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    *Gabriel closes his eyes and they vanish to all reappear in the Larah's throne room*

    Larah: so here we are my friends; I hope you like what you see

    *they are standing in the middle of a large room, lit by unnumbered candles in holders at the upper parts of the walls, the floor is covered with large pieces of thick black fur and behind in a circle aroud the throne at the walls lie ssome big rocks also covered with fur which can appearently be used to sit on*

    Larah: just take a seat please *she points to the rocks* and I will let my men bring some food here *she smiles* and after you are done with eaiting, we will go to the nature deck and have a chill out time, how does that sound?
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      *Dell, Beck, Carson, aCarson and I all step back a moment and look around, each taking a seat: Dell sits with Beck to her left, me to her right, Carson beside Beck and aCarson beside me*

      Wow, I think I already like it here.

      *I can sense that Dell has noticed nMichael and I quickly throw a wave of happiness at her to warn her to knock it off and relax, which she does, although gives me a Look in the process and I give her a sharp glare, silencing her in mid thought*

      Dell: It is quite nice, actually. *still giving me a look and sending me alone a thought that I once again cut her off in the middle of*

      Beck: Yes it is, comfortable too.

      A- & Aye, so it is. *they smile*


        *Gabriel sists down opposite to Aang, Larah to his right Poet to his left, to her left side nCarson and to his left nMichael, Raphael still stands to wait for his queen's order*

        : I am glad, now Raphael, please tell the other to get some food in here, something to drink for our guests would be nice as well

        *Raphael nods and walks out through the door*

        Larah: *looks at Poet, who is looking down at the floor sadly, knowing Dell's thoughts* I am really sorry Raphael behaves like that towards you my lady but he will stay with you anyway

        *looks up to her* that is quite nice *smiles at her weakly not revealing that this ain't the reason for her being sad* he will have it good with us

        Gabriel: oh yes he will, we are all a little crazy but very nice to each other

        : oh indeed *he smiles, insiide shaking feeling Dell's anger as a hand reaching for his heart to rip it out*
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          *I can feel Poet, I can also feel nMichael and I look at Dell once more, wishing she would calm down...I send her alone a thought: Sis, you need to relax...I will have to have one of them take you back home if you can't, the point of this was for Poet to relax and she can't do that if you cannot relax. I don't want you to have to leave, but if you can't relax, nCarson will say you have to leave.*

          *she looks at me sort of apologetically and thinks: I feel bad I wasn't here to help you when Beck was hurt.*

          *I stare at her and think back: Sis, you were in your own trouble at the time, remember? With that horse? It's alright, Beck is alive. Now can you calm yourself?*

          *she thinks back to me: I can try, Sis, but that doesn't mean I'm over what happened while i was away.*


            *vanishes and reappears in her room*why haven't I...I should have done it *she starts crying while nMichael puts his hand on her shoulders* you still can my queen....

            I'll have make Dell stop hurting

            nMichael: then so be it *he gets on his knees before her as she creates the same blade she tioed to hurt her self yesterday with*

            Forgive me *she takes the weapon and pushes it right though nMichael's chest, who cries out a little, than falls forward lying to her feet*

            *nMichael whispers*thank you so much; I love to the others *he closes his eyes and Poet sees his life leaving as the blade disappears, leaveing nothing but a deep hole in nMicheal's body*

            *Poet vanishes and reappears in the throne room, sending Aang a thought to let her know what just happend before a wave of pain shatters her own heart her, but she hides it sitting down again as if nothing ever happend*
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              *I hear Poet's thought and for a moment my heart threatens to shatter, I know how this must hurt Poet, she would probably be as I was when Beck died...I give Dell such a sad, disappointed look that she stands up and comes in front of me, pulling me up from my rock and walks me off a short distance away*

              Dell: You know I can't feel your emotions and I can only hear your thoughts when you send them to me, Sis.

              Well I'm pretty sure you don't want me to send you this one. Just go sit down and relax, nMichael isn't here any longer.

              *She looks at me, wanting to know why I am so upset but I just close my eyes, calm my emotions and block them down for a bit, and then I focus hard, and as she turns to walk back to the others, I find myself opening my eyes and I am not on the hive ship anymore...I am instead standing in Poet's room, beside nMichael's body...I must have transported, but how had I done that? After a second, I get over what I just did and then fall to my knees beside nMichael*

              I am so sorry that this had to happen, my friend...I will fix this. For Poet. *I whisper, then think to Joey, calling him to me: Joey, I need you...Poet killed nMichael, to make my sister feel better...but it's hurt Poet, I know it has...I need you to help me bring nMichael back.*

              *I am by now sitting on the floor, tears dripping down my face, having forgotten that I'd transported here and desperately trying to hold myself together. I didn't even trust nMichael, I'd wanted to kill him myself once...why was his death like a knife in my own heart?*


                (Ok finishing this off because it's late for Poet now, good night Poet!)

