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Stargate SG-1 Cancelled

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    Damn shame they've canceled it one of the best series of all time, but i suppose we got Atlantis if SG1 isn't getting another channel, but the shows huge, it's a huge franchise surely theres some channel that will pick it up....

    But in england how it shows on Sky and BBC couldn't SKy or BBC have it show on there like an 11th season etc?


      Originally posted by FoolishPleasure
      Dumb question of the day:

      Since Skiffy cancelled the show, do they still intend (or have rights) to broadcast reruns? What is going to happen to all those episodes?
      The syndication rights are sold seperately, so sci-fi should still air those episodes. Although lets say MGM and Bridge are angry at sci-fi, they could not renew the syndication deal with sci-fi but I don't think that is likely, why give up a source of revenue? But then syndication rights are sold to stations throughout the nation. For instance the Fox affilate here in St. Louis shows SG-1 and Atlantis, granted it is at 1 am on a Saturday night but they still show them, its not the new season but last I saw was showing season 8 of SG-1 and season 1 of Atlantis.


        Originally posted by woody
        Damn shame they've canceled it one of the best series of all time, but i suppose we got Atlantis if SG1 isn't getting another channel, but the shows huge, it's a huge franchise surely theres some channel that will pick it up....

        But in england how it shows on Sky and BBC couldn't SKy or BBC have it show on there like an 11th season etc?
        From what I understand, Scifi has sole priority, and they contibute to the show's budget. I don't know if Sky and BBC do, but I'm sure they don't give as much. Basicly, the show is done for without a US network backing it. It's can't go on just in Canada and England, as much as we may want it to.

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          Originally posted by michael.beamish
          I have just read the news item regarding the best thing to do is watch "Live" SG-1 and Atlantis to push the ratings up:, I would love to be able to do this but due to Living in the UK and everything is screened 6 months + late on Sky-1 how can us British viewers show our support for such a great show. !
          Ok mate for us brits what we gotta do is sign the petitions, email, scifi, mgm and the networks that might be able to pick up sg-1, send in snail mail to previously posted addresses and then theres the tissuse box fund... Am I helping here?


            As much as I've enjoyed watching SG-1 over the years, I'm not really bothered about this. SG-1 has moved from "entertaining sci-fi with the odd humourous moment" to some sort of parody of itself where nothing at all about the show can be taken seriously. Season 10 so far has been pretty rubbish. I won't miss it. I don't think Atlantis will last long on its own, which is a shame, because apart from a few little niggles, I quite like most episodes of atlantis.


              Originally posted by Karterius
              I know I'll catch crap for this but at least I am honest about it...

              Stargate SG-1's storyline quality has been on a steady decline for quite some time. I was at the first Creation Convention in Vancouver and one of the things Brad Wright touched on was that they were awaire they needed to get back to exploritory stoylines... it is at the heart of SG-1... um guess they didn't have time for this?! Instead they become too focused on one villian. In Season 1 - 25% of the episodes had anything to do with the Goa'uld. As it went on in seasons villians became 75% and alternative plotlines became 25%. Explorartion and history add a sense of wonderment and aw to the show. Think torment of the tantalus.


              If you want a good storyline go to the stargate' s past... This is always interesting! How did the Russian's originally know about the stargate... People are always intrigued by WWII stories. When it was discovered the US government gained control of it??? yeah right...
              I don’t think you’ll get flamed, my friend… if you look earlier in the thread you will find that a lot of us die-hards made these very points. Well said.

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                Don't email it's unlikely to be read. Sit down and write an actual letter and mail it off. It is highly likely and probable it will be read then.


                  Originally posted by nathanaus
                  Don't email it's unlikely to be read. Sit down and write an actual letter and mail it off. It is highly likely and probable it will be read then.
                  And don't make it a rant letter!! and try to make it not to long!!

                  Or even a better idea that came from Token: POSTCARDS!!!


                    Originally posted by Katkin
                    I don’t think you’ll get flamed, my friend… if you look earlier in the thread you will find that a lot of us die-hards made these very points. Well said.
                    If you look back you'll see I DID flame him/her and not all of us agree with what you're saying! Don't put words in our mouths!!!


                      August 23rd news
                      Click on links for full text; these are just excerpts:


                      Producers planned for SG-1's end
                      Writers had been drafting series finales since Season 8
                      August 23, 2006

                      "The studio is on the record saying that this franchise is extremely important to them," Cooper said of MGM's commitment.
                      "MGM has a tremendous amount of confidence in Stargate, and we are vigorously working to continue the franchise," studio spokesman Jeff Pryor said in a statement yesterday.
                      Now, "vigorously working to continue" apparently means boldly going forth into other formats.
                      "We're working very hard to make sure there's a companion to Atlantis when we start back up in February," said Cooper, who extolled the virtues of being able to share production facilities, crews and costs. "It's premature to make an announcement as to what that companion might be. But you know, we thought Stargate was dead in the past."
                      Cooper says a good guess would be an SG-1 miniseries, made-for-TV movie or even a feature. Good news for the 200-or-so crew that work on the show.



