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      *growls* The Gateworld gremlin just ate my post. Nayari,when are ya gonna post some more fic scenes? *wink wink nudge nudge* I'm still working on the Radek whump fic that's run amok. hehe More Czech shots please!! Woohoo!! }:O


        CRW, you lost your post


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          Yup Ever,the Gateworld gremlin had a snack. I'd like to munch on some Czech cookies myself. hehe More Czech shots please!! Woohoo!! }:O



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            It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


              What a way to spend a birthday, gazing dreamily at all these beautiful Radeks. *sigh*

              OK Crimson, let me find a scene and I'll throw it up for you. I think I am going to take a lot of the scenes I have and just put them up on as a 'collection'.

              Ah, here we go. This is one of my first 'group scenes' I ever wrote, it is actually a 'practice' scene, dialogue-driven because I was testing out how well I wrote each of the characters' voices. Enjoy!


              “Well, that was a nice lunch.* I’m off to go watch some TV.* Anyone want to come along?”* John stood up, gathering his tray and guarding the remnants of his sandwich from the brisk Atlantean wind.* Around him, the others of his team slowly rose, taking the hint from their leader.

              “Will there be popcorn?”* Teyla asked, a small smile lighting up her aristocratic features.

              “You just finished eating,” Rodney said a little incredulously.

              “Popcorn is not filling,” Teyla replied.* “It is similar to ingesting air.* Air that is very well flavored.”

              “I’m sure we can work something out.* But if you get popcorn, I get to pick the after lunch movie.”* John began to head inside, the others following him. *

              “Hey, you invited the rest of us!” Rodney pointed out.* “Don’t we get a say?”

              “So say,” Ronon rumbled.* To John, he added: “You did say we would watch the second Jaws movie.”

              “Did I?”* John grimaced.* “I don’t remember that...”

              “Is that Doctor Zelenka?”

              Teyla’s question brought everyone’s eyes to the table near the corner of the room - and indeed to Radek Zelenka, who was settled with his back to the wall and his eyes on the door.* A tray of food sat in front of him, half-finished.

              “He has not moved for over two hours,” Teyla said, a note of concern in her voice.

              “How do you know that?” Rodney pressed.

              “Because he was in here when I came by this morning looking for Marlea to invite her to lunch, and I saw him before we sat down.” *

              “So, he’s probably just working through lunch.* He does that,” Rodney dismissively tossed away his trash and set the tray on the counter near the door.* By the time he turned back, however, it was obvious no one was following his example.* In fact, Teyla had chosen to approach the doctor.

              “Doctor Zelenka, are you all right?”* Teyla’s voice was soft, as usual.* Radek looked at her, then past her at the others and - or so Rodney thought - past all of them to the door - before answering.
              “Oh ah...hello. Yes. I am all right. Is something wrong?" he asked, trying to give her a little smile.

              “We are just concerned," Teyla indicated the group. "You have been seated here a while.* Are you waiting for someone?”

              “I am, actually,” Radek glanced at the door again.* “I was going to have lunch with Doctor James.”

              “You’re going to have lunch with her...but you’re already halfway done,” John pointed at Radek’s tray.

              “She is late today.* Perhaps she was held up.”* Radek tapped his tablet, changing it to a new screen.* He looked at the screen for a moment before glancing back up at them.* “I’m sorry, did you need something?”

              “If you’re still here at dinner, we’ll send out a search party for her,” John said.

              “Fine.”* Radek blinked, glancing behind them again.* John’s eyebrows narrowed as he turned to see Rodney standing there, looking very annoyed.* Teyla, however, suddenly smiled and touched John’s arm.

              “Have a pleasant afternoon, Doctor,” she said.

              “You too.* All of you.”* Radek nodded at them and looked back down at the tablet.

              “What?” John asked as Teyla guided the group out of the mess hall.* “What are you in such a hurry for?”

              Teyla gave John a look.* “We were disturbing him.* He was bothered by our presence.”

