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    Hi everyone. I just joined 5 minutes ago. I love the show and I figured I would give this forum a shot. My name is Jay, I am from Long Island, NY, but in college in Orlando, FL. I am currently in college and I have watched SG-1 since the very beginning. I hope to enjoy my stay here.
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      Greetings fellow SG-1 fans,

      I'm of course new here, and am admittedly sketchy at best with my knowledge of SG-1, thanks in no small part to the local FOX station bouncing it around for the last few years. However, I just got basic cable for the first time in about 3 years, and am on a forced feeding of SG-1. I have seen eps from each season including the pilot, but only on occasion. However, I hope to rectify this deficiency soon enough with help from Sci-Fi reruns, 'net primers, and one day the DVDs, none of which I presently own. A friend of mine encouraged me to get into it again, this time with full force and attention.

      I really do wish to learn all there is, since this is definitely one of the best shows on TV. Shows like SG-1 put most network television shows to shame. They should be looking to SG-1 for inspiration and actual writing tips.

      After seeing the last few weeks on SciFi, I knew I was away for far too long (and in retrospect, should've been here from day one), but am willing to learn about the SG-1 universe.

      Who knows? Maybe one day I'll get one of those cool jackets...

      Chevron 1
      I am on a mission to acquire the SG-1 DVDs, since I wish to know all about this great universe...

      I have the original movie and Season 1 on DVD.

      Update: I also have Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD.

      I have seen the light! Please help me learn more!


        Hey all,

        I am a 20 year old guy who has been a fan of Science Fiction for a while, love TV, Movies and Books....

        My first experience with SG1, was when Space was running the Stargate SG1 marathon here in Canada. I watched Forever In A Day and I was hooked. I watched The Fifth Race and Window Of Opportunity, before making the decision to buy the first three seasons on DVD. They came and 3 weeks later after watching 2-4 episodes a day, I was out buying seasons 4 and 5. Spent a week on both of those, got season six which took me three days because I knew I had get started 'acquiring' season seven. That took a while to get and watch. So 2 months after first watching that episode of Forever In A Day I was fully caught up! At first I loved Carter, was meh about Teal'C and Jack, and hated Daniel. Now Carter and Daniel share the top spot, with Teal'C and Jack close behind.

        As for other SciFi, I was a fan of Star Trek TNG and Voyager. Before SG1 my favourite SciFi series was, and still maybe - yet tied with SG1 - Farscape. Who says you can't be a fan of both. I also liked V, but not the show, the two mini-series. They were great, well the first one anyway.

        I also enjoy reading SciFi books. The DS9 and Voyager Relaunch are great. So are the 6 main books in the Dune series, although the middle are the superior ones. My favourites though are The 7 Book Ender/Bean series, with Ender's Game being tops from those and the 3 Main books in the Foundation Trilogy.

        One thing I really enjoy about Stargate SG1 is the curiousity it sparks within me. Frequently after hearing the names of the gods in the show I would surf the net for more information on them. I can't think of a television show that I have done that because of before.


          Hello all!

          welp, i got hooked on stargate when i saw the movie back when it came out in theaters. the only thing is i didn't realize that there was a series till around 2000. now i'm completely hooked. i've got all the dvds, now just waiting anxiously for the season 7 set to come out. i've managed to get a few of my friends and family to watch it, the more viewers the better!

          welp, i'll be around, see ya later~


            Welcome welcome, all you wacky new people!

            We're seeing a small flood of new members this week, with the big season premiere just hours away in the U.S. Thanks for joining up. (If you're still lurking ... join up! Post a hello here so we know you're there!)

            Hopefully between now and the Atlantis premiere next Friday our small flood will turn into a bone fide torrent!
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              Hi ladies and gentlemen

              I'm Mike from the UK - I was a member of the old Gateworld Forum but due to exams and other events I have been unable to post on the new forum as often as I would like. As my exams are finished and I have the next three months off I will hopefully be venturing onto this forum more often.

              I've just finished my last year at 6th form (college) and plan to go to University next year to study Interactive Media (Web Pages etc)
              I've been a fan of Stargate since the film and the premiere of Children of The Gods ages ago on Channel 4 and season 8 looks like its gonna b one hell of a season.

              My favourite character is O'Neill and my favourite episodes are The Serpents Lair, Thor's Chariot, Secrets, The Fifth Race and well loads.


