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    I'll shoot him too!
    I mean the marine!


      (you cannot shoot a vampire unless you use silver bullets)


        can shoot them with anything you like even carrots...just won't kill them


          (indded, but that won't hold him back from helping Poet, just once take him over and play out something nice with his vammp powers does that not sound nice?)


            *Beck feels what's going on and as I am in the middle of working on Rodney, she knows I won't be able to react, so she does instead, but comes face to face with our Marine friend*

            Marine: And where are you off to in such a hurry, gorgeous? *he reaches for her, but she grabs his wrist and twists*

            Marine: Ow! I didn't mean anything by it! *he rubs his wrist*

            *Beck thinks to Na'Kita to take control, her eyes flash yellow*

            Na'Kita: You will not touch my host without her permission. We are your Goddess!

            Marine: You're a Goa'uld! *he starts to back away, but she grabs his arm again, yanking him toward her, the other fist connecting with his jaw bone before he can react*

            Na'Kita: I am. And you will be our slave. *her eyes glow, but his fist now connects to her own jaw and she looks back at him in shock for a second as he kicks out, knocking her off balance. She falls into his waiting arms but instead of letting him get a grip on her, she drops her weight and pulls him to the floor with her, breaking free of his grip*

            Na'Kita: Insolent human! We should have you executed for this!

            *in the back of her mind, Beck is amused to watch what is happening while Na'Kita pretends to be a Goa'uld*

            *she stands up and hauls him to his feet by the collar of his shirt, punches his other jaw and throws him toward a wall, but he had pulled a handgun out of the back of his uniform before she got him off the ground and is able to fire off one shot. Beck goes down beside her sister and Poet, a gunshot wound in her shoulder bleeding heavily, but the Marine hits the wall with a dull thud and slumps to the floor, unconscious*

            (OK can Aang come now?! *facedesk*)


              (Poet needs to get up and help actually, too)


                heal yourself, don't touch me!


                  Originally posted by Nightmarepoet View Post
                  (you cannot shoot a vampire unless you use silver bullets)
                  (I thought that was werewolves..)
                  "Thanks to denial, I'm immortal."
                  "A big 'Hello' to all intelligent life out there, and for everyone else, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys!"
                  "Excuse me, barmaid? You seem to have brought me the wrong offspring. I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fishbone!"
                  "I'm Jack. It means... what's in the box?"

                  >-- Czechs Rock! >--


                    Originally posted by Jae'a View Post
                    (I thought that was werewolves..)
                    (Vampires as well since silver burns them, so it's said)


                      2nd Marine Tom, man, wake up, we got to get out of here, backup will be here any minute!

                      Tom Stop hitting me, bloody women around here, more trouble than they are worth. *he kicks out at the first body at his feet, Beck will have another bruise*
                      3rd Mraine Come on, this way!

                      Tom *Steps over Sheps body, and reaches down and turns my head towards him* Bugger, I was planning on taking her with us for entertainment. *drops my head to the floor again* right lets go, you sort a jumper Holland?

                      2nd/HollandYes sir, even had lessons already, this way.

                      *The 3 bad marines run off down the hall leaving 7 bodies on the ground behind them*


                        *after being almost bent double over Rodney with the pain of my sisters, I slap my earpiece and snarl into it*

                        Carson, A-Carson, meet me outside the holding area. Major Lorne, bring your team, fully armed as well. *I pull a couple of med kits from a shelf and motion two nurses to follow me as I take off running, then send a thought to nCarson: Poet needs you, go to her!*


                        *nCarson appears in the room, kneeling beside Poet, who is already awake but can't move, due to a bullet in her neck*


                        *I skid to a stop just outside the hallway where I hear receding footsteps and the sounds of 3 voices, my heart is pounding in my chest as I look around and spot Carson and A-Carson, followed by Lorne's team*

                        Alright, Major, I want you to take point, go in and station your men wherever you deem necessary, just keep the place nailed down, got it? Carson, Beck will need you. I think she was shot. A-Carson, you and the two nurses will tend to Shep and anyone else injured, I will handle Dell myself. *I bark orders as I am the only one of us who knows any of what has just happened, though even I only know that my sisters and Shep are injured and Dell's life force is fading quickly*

                        *Lorne nods sharply and motions his team after him, they file into the room and spread out and then my earpiece crackles*

                        Lorne: It's safe, Aang. Bring your people in.

                        Thanks Major. Carson, A-Carson, you know what to do! *we take off into the room, Carson gets down beside Beck and begins checking her vitals and wrapping a strip torn from his shirt as a tourniquet around her arm to stop the bleeding from her shoulder. A-Carson is beside Shep, checking his wounds and also stopping the bleeding with some items from the med kit I had thrown to him*

                        Dell! No! *I drop to my knees beside my sister, not caring that I am kneeling in a pool of her blood as I wrap her leg to try to stop the bleeding, but I feel for her pulse and it is weak under my hand, she is fading. My heart beats like thunder in my chest, I can't lose her! I feel the tears wetting my face but I ignore them and keep working, I have to save her! I feel my pockets, the healing device isn't there*

                        God dammit Aang! How could I not remember it! *I curse at myself under my breath as I take my sister's hand in mine* I will save you, big Sis. I won't lose you.

