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    Welcome to all the new GateWorlders!

    Post lots and have fun!
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      Hey, guys. You might have seen me around the forums lately, but I thought I'd take the time out to formally introduce myself.

      I'm a 21yrs old, and I live in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, only the greatest city in the world. I'm an undergrad IT student but I'm also a part-time writer. My favourity type is the political thriller genre, and I'm a big fan of Tom Clancy.

      I've been a fan of Stargate since the movie, and I thought it was brilliantly executed movie with a tight script and a believable premise. I particularly liked the Jack - Daniel relationship because I thought it used them as prototypes to define the conflicts inside ourselves.

      When the COTG was advertised on television I had a mix of feelings. I've seen perfectly good movies, books, and stories butchered on the small screen but I was pleasantly surprised. I've been a fan ever since and have never missed an episode aired until "Prometheus Unbound" which unfortunately I have yet to see still.

      I have a love-hate relationship with the show mainly because I love details in stories, and also I am a student of military history. I get pissed off when I see cheap walkie-talkies and First Gen electronics used on the show, rather than the real stuff. I get pissed off by some of the logical errors, and military procedure errors. The biggest peeve I have is the total lack of proper patrol fundamentals observed by the SG team when moving in denied areas.

      However, having said that the shows stories, technology, character relationships and the galactic politics is far more enjoyable and most of the time covers my peeves. I particularly like the themes drawn out in politics, and in warmaking that apply to our Terran situation. I enjoy the complexities of the characters and how one way or another something unseemly pops up to complicate things.

      My favourite character has to of course be Jack. I like how he leads his team, and how he's a results rather than a method oriented commander. He trusts his team to do their jobs properly. I like his dry, sarcastic take on life and humour.

      My least favourite character is Daniel, though there are sparks of flash in him. I don't like that he's so emotional and let's logic fly out the window sometimes. I do admire his brilliance with languages and anthropology. I don't like how sometimes he's absolutely opposed to the use of force, when it's most expedient. Having said that I don't hate him and I think he's a nice counter-balance to Jack.

      I'm usually a casual fan of sci-fi and Stargate was really the first sci-fi I seriously took (in a fun way of course), and willing to let my blood-pressure go up to argue over the finer points of things. I'm also a fan of BattleStar Galactica, because of it's gritty, procedural, formal, cold atmosphere instead of the bright shiny idealism of the former crop of sci-fi, because I think people (inductively reasoned because it applies to me ) identify with such themes more and reflect the real world more. Hopefully Stargate can continue on to many more seasons, and be continually fresh and innovative in it's approach.

      My interests outside of Stargate, include history (ancient and pre-history more so than the rest), firearms, national and international politics, hoplology, philosophy, writing, and music.

      So, I'll see you guys around in the forums then!

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        Hey everyone! Just thought I would say hello to everyone. I have only been reading this board for about a week but I love it. I post mostly on college hockey message boards so I am not really a NEWBIE per se.

        I have only been watching SG-1 for about 2 years now (I loved the movie and boycotted the show because of it) but watched it once and was hooked! I own all the season's on DVD and watch them all the time! I just recently got my buddy hooked on SG-1 and Atlantis

        Now that I have post #1 out of the way, hopefully I will post a bit more often

        edit: Man I just read my post and I thought to myself, "If this rube posted on one of my boards I would rip him for soundeing like NEWBIE!" Isn't that ironic?
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          Welcome Handler313 and Panther!

          Have fun here at GW!
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            Hi, I guess I joined this forum some months ago, but have only really started posting now. I really do love Stargate, and anything spaceish. I've been watching for a few years now. I live out on beautiful and crazy fun (if somewhat out of the loop) Vancouver Island. We don't have cable or Satelite so only receive 4 channels and I don't watch alot of tv, but am soo glad I get Stargate and always watch it! I'm always checking so I don't miss it, as the show's times jump around sometimes. My big brother made me a hockey fan from a young age, always watched Canucks play if they played Sat. night. But I'm the only Stargate fanatic in this house, actually I'm the only one I know! I was so excited to find other people all loving and talking about Stargate, as anywhere else nobody much knows or cares what I'm talking about. But then I don't talk very much, contrary to what this rather long post would have you believe. I'd love to get to know you people better on the forum. You seem really cool!
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              Well, I s'pose I'll formally introduce myself now that I've already flatlined in the CM/BB Thunk Thread.

              I've been watching Stargate SG-1 for about two years. I started watching because I was in desperate want for some Sci-Fi television after my beloved Farscape was cancelled. So I'm not especially new to the SG fandom, but I am new to this or any other Stargate forum.

              As an aside, I really look forward to integrating myself into the community here. From what I've seen so far, it feels very much like the Watch Farscape community. For those unfamiliar, that's a good thing!

              Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar!


                Welcomes to Panther, handler, solar wind and Lexxicon! And yes, this community is a lot like Watch Farscape's in that matter.
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                  Welcome to GateWorld Solar Wind and Lexxicon!

                  Have fun posting! Watch out, Lexxicon, those thunk threads can be deadly.
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                    welcome handler313, Lexxicon and solar wind! It's great being on the boards and being able to talk to other SG maniacs. Solar Wind, you have the same situation as I do. My family are stargate fans but I don't know anyone else in my area that is. Darn. *smiles* but that's why we're all here! Welcome to all!
                    Well, most of us were at work here...

                    The five J's of Stargate: Jack, Janet, Jonas, Jacob, Jackson!!!
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                      Hello, I´m Bluemoon. I´m a Stargate fan since the movie. My favourite character is Jack.
                      I enjoy about Stargate the connection to history and old mythologies (and I´m a little sad that this part´s of the show are now almost no longer existing) and the friendship between the members of SG 1.
                      I have watched many Science Fiction shows (Babylon 5, Deep Space 9, and TNG are my favourites)but what´s makes Stargate to something special for me are the unique characters. SG 1 is still my favourite part of the Stargate universe but I enjoy Atlantis, too (and I have the feeling that with the next season the shows will change their place in my heart and Atlantis will be than my favourite TV show ).

                      My other hobbies are reading, videogames and drawing.


                        hi i'm new rail'k got me into gateworld


                          Welcome to everyone, have some Green Jello for being new!


                            Hello everyone!

                            My name is Khai, I am new to the forum even though I I been watching Stargate SG-1 since episode one released on showtime years ago.

                            I am new so I don't know the search system here, but I do have a question for die-hard fans like yourself.

                            For some of the older members, do you remember when had a game-based setup where you sign up and play games to gain rank? What ever happened to that?


                              Welcome to GateWorld!

                              Originally posted by Kyhai
                              For some of the older members, do you remember when had a game-based setup where you sign up and play games to gain rank? What ever happened to that?
                              What do you mean old? I'm 22 and I remember that! I don't know what happened but I do remember that it was an awesome site! I miss it. Thanks for reminding me!
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                                Hi Everyone,

                                Just posting to say hello. I am very new to the whole Stargate thing, having just started watching Atlantis here in Australia. I think the last episode we had on TV was Childhood's End, so we've still got a way to go in Season One.

                                I am enjoying it immensely - especially the interaction between Sheppard and McKay.

                                I haven't yet seen any SG1, but I might have to change that soon.
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