              “Well you didn’t need to rush us out of there...”

              “No....” Teyla smiled very slightly.* “I believe Doctor Zelenka has developed a fondness for Doctor James.* Our presence there was embarrassing him because he does not wish for us to know.”

              “A fondness?” Rodney asked.

              “He likes her,” Ronon clarified, glancing back.

              “Radek?* Likes?* A woman?”* Rodney scoffed.* “He’s like seventy years old, he’s missed his chance!”

              “Doctor Zelenka is forty five years of age,” Teyla said.* “I do not think that is considered old enough to have ‘missed a chance’.”

              “He’s forty-five?”* Rodney looked back, briefly perplexed.

              “So he’s just waiting there in the hopes that she’s going to come by and eat with him?”* John looked back.* “That’s sad.”

              “No, not really,” Rodney muttered.

              “You have personal experience?” John retorted.

              “No,” Rodney pointed.* “Look.”

              The group turned to see Corie James walking into the lunchroom.* Sure enough, Radek instantly straightened in his seat and adjusted the food on his tray.* However, Corie did not seem to notice him; she crossed the room, picked up an apple, and turned around, heading back the way she came.* Not once did she look up from her tablet - and within a couple of seconds she was gone.* Radek looked stunned and then disappointed.

              “Sucks, man,” Ronon murmured.

              “That was kind of harsh,” John agreed.

              “Rodney!” Teyla yelped.*

              The group turned back to see Rodney taking off at a full sprint around the corner.* John only hesitated for a moment before giving chase, the others keeping behind him. *

              Rodney didn’t run too far, leading them in a quick but wide circle.* John was just reaching a corner he had turned when he heard Rodney shout: “Doctor James!”

              The group stopped and peered around the corner in time to see Corie look up in alarm.* She immediately shrank back from Rodney, who rolled his eyes.* “Do you have to always turn into a mouse when anyone says your name?* Grow a spine for goodness’ sake.”

              Corie blinked at him.* “You startled me,” she said in her customary soft voice.

              “Whatever.* You need to go back to the mess hall.”

              Corie stared.* “What?”

              “Radek was in there.* He...uh...he had a mouthful of food.* But he waved at you, and I know you two eat together a lot should go back there so he knows you didn’t ignore him.”

              Corie’s eyebrows lifted: “Oh!* Usually he eats earlier. I thought I’d missed him.* I’ll go back.* Thank you, Doctor McKay.”* She whirled around and headed back towards the mess hall, a light spring in her step. *

              Rodney watched her go before turning around. Upon seeing the group, he blinked.* “What?”

              “That was a very kind thing to do, Rodney,” Teyla said.

              “Oh please, he hasn’t got a chance with her.* But he would have been even more of a nuisance for the rest of the day.* I just saved the city from an afternoon of pointless blackouts and power surges.”* Rodney shrugged. *

              “Whatever you say,” John gave Teyla a little smile, which she returned shiftily.* “Come on, the TV awaits.* I think it’s time to introduce Ronon and Teyla to a little classic we like to call Back to the Future.”

              “Oh PLEASE!” Rodney exclaimed.* “You’re going to subject them to the worst example of relativistic physics and time travel ever to be considered by a sentient brain?”

              “Well now I’m interested,” Ronon grinned.
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                Well done Nayari!! Loved it!! Happy Birthday!! May ya have bawdy Radek dreams for a full fortnight. More Czech shots please!! Woohoo!! }:O


                  Happy Birthday Nayari! Radek has a special gift just for you!




                    *smirks* Rosehawk,that pic blew up my poor innocent brain cell. Must be Radek's expression...or how he's got his hands positioned. hehe More Czech shots please!! Woohoo!! }:O


                      Crimosonravenwolf...your brain cell is in NO way innocent!



