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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Hubble
    You haven't answered this question yet; it has been asked before and I hope you don't mistakenly overlook it. Why was it decided NOT to explain on screen why Jack decided to leave the SGC, what his new job is and otherwise give some sort of recognition/decent farewell to the character's contributions to SG-1?

    We didn't want to bid the character "a fond farewell" because we wanted to leave the door open for his possible occasional return.


      Originally posted by The2ndQuest
      A couple (linked) questions regarding the timing relation between SG-1 Season 9 and SGA Season 2:

      "The Siege, part 2" & "part 3" apparently occur during or just after the Avalon/Origin 3-parter (as the Daedalus only just left and such). then, the next SGA episode, "The Intruder", we see the Daedalus headed home while the crew gated back to Earth, and then after some period of time endured the 18 day trip back to Pegasus.

      Sooo...this would imply several episodes of SG-1 occur before we chronologically catch-up to the second episode of SGA. Has it been established how many episodes of Season 9 transpire until that happens?

      And, following that train of thought, that would mean when the Daedalus returns to Earth, Daniel would have a second chance to venture to Atlantis- so will the reason why Daniel didn't catch the "second flight out" be addressed?
      The SGA and SG-1 timelines run more or less concurrently. As for why Daniel didn't hop onto the Daedalus for the return flight - he had his hands full in the three-parter and his link with Vala made his departure impossible.


        Will Thor be in Season 9?


          Originally posted by EnjoyIncubus
          Hey I was wondering if you could tell me how the wraith reproduce. I believe there are females I think the redheaded one in the 2nd episode of season one was a female, and I know we might learn about some more in this season of SGA. Will we see another wraith female or see young wraith?

          Check out season 2's "Instinct".


            Originally posted by ShardsofGlass

            It's been hard for me to get a handle on Mitchell. His character hasn't been consisten, imo, going from stoic and uncertain and enthusiastic in the first ep to cocky and southern and casual in Origin. Yet, it's somewhat hard to tell what he's like because he's had such a small part in the last two eps. Question: When can we expect to see his character more fleshed out? Which ep or eps will feature him a little more?
            Check out Babylon for a good Mitchell-centric episode.


              Originally posted by saxamoophone
              Hello Sir,

              I was just wondering....
              Why was Jack so darn sad in his 'visits' in S9?

              And just wanted to say, overall i think SG-1 and Atlantis are looking great so far this season!
              I don't know if he was sad. Maybe a little wistful.


                Originally posted by Osiris-RA
                Hi Joe,

                I've been wondering...will there ever be an episode made up entirely of cast bloopers? Not like on the Behind the Stargate specials you guys have - but like an episode of plain 'ol bloopers, past and present?


                  Originally posted by ann_sgcfan
                  Hi Joe,

                  I understand there are a number of fan bases at Gateworld, each liking or disliking certain elements of Stargate SG-1. My question is do you ever visit other threads to get a better understanding how each group feels about this new show?

                  Thanks for your time,
                  I do try to check out a variety of posts. But, more often than not, I check out a) the responses to my blog, b) the specific threads for that week's episode, and c) this thread.


                    Originally posted by SophieTucker
                    Can you tell us why the backstep in McKay's character? I mean was it purely a creative decision or were there other influences like network pressure to change the direction of the show?
                    To be honest, none of us see any change in the direction of McKay's character. In fact, we intend to flesh out the character over the course of this season. Check out next week's Trinity for a more serious facet of McKay.


                      As far as Colonel Mitchell and Dr. Jackson are concerned: they have awfully good chemistry. Will there ever be an episode with the 2 of them together trying to solve something or on the run? Sort of like Lethal Weapon kind of buddy buddy since DJ is not military?


                        Originally posted by mahram
                        hey joe this isnt more stargate talk but more about you. My question is that startrek has lasted for 35+ years now and star wars still growing strong at 25+ years. If you count the stargate movie, stargate has been around for more then 10 years now. If luck has it stargate might be here for another 30+ years. I was wondering how you feel about being locked in on one show and one theme for another 3 decades or more? Or if you are like george lucus or gene roddenbarry, and would have like to be known for other thing and would like to explore other genres and mediums like plays and movies. Are you willing to commit to that much time, or is there a point in your life where you go, " I have done all I wanted todo with stargate and its time to give the riegns over to someone else and do a new challenge in my life?" Like richard dean anderson, daniel shanks, and amanda tapping will other things in your life like children and family finally outway stargate in your life?
                        At the end of every season, I take step back and ask myself - Am I still enjoying myself? (So far so good. I work with a great bunch of people) Are there still stories to tell? (Especially after this season. Yes.) Are there other opportunities I'm passing up by committing myself for another year? (That's a tough one to answer). I take it one season at a time. Eventually, I would like to create/produce my own show. I've had some ideas kicking around but, alas, haven't had time to actually write the pilot scripts because I've been so busy on Stargate.


                          Originally posted by TheWarrior
                          Hi Joe

                          Thanks again for taking time out to answer all these questions and also for your blog which makes an interesting read.

                          I've just watched "Runner" and we have Major Lorne in Pegasus now, and I was just wondering is there a chance we will see more SG Team Members coming to the Pegasus Galaxy?

                          Colonel Reynolds, Colonel Pierce and Major Griff are three of my favourite SG Team members and it would be great to see them in Atlantis.

                          Keep up the good work on the show.

                          Many Thanks

                          Yup. Its possible.


                            Originally posted by knowsfords
                            Hello Joe (hehe, the simpsons) I have a theory that Fords sanity under his current condition is proportional to how recently he has had a hit of the wraith enzyme.

                            Am I right or am I way off?
                            Interesting theory.


                              Originally posted by QuiGonJohn

                              Jaffa questions.

                              Will we be seeing more of Bra'tac & Tolok in Season 9?

                              Also, in all the years of watching SG, I always got the idea the Jaffa were basically humans, just ones chosen to incubate the larval symbiotes to maturity. Yet they are often spoken of as a different race/species, for example in the meeting in the SGC in ORIGINS, a reference to this is made. Can you clear this up?
                              Expect to see Bratac in season 9.



                                With the Aschen episode now canceled, what episode is taking its place? And are we going to learn more about the Great Alliance and maybe it's relation with the Orii?

                                Hallowed are the Xander. Love, Worship, and Rep/Green your all-powerful, omniscient God!