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    Aw it's ok, I know you had an impossibly long flight and all, you skipped a day, you're allowed to be tired. I just wondered if for the first time, I might be being a slight pain in the ass sorry if I am

    Ahh feels pretty impossible on the teens end too though. Little do we teens know it, but it's more so for the other people in our lives


      You take the good days you can get!
      No not upset with you, sorry if I came over the wrong you know how many pages behind I am? No neither do I....hold on.

      *I go into my room and throw myself down on the bed thinking why does it have to be all or nothing all the time...can't some things just ride?*

      Hey Dell, thought I heard you out here *he comes out of the bathroom with a towel round his waist with damp hair still with the occasional drip running down his shoulder onto his chest or back*

      -I thought you were out and about the city being the good man in charge of our safety!

      Was, finished nice and early, thought I'd get cleaned up and take you out to dinner...just the mess, but then to the movie's an old Bond one tonight.

      -Sounds nice. *I sit up* Shep am I a bad person if I don't "love" everyone?
      No of-course not, there will always be people in your life that you don't get on with, you just have to learn to cope with it as best you can.

      -Yeah that's what I thought..... You look nice, I like you in white.
      Oh you do, do you....



        I think my bit of the brain cell is as fried as yours at the moment. Well just so you know, you are always allowed to tell me straight out if I am ever a pain in the ass, I don't want to drive you completely mad without knowing I'm doing it


        *meanwhile, A-Carson comes back out a moment later and sits down beside me, interrupting my thoughts* I too nice? That I would bring back from the dead a person who has hurt me and my sisters...does that mean I'm too nice? *I look up into his face and suddenly understand why I love him so much, that tender smile on his face and his beautiful eyes looking down at me*

        A- No, Love. Y're just doin' wha' any self respectin' doctor would do. Tryin' to save lives even if it's th' hardest thing ye have ta do in your life. *he sighs and wraps an arm around me*

        Thanks, Love. I just wonder sometimes...would things end up differently if I wasn't so nice? If I didn't also live by your rule, do no harm? *I sigh and snuggle up to him*

        A- Aye, things would be diff'rent, Love. Once ye take a life, it changes ye. Somethin' I learned a long time ago...and 'm glad y' haven't 'ad to learn tha' one th' hard way, my Love. *he smiles at me and I smile at him*

        Then I'm glad that I can't make myself take a life...I wouldn't really want to change, even if I do let people off too easily at times...
        Last edited by Aang; 25 March 2013, 10:52 PM. Reason: bloody hell, brain cell died and I can't spell!


          *some time later*
          Sorry we didn't get time to have dinner in the mess, I'll get you extra popcorn.

          -And some chocolate!
          *we walk into the movie room and grab a couple of seats and he goes off coming back with a big tub of popcorn and some chocolate as well as some soda*
          At least we didn't miss the start of the movie, have you seen this one?

          -I've seen only the blonde bond....and didn't like the last one...way to much chatter not enough gadgets
          Are you kidding me? None? I know my goal in life now! This one has lots of gadgets, you will love it!
          *the lights go down*


            (*snort...giggle...laugh...* I think I know why you were late to get dinner!)

            *A-Carson looks down at me and would seem I drifted off leaned against him on the couch. He still has one arm around me, but uses the other hand to gently brush the hair from my face as he sits holding me*

            A- Love, I'm glad y're just the way ye are. *he kisses the top of my head gently, but doesn't move me from where I am*

            Thanks, Love. It's nice to hear that. *I mutter sleepily without opening my eyes and snuggle closer to him, if that is even possible*


              (ok, that seems to be it for this one, I really haven't seen any of the old bonds, so I can't talk of what now sis!


                (What. The old ones with Sean Connery are so...okay I can't talk either, not seen them myself! *facepalm* Umm I dunno. Hey you know I kind of like how this ended up anyway, with Aang and Dell both sorting some things out. Liked Shep still wet from his shower BTW! )


                  Hmmm, me too. thought I might get a couple girls with that little bit


                    Well you caught me, I read your post at least twice and ended up giggling out loud...good thing room mate is still awake!


                      I was watching the drips


                        ...Um yes so was I...*facepalm* I should not be watching the drips on Shep! Wrong guy for me! But I kinda can't help it...


                 you go then.

                          *Aang stretches as she wakes up the next morning, the sun is slanting through the window, painting the room with golden stripes. The door to the bathroom opens and A-Carson comes out with a fluffy white towel wrapped round his waist, while he was rubbing at his hair with another one, sending drips flying around casting mini rainbows a few seconds at a time.

                          A- Ah, your awake lass, and don't you look relaxed this morning!
                          *he comes over and leaned down to give he a morning kiss, showering her with drops of water. As he stood up again she watched as one droplet of water ran down the side of his neck and on down his chest.

                ' then I though' we coul' check which is better, wha' do ye think?

                          Aang I'm sorry? what were you saying? My mind was um, elsewhere.
                          A-It was, an' I wonder where tha' migh' a been? *he asked with a smile.

                          thought I would spoiler it for fun...hey if it is no good, let me know and I will delete it!


                            Well tha's the right guy for sure! (look I got all flustered and started to type with a Scottish accent!)

                            *face is turning bright red...watching that lovely drip running down his chest...Brain's done!*


                              oh that worked then


                                I'll say it did!

                                ...I was beginning to crash, would you believe that woke me right on up? Well it did!