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Welcome, New Members!

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    Welcome, New Members!

    Just to say a welcome to all who made it over here, but especially anyone who is taking part in the forum for the first time.

    If you want to come and say hi, and if you want (it's not compulsory) let us know a bit about yourself (remember the golden internet rules about not giving too much personal info away) and maybe how you got interested in Stargate, feel free.

    We also have a "where are we" thread if you want to join the list.

    *Bows respectfully to Ye Mighty Clanger*

    New Members ,otherwise known as "Probies" ...

    For advice ,help and information about Probie Status ,Probie Rank ,what it means,and which forum features can and can't be accessed immediately ,click on this hyperlink :

    Probie status for New Members

    Another very useful set of threads regarding posting pics,adding a signature and avatars:

    Picture & Animated .gif posting rules

    There are other "help" threads in the Forum Announcement Section ,but the links above should help you get started!
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    Hi MC, thanks to Darren i can post here atlast! To all a little about me, loved sg1 from the start, from the UK and i workin a local museum. Speak to you all inother threads.


      Always nice to see you around.
      In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king



        This is pretty cool. I feel like I have more freedom in this forum than I did in Dephi. Very well done!


          Originally posted by the dancer of spaz
          This is pretty cool. I feel like I have more freedom in this forum than I did in Dephi. Very well done!
          Really? then we mods will have to give ourselves some more superpowers...
          In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king



            Hello MC, Darren,,

            Can't even remember how I first became interesting in Science Fiction; been reading it since I was a kid. I've been with Stargate since the very first episode and will continue to watch until the curtain goes down. I live in Maine, am a huge Babylon 5 fan and generally love anything to do with space/astronomy. You have some interesting discussions going on and I'm enjoying reading through them; looks like it will be a fun place to play. This is my first involvement with online fandom of any kind, so I'll probably just stay out in the vastness of lurkdom for a bit and get a feel for things before I say much.



              Helloooo! <waves>

              Am still trying to find my feet (oh, there they are! ) but I hope to be up and running and farting about with text sizes, colours etc soon. Am being boring for now so as not to confuse myself too much.
              Oh honey. You say potato, I say vodka!




                I haven't posted here I thought I would give everyone a wave. The new forum site looks absolutely awesome!! Now I just have to figure out how to get my old sig up and going.

                Looking forward to talking to everyone.


                  Hi everyone!

                  I've been coming to Gateworld now since the fall i think... didn't really like the style of the delphi forums so never really visited there much. I'm not sure how long i've watched stargate or how i started, but i'm a huge fan of it (and star trek, among many other things). I hail from the home of stargate, Vancouver, Canada (and somewhat have an underlying anger/annoyance that it is filmed here and we must wait a year before the newest episodes are shown on tv ) and am just finishing up my first year at university, so I hope to show my face here with some regularity!

                  Can't wait for the new season and Atlantis!
                  see y'all around,


                    Greetings all! First time member here. Kudos on the new board! It's much more easy to navigate and use, so I decided to join rather than just sit back and watch like the old one.

                    Been a Stargate fan for awhile, loved the original movie. Only recently got seriously into the series tho. I love all the SG1 charaters, especially Daniel.

                    Other stuff about me...I'm 23, female. I'm currently a full time college student, art ed major. Other sci-fi shows I like include Babylon 5, Star Trek:TNG, and Farscape. But SG1's definetly at the top of my list currently. I'm also really into anime and Asian movies.



                      I think I'm going to drop a few lines...

                      Actually I hate such threads lol, but anyway...

                      I've been visiting gateworld whenever I was lost in one of the episodes or when I needed to know something for quite some time. I finally made up my mind and joined the forum.

                      Been watching Stargate since it came out what seems to be ages ago lol. Bt not only SG, first sf show I ever saw was Star Trek TOS, I grew up with that lol. It was cheesy, yes, but it had some charm where Voyager or Enterprise can just uhmmm... die under a tree. The last show before SG that really caught me was B5, I loved it, and still do (apart from the final season, that was just cheap, I still hate the last CO).

                      Lately I've been much into japanese movies (well, to be more precicely, all of japan in general *is like a sponge, sucks up all knowledge*) and still love good old Quentin Tarantino.

                      If anyone wants to know more... ask my first prime, or one of the lower ranking goa'uld around, Mikaboshi and Ekibiogami... sure you can ask me as well... if you manage to get near me

                      I really should stop making up RPG characters... lol... that happens when you're bored...


                        Lo, i'm Hostile. I'm a 17 year old British lad with butter fingers and a heart of gold.


                          Hello, I'm Indy. I never joined the old forums. I did not like the style of them. I always preferred the VBulletin/UBB style. I am mainly reading posts at the moment. Some people here may know of me from and anyone who has been to my website which is still under constructin at the moment may know of me.

                          I'm glad that gateworld changed over to V Bulletin as i get a chance to get involved in discussion on this particular forum.


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                            Just wanted to add my welcomes to the mix! Hello all you newbies! *waves*
                            - 'Mo

                            I'm a woman. "Evil" would be a demotion.

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                              Hello to any new members. Come to off-topic and try to get TLW!!! It's great fun!!
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