                        *I notice a couple of more bullet holes in her, why the hell wasn't she wearing a TAC vest? I ask myself this silently as I try to stop any further bleeding. Moments later, I look up from her to see Carson standing, cradling Beck in his arms, A-Carson holding a limp Shep in his own arms, and nCarson hold Poet, who is awake and her eyes are flashing, she wants to help but something is holding her back and I don't have time to work out what it is, I lift my older sister's limp, almost lifeless body into my arms and stand up, her blood stains my trousers, now my shirt and my hands as well, but I don't care anymore. Several more medics had shown up and were tending to the other Marines who were injured, so we leave them to it, starting our trek to the infirmary*

                        What happened to them? *Rodney kooks at me and I shoot him a death glare tinged with sadness and pain*

                        I don't have time to explain, but Shep, Beck and Dell all need to be in surgery five minutes ago! *I bark out as I walk by, Dell carefully cradled in my arms until I can lay her gently on a gurney and wheel her into the operating room*


                          ahhh, sweet release


                            (Ok guessing that is my cue to keep going then? Gotcha. Writing more then)


                              *nCarson vanishes with Poet to reappear in her room*

                              Don't you dare, let me go back there they need me *her eyes are flashing red the tuurning to black* get me down now* slips from his arms tio stand just held up my her mind and forces her hand to get to her back and pull the bullet out faster then evena vamopire can react, she turns pale as blood is pouing out of the wound*

                              *n looks at her with horror knowing she wiil lose too much blood until the wound is closed an moves to her* no Lass! Let me 'elp ye

                              Don't come closer to me.....*her hands are shaking with anger and she is surrounded by darkness growing nearly filling up the whole room* Speak for youuself now, why have you brought me away from my friends, who needed me? *she screams and her voice sounds not qute much like her anymore*
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                                In Operating Room 1:

                                *Carson works tirelessly to remove the bullet from Beck's arm, he's got her properly anesthetized and works quickly to remove the bullet, the shot was mostly superficial and had't cut any important arteries, it just appeared to bleed a lot*

                                In OR 2:

                                *A-Carson works on Shep, he has removed the bullet and neatly sutured one of the arteries back together, Shep was not in life threatening danger, but it had bled well and required a transfusion to bring his levels stable*

                                Meanwhile, in OR 3.....

                                *I didn't have the time to scrub up so I had ripped the lab coat off and dropped it where it fell, working in my blood stained short sleeved Atlantis issue shirt and my usual trousers, I do have gloves and a mask on and one of the nurses was helpful enough to wrestle my hair into a bun atop my head as I worked*

                                Don't give up on me now, Dell! Hang on, big Sis! *I look up at the heart monitor, I'm losing her!*

                                Biro, I see you standing in the corner, quit being lazy and get a damn transfusion going! Keller, stay the hell away! *I bellow, when had those two got here and why were they hovering around me? Keller had to know I would sooner kill her with a scalpel than let her help me*

                                *Biro starts the transfusion and a proper IV line filled with anesthetic and morphine, but I see Dell is flat lining and I forget that I have nurses and Dr. Biro there*

                                GOD DAMMIT DELL! *I scream out, not caring if anyone hears me, I climb onto the bed and kneel over her, trying to restart her heart with my CPR training* Someone bag her, and Biro, get the paddes. I WON'T LOSE HER.

                                *I work to keep her breathing until Biro appears at my side with the paddles, I quickly place them and warn everyone away and then shock Dell, I feel her body move and I know I shouldn't be kneeling on the bed like this when using the paddles, because I could be shocked as well, but I am not caring. My heartbeat slows as I feel a pulse under my hand after the third shock and I climb off the bed*

                                Biro, I need you to stay there with the paddles, be ready to act if she flat lines again!

                                *I pull the third and final bullet out, the one from her leg, and I notice the artery that was severed completely through. She's just lucky she had fallen with her weight landing on that leg, it had held it closed just enough to keep her from bleeding all the way out before I got there. I reach a hand back and someone hands me the tools I need without being asked, I turn around to see A-Carson behind me, Keller is now gone*

                                A- I finish'd with Shep about 'n hour ago. I figured y'could use th' help.

                                *he offers me a smile, I turn quickly back to Dell and begin sewing the artery back together, she's lucky it was a clean sever, no ragged edges to have to fix. I breathe a sigh and change the bag on the transfusion myself this time, peeling off my blood-stained gloves. She's not quite out of the woods yet, but my big sister will live*

                                I almost lost her... *I gasp, turning back to my sister and beginning to suture and bandage all three wounds cleanly*

                                *The steady beat of the heart monitors in my ear is a relief to me, it means my sister is still in there somewhere, I didn't lose her. I feel two tears of relief drip down my cheeks as A-Carson helps me to lift her onto a proper infirmary bed and he wheels her out to recovery while I change out of my bloodstained clothing and put on a fresh uniform and lab coat, before walking out and taking my place between my sisters' beds*