                        *grins* Duh. *points to David* He started it. My excuse,sticking to it. hehe More Czech shots please!!! Woohoo!! }:O


                          *rolls eyes* Alright lovelies,I've got another chappy in the one shot that became a ficlet then the muse watered said ficlet and well..a fic's been born. As always, it contains whump,snark,plot holes,minor foul language,and came from my brain. lol
                          The teams cheer as Radek’s secondary and tertiary teams rush into the corridor. Several of Zelenka’s teammates begin assessing the damaged room.
                          “Dr. McKay, where is Dr. Zelenka located?” asks a tall blonde woman.
                          “Under the debris maybe? He’s certainly not out here is he?” A stream of vicious German answers the Canadian’s retort.
                          “Why do you ask Dr. Beiswenger?”
                          “Colonel, if we know precisely where Dr. Zelenka is located, we may be able to cautiously remove some of this debris and clear a path for the medical team.” Ominous creaking silences the anxious group. Dr. Sasha Beiswenger and two other scientists carefully peer into the damaged room once the creaking ends. A hushed conversation erupts amongst the trio until McKay barges into the discussion.
                          “What are you discussing without me? Radek’s life is on the line and I don’t want anyone screwing this up.” Narrowed eyes and muttered curses in four languages answer McKay’s snippy question.
                          “Do you have a doctorate in engineering Dr. McKay?”
                          “What’s that got to do with anything? I’m the smartest man in two galaxies, I don’t need a doctorate in engineering to know Zelenka’s life is in serious danger.” Dr. Beiswenger grinds her teeth.
                          “Dr. McKay, you going off half cocked and rushing into this disaster zone could get someone injured or killed. I may not have a doctorate, yet, in combat engineering but I do have a master’s degree in structural engineering and several thousand hours involved in stabilizing manmade and natural disaster zones. Do you?” A low moan cuts off McKay’s answer.
                          “Try not to move lieutenant.” Hamilton thrashes weakly; Teyla and a field medic carefully restrain the disoriented Marine.
                          “Adam? Try not to move okay? You got banged up,” Lt. Terry Middleton cajoles. She flashes a penlight in the lieutenant’s eyes, eliciting a hiss from Hamilton.
                          “Doc out?”
                          “Not yet Adam. We’re working on it. Whoa, stop moving Hamilton!”
                          “Can’t lose any more. Los’ too many las tour. Gotta get ‘im out.” Teyla carefully places her hands on either side of the injured Marine’s face.
                          “All will be well lieutenant. You have my word we won’t stop until we get Dr. Zelenka out.” Her quiet, firm resolve stills the Marine.
                          “I do swear it. Please allow Lt. Middleton to see to your injuries.”
                          “’kay.” Another Marine medic with a Jumper medical field kit drops to his knees across from Middleton. The two medics work quickly to stabilize their fellow Marine’s injuries. Teyla backs away from the medical personnel then swipes her wrist over her forehead. She smiles when Ronon pushes a bottle of water into her hand.
                          “You okay?”
                          “I am well, thank you Ronon.” He raises an eyebrow at her gashed bicep.
                          “It is minor compared to Lt. Hamilton’s injuries and Dr. Zelenka…missing. Once the others have stopped…”
                          “Bickering. I will offer whatever assistance I can.”
                          “Yeah, not going anywhere til we find the Doc.” His hazel eyes twinkle mischievously.
                          “You see Lorne’s band aids?”
                          “I believe he considers Sponge Bob the lesser of two evils.”
                          “I prefer The Transformers.”
                          “Yes, you and the Colonel went through two whole boxes by yourselves not two weeks ago.”
                          Hopefully my daftness makes sense. *snickers* What can I say? My muse has a thing for hot Czechs. hehe My excuse,sticking to it. More Czech shots please!! Woohoo!! }:O


                            Keep writing!

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                            It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi



                              Click here daily to give free mammograms

                              It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                                *smirks* Thanks for the encouragement Ever!! My two fave scientists. GUH. Just freaking GUH. Wicked pix m'dear. More Czech shots please!! Woohoo!! }:O