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    Hello GateWorld Forum! I am bladefanatic. I have been a stargate fan for years, but have finally gotten up the courage to join in on all the fun you guys have around here. I have to say that I am always happy when SG-1 is renewed for another year, and I am truly excited by the new Atlantis. At first I was afraid that Atlantis would not live up to the stargate name, but I am now finding it to exceed (in some parts) it. Hope I get to know all of you soon.

    "We'll name it later!"
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      Hi everyone, am a big sci-fi fan but stargate has to be my fave. My thx to everyone involved in running the site it looks great and is easy to use. See you round!


        Hello everyone I am a big fan of science-fiction, especially Stargate and Star Trek. What more about me? I'm from Poland, where sci-fi is not so popular, but year after year is better and maybe someday we will be able to watch brand new sci-fi in our television. I hope
        Welcome everyone. It's nice to be here


          Welcome to Grzesiu_PL, Perriman33, and Bladefanatic! Hope to catch you all of you on soon!
          Well, most of us were at work here...

          The five J's of Stargate: Jack, Janet, Jonas, Jacob, Jackson!!!
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            Hey ppl im new here but not new to Stargate or posting! Just thought id give yez a shout...


              Hi I'm Andrea. Someone told me to introduce myself on this page, so here I am. I am a SrA in the USAF, soon to be SSgt in August (yay!). My supervisor while I worked at the Pentagon introduced me to Stargate about 2 years ago and I love the show. It's very interesting and I like to see AF people on TV. I'm in Georgia right now with the 53rd Combat Communications Squadron and just went through mobility training school. You can see the crazy pictures of me (along with the rest of my class) eating worms and crawling through the mud with my M-16 on my website <>. My favorite character is Carter (I want to go to OTS and become an officer) and I am greatly looking forward to season 9! I love to sing, play guitar, bicycle, hike, and work on computers. My fiancee is a computer programmer (I love my geek!) and we're going to get married next year...I miss him a whole bunch because he's in California (where I'm from) and I'm here in Georgia. Anyhoo...that's me in a nutshell! Hope to get fun info and have interesting discussions here!



                Cool! My name is Andrea, too! Welcome!
                It must be a Thursday.

                I've never been able to get the hang of Thursdays.

                Roll up your pantlegs- you're in JoePa's house now! Congratulations Nittany Lions on an Orange Bowl Victory!


                  Hello everyone! I just registered here at Gateworld and wanted to introduce myself!
                  My name is Francy, but my nick is Seiya. I'm from Trieste, Italy. I'm 24, I study at university to become an interpreter (but I'd like to work with animals when I'm done with studying!). I have 2 cats and a dog, and of course I love animals.
                  I LOVE Stargate, MacGyver, Quantum Leap and Enterprise (equally, there is no precise order) and an animè called Saint Seiya. But I do watch other tv-shows if there is no cool movie on tv.
                  Unfortunately, Iìm a "lurker", 'cause I usually don't have enough time to post on forums... Still, I do my best to read them and keep up to date, if I do find a couple of minutes.
                  Ok, I don't think I've anything else to say for now, so I'll go back to studying Spanish and Sign Language for the exams on Wednesday and Thursday....

                  Love and peace,
                  Francis from Italy


                    Hi, welcome, have fun, and post!

                    Note: User's posts are rarely serious.
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                      you dont have to lurk if dont have nowt to post! just post cr@p and noone will mind!

                      Gate City - My humorous Stargate site made when I was young, enjoy!
                      Previously known as False hope who was previously known as McKay's girl


                        ^ that is an example of cr@p btw

                        Gate City - My humorous Stargate site made when I was young, enjoy!
                        Previously known as False hope who was previously known as McKay's girl


                          Hey everyone! I'm Cerberus...and I just like Sci-Fi in I'm not really that much of a big SG geek...just a geek about Sci-Fi! anyway, this really looks like quite a friendly environment! I think I'll enjoy it here! Oh, and I like music and video games quite a bit aswell.


                            Hallo, I'm The Warrior. Erherm, I'm a relatively new fan of the show; I started watching the DVDs about 8 months ago. My favorite character is Sam, favorite season is season 2.

                            I actually didn't really care for the show at first, it wasn't until maybe halfway through season 1 that I really began to care for the characters and the storylines.

                            I am typically obsessed with music (I generally go for Rock, metal, and/or anything that's well done.).

                            I've been lurking here on GW for a while, since about early April. Anyways...

                            ~ The Warrior
                            Alice in Chains, Metallica, Jerry Cantrell.
                            Pure metal.
                            Go Red Sox and Patriots!
                            My favorite CD ATM: Master of Puppets, by Metallica.


                              Hi everyone, I'm a newbie!

                              Well, I'm a member over at the SciFi boards, my name over there is JackONeill4551, I haven't posted ther in a while, as I'm also a member of the M.A.J.O.R.

                              I've been a fan of Stargate for a while, religously for a couple of years now. I've never really ventured here to the Gateworld forums, but decided to today, so now I'm here!

                              So, Hi everyone!


                                Hey since this is a new beginning year for stargate fans. And a whole new direction for season 9, I thought it would be fun if fellow gateheads introduce themselves, and maybe some newbies would like introduce themselves to fellow gateheads.

                                Well since I posted hey Im MAHRAM to fellow posters, Im from victoria canada, been stargate fan since the original movie. And Im enjoying a nice day off because its a holiday in Canada.