season 10, was there talk of making the 200th episode "special"? If yes, was there already discussion of HOW to make it special?
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                        Hi Joe,

                        I've been watching S6 and it's amazing the great job that was done with Daniel Jackson's character, he had left the show but was still writen in many eps, I mean by references and then he guest starred in 3 episodes... and great, great episodes, taking benefit of his presence and making him key in every story.

                        So, RDA is also gone and his character has been named once (Beachead) he was also a guest star and well, I know that there is the time issue he doesn't have that much availabilty but could it be possible to have his character named more in the show, you did say that although he had left he was still part of the show (haven't seen it though) but overall if he would come back for another guest ep, what would it take to have O'Neill as a key character in a future ep.

                        How long in advance would you need to have his appearance confirmed to make this happen? I'm scared that if you are already planning the next 10 eps of S10 and there has been no rumors... (except for the IMDB) it will mean that by now you already know that he will not be available for S10 nor for the 200ep...

                        Thanks again for you time.

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                          Dear Joe,

                          As Vala will be around in season 10 can we have a story with the three girls, Vala, Sam and the doc? They have the x chromosome for multi tasking why not make the most of it, and don't forget Teal'c's pet, he needs a fluffy.



                            Thanks for answering our questions. In S9, it seemed apparent that the writers were keeping Mitchell and Vala far apart (presumably because of Ben and Claudia's past work history). Will this still be the case in S10? Or will Vala and Mitchell actually get to have interesting scenes together? (Just being in the same scene doesn't count. I want to know if they'll interact in interesting ways.)
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                              Are there any plans to have the Mitchell character actively participate in the story lines of season 10 along with all the other main characters? And will that character have the opportunity to relate directly to and perhaps even form some type of real relationship with any of the other main characters? This time out, will Mitchell actually get to play with the other boys and girls? Right now he seems so lonely standing off in the corner by himself!

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                                Will Rick be making an appearance in episode 200?
                                - Simon

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