                Hi all,

                My name is Matt. I did not have the oppurtunity to post at the old gateworld forums, probably due to the fact that I didn't even know about this site. My favorite show now is Star Trek: Enteprise(ducks under gun fire), but SG-1 is in a close second. Hopefully SGA will come to tie ENT as my favorite show when it airs.

                My favorite SG-1 character is O'Neill. My favorite episodes are Window of Oppurtunity and Lost City Pt. 2.


                  Welcome Mike and Matt. I look forward to seeing you in the discussions!


                    Well, apparently I'm new....... But I've been a fan of SG-1 for awhile. I've been hanging around Gateworld for awhile as well, but never got up the motivation to join. But I finally did, being motivated by the fact that there will be even more to talk about with Atlantis coming up. Also, this seemed like a much better place to argue about Stargate, than yelling at Family members.

                    My favorite character is Dr. Janet Fraiser, and my favorite episodes would have to be "Window of Opportunity", "Beneath the Surface", "Upgrades", and "Tangent". As you can probably tell, I like Season 4 the best.
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                      Originally posted by Darren
                      Welcome welcome, all you wacky new people!
                      We're seeing a small flood of new members this week, with the big season premiere just hours away in the U.S. Thanks for joining up. (If you're still lurking ... join up! Post a hello here so we know you're there!)
                      Hopefully between now and the Atlantis premiere next Friday our small flood will turn into a bone fide torrent!
                      ...~-=*INCOMING TRAVELLER*=-~...

                      Hey ho hello, campers! Comtraya. Tek Ma Tay (or however you spell it). Be well. Greetings and Salutations...
                      Thanks for the welcome Darren.
                      Yes, I'm delurking! Why?
                      1) I need a Stargate fix before this coming Friday - Stargate Heaven:
                      Friday 16 July 2004
                      6:00 PM
                      7:00 PM
                      STARGATE SG-1 (SEASON 8)
                      NEW ORDER (2-HOUR PREMIERE)
                      9:00 PM
                      STARGATE ATLANTIS
                      RISING (2-HOUR PREMIERE)
                      11:00 PM
                      STARGATE ATLANTIS
                      RISING (2-HOUR PREMIERE)
                      1:00 AM
                      2) I want to be part of the torrent influx of newbies.
                      3) I like this board set up a whole lot more then Delphi.
                      4) ...because... I'm delurking for Darren and everyone at Gatecon. Just because I couldn't go to Gatecon this year, doesn't mean I can't have fun elsewhere - including stargate forums... which may be slower than usual due to the 800+ people going to Gatecon.

                      A little about myself besides being a Stargate Fan and what you'll find in my profile:
                      I'm shy, so be nice. I'm old enough to drink and drive in the States (not together of course). I like snowboarding and inline skating - and most sports for that matter. If you've seen me around at other forums, you probably know I like greeting newbies as well as helping them find their way around. Although I missed the Stargate Creation Con in Burbank and will be missing Gatecon, I'm hoping to catch the cast and crew at other cons and venues this summer (There's a lot more then usual this year!). I guess that's it for now. *puts back on the "mysterious" cloak*

                      I may not post much or lurk here often, but I'm sure you can find me elsewhere at various stargate forums... check the sig.


                        *stands up* Hello, my name is Jen and I am hopelessly addicted to Sci Fi. I love Stargate (obviously) and am anxiously awaiting the premiere of Stargate Atlantis. I've been watching Stargate SG-1 since 1999 I believe. I actually registered here a few days ago, but I'm really lazy so I haven't posted anything.
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                        And to the Sci Fi Channel...


                          Hello children!

                          I'm a new guy. I think that about covers it.


                            Even though I've been a fan since I first started catching reruns in syndication (about a year before Scifi picked it up, I believe), I suppose it took the excitement of Atlantis to motivate me into registration. Looking forward to throwing in my two cents here and there!

                            Edit: It says I have zero posts, even though this is a post? Hrm...


                              Hi and Welcome to Gateworld! Always great to see new fans!
                              Originally posted by Yu Huang Shang Ti
                              Edit: It says I have zero posts, even though this is a post? Hrm...
                              I think that posts in the Off-World section do not count towards post tallies, which would explain why my post count is low.
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                                hell everyone

                                My name is Joey. Been a fan of the site for a long time but never posted on the forum. Im a fan of all sci-fi including SG1, Trek, Farscape, B5 and so forth. Hope to some more discussion to a already great site