                      Stargate history
                      The Province

                      Published: Wednesday, August 23, 2006
                      - Um, what's a Stargate?: It's a ring-shaped device that transports people instantly around the universe. So long as the destination has a Stargate, too, of course.



                      PERSONALS: WHO'S WHO & WHAT'S UP
                      Network pulls plug on original `Stargate' series

                      "What we want to emphasize is that the franchise is not dying. SG-1 will go on in some way," executive producer Robert Cooper told the Web site "We're just not ready to announce how."



                      Breaking News: TheStargate Could Re-open
                      by Ileane Rudolph

                      While Stargate SG-1 fans are already gathering signatures to petition Sci Fi Channel to pull a 7th Heaven move and un-cancel the veteran series, it probably ain't going to happen, folks. However, there are some signs of life in the show and it's not just the MMO (massive multiplayer online) game due out in the fourth quarter of 2007 that MGM, which owns the Stargate franchise, is sinking $40-50 million into. While executive producer Brad Wright tells TV Guide his "dream is to take SG-1 back to the feature it began as," we are now hearing that MGM may produce a series of TV movies based on the mothership series.

                      "From MGM's perspective, we don't view SG-1 as a television series, we view it as a franchise, and one with a lot of vibrant life" says studio spokesman Jeff Pryor. "The fan base is fiercely loyal."

                      "Frankly, when we put Atlantis on the air," says Stern, "the intent was that SG-1 would go off the air, but they did such a great job of reinvigorating [it], we thought why take it off the air. Now is the time to do it." But although they cancelled the show, Stern says the network is open to discussing Stargate-based movies. "We love this franchise," he tells us, "if there are other ways to explore this world, we're certainly open to it. This is not the end of our journey with Stargate by any means."

                      TV GUIDE

                      Entertainment News

                      Stargate SG-1 Update: It's "Not Necessarily" the End

                      As part of an in-depth interview with TV Guide magazine, Stargate SG-1 exec producer Brad Wright reveals that while Sci Fi Channel may have announced the series' end after its 10th season wraps up, the show might go on. Promising "a very satisfying end to the season," Wright tells us that finale is "not necessarily an end to SG-1 by any means.”

                      For much more on Stargate's future, read today's Insider ({1D34F028-6983-4C7B-BD8B-B4C97EEC13FA}
                      ), and keep an eye out for the Aug. 28 issue of TV Guide. — Additional reporting by Ileane Rudolph
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                        Originally posted by ligherzero
                        Soy de venezuela, NO PUEDE SER QUE ME QUITEN SG1, es la mejor serie que he visto, recuerdo hace dies años, (tenia 8 años o menos) que me pegaba frente a la tele viendo la primera temporada, y ahora lo van a cerrar?

                        Desde la salida de los ORI me entusiasme mas, me enamore cuando crearon a prometeus. Es una de las pocas serie que no inventan ciencia, gran parte de las cosas que mencionan en fisica cuantica bien mencionada.

                        VIVA SG1
                        our fellow SG-1 fan here probably doesn't know not many people speak spanish but we could feel all of the international fan's pain. here is what he said above:

                        I am from Venezuale, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE TAKING AWAY MY SG-1, it is the best series i've ever seen, i remember 10 years ago, (i was about 8 years old), that i was glued to the telly watching the first season, and now they are going to close it?

                        i've been more enthusiastic since the ORI came out, i fell in love when prometheus was created. It is one of the few series that don't makeup the science, the great mayority of the things they mention is proper quantum physics

                        HAIL SG-1


                        well anyway, i'm sort of on the fence about this. i felt sad about being cancelled because it's such a bad word to break news and the fact that it was right after the 200th episode (i just can imanged the cast and crew feeling like crap at their party) but the show,in my mind, reached for the gold at the end of season 8 when everything we knew came to a close. so that the show being cancelled now won't leave me with a broken heart because they somehow got to that thing on the horizon.

                        if it gets on another network or miniseries or the movie to end the current story line would be great. but i'm usually negative person and i don't see that happening. i've read that many think similary that it was a great ride but if it stops now it's okay.

                        i don't think SGA will stand on it's own, i'm one of the peopel who watches the show because i just leave it on after SG-1. and the decision of BSG not being on the same night didn't affect me, i didn't really get into that show. i think the idea some people were talking about of boycutting scifi was kinda of good, but it would work if you boycot everything BUT SGA. but the rating system doesn't work like that from what i read.

                        i would like to know what's going behind the scenes about this. for now i will try to enjoy the reast of the season (but Vala, agh) and see if there's another horizon to look forward to.
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                          Well knowing that they aren't gonna try to put it on another network, settles my anxiety.


                            How could they do this!
                            *calms down* hmm, I'm thinking miniseries
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                              I have been a little uplifted by the quotes from news sources by Prion... it seems all efforts will be made by MGM to continue SG-1 in one form or another. And it seems they are determined to give SG-1 a proper send-off, which has always been my number 1 concern after they went into an 8th season and beyond.


                                My dream scenario is for MGM to get SG1 and SGA both on another channel, have them do well, and see Hammer and Stern in the unemployment line.

                                When all else fails, change channels.