                *Joey appears beside me, his face slightly pale with worry, and he drops to his knees beside nMichael*

                Joey: She used the same blade that she had yesterday. I need for you to move back out of the way, Aang. This will take a lot of my energy but for my will be worth it. *he smiles sadly at me*

                *I sniff a few tears away and stand up shakily, stepping back a few feet from him, and he places his hands on nMichael's chest and they begin to glow with a warm light that slowly grows and spreads over nMichael's body, growing brighter and brighter, but I can't look away. After several minutes, the light fades and Joey stumbles back, I catch him as his eyes close and lay him on Poet's bed...I can feel he is tired, he has used a lot of his energy to bring back nMichael*

                (spoiler because long as hell post)


                nMichael: *his eyes flicker open as I get back down on the floor beside him and notice his wound is completely healed* Aang? Why...would you bring me back? After what I did to Beck, I had thought you would be happier to see me dead.

                *I smile a bit* I never would have killed you for it, even when I was so angry. There would have been no point to your death and it would have killed Poet as well. It almost did this time even. Come with me.

                *I help him to stand up and take his hand in mine, throwing one last smile to Joey who is sleeping still on Poet's bed*

                nMichael: Dell won't want me to come back there, and can't transport anyway. *he looks at me sadly*

                Dell will have to deal with it, I suppose. If she would rather, I can take her and Beck and our Carsons home and then she won't have to see you. But Poet needs you, dear.

                *I focus on the throne room of the Hive ship, seeing it clearly in my mind, and when I open my eyes, we are back on the Hive ship. Dell looks at me, confused, and I think to her that I will explain it later, leading nMichael to where Poet sits, emotionless, with nCarson hovering at her side.*

                n Aang, have ye any idea wha's appened to 'er? *he looks up at me, his face pale and worried*

                *I think only to him: She killed nMichael to stop Dell from being hurt by him, and it's made her numb...she can't feel. Only nMichael can bring her back. But Joey brought him back and I have him here.*

                n This 's the sort of thing she was meant to avoid by being 'ere. *he looks at me sadly*

                *nMichael lets go of my hand, gets to his knees in front of her and takes her hands in his, and she looks up at him. I can see the tears in her eyes as she notices him there, but he pulls her into his arms and holds her, while she cries. I can feel she isn't bothering to cover her emotions, there is confusion and happiness at the same time, but the pain still lingers a bit and then she notices me standing there and smiles through her tears*

                Poet: Aang, how...I hope you did not use your energy for me. *she looks at me, but I think back to her that all I did was tell Joey that nMichael needed his help*

                *a moment later, I look over again and nMichael has gone pale, he is now holding Poet in his arms, but she is limp, unconscious in his arms*

                n I think this was all too much for 'er to 'andle in this state o' mind. *he is still hovering nearby, checking her vitals and making sure she is alright, when he thinks to me: I don' like t' do this, bu' Aang, could I get ye to take y' sisters an' Carson an' aCarson home, I think Poet needs less excitement for th' moment.*

                *I catch his eye and nod, taking my sisters' hands in mine*

                Carson, aCarson, grab on to me and hold on. *they put their hands on me and I focus on our quarters in my mind...seconds later, I am standing with my sisters and the Carsons, in our living room and they are all looking at me like I am crazy*

                Yes...I learned how to transport when I needed to save nMichael. Dell, Poet killed him for you. To make you feel better. But she destroyed her own soul in the process. I needed to bring him back for her. I'm sorry. *I hug Dell close, and her warm embrace around me tells me that I am forgiven*

                Dell: You only did it to save Poet, just as she killed him to make me feel better. I guess I can't blame you for anything but being too soft hearted, little Sis. *she hugs me and Beck joins our hug as well*
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                  ...So...You know I stalk you too much, big Sis, when I go to your profile to see where you last were on the forum and I say "Damn it, I wish it said which page of the thread she was on, not just the thread title"


                    (Wow lil sis. Teleportation now? I supose it only works if you have been there before & can visulise it clearly in your mind? Then perhaps i can do it too, as i have simular gifts/powers as you also i have "a bit of Poet" in me haha.

                    Are we going to play early my-tonight? Oh & hi big sis )
                    I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                    traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                      (I can only use mine when my emotions are slightly the other side of crazy for the moment and won't use it if I have another viable option but we were off world without a GDO to send an IDC to Atlantis so I worked out teleporting was easiest. Ah and I only have it because apparently my gift isn't as unique as I once thought, it's just a "human" version of Poet's gift. So yes perhaps you can do it But we need to give Dell some powers somehow, I feel bad she's all left out.

                      And yes, should be on by 8pm "tonight" for you, perhaps earlier if I can be bothered to get up at that point. )

                      (edit: been almost an hour since big Sis last did anything on GW...wonder where she got to without telling me she was going...*listens to the echo*)


                        -I just want to say for the record here and now...Poet does not need to kill n-Michael to make me feel better *I shout it to her in my head, knowing she will hear me* It is not the act of him being killed that I is revenge I burn for, no one has to die for that, only hurt from time to time...if he feels guilty for the pain he caused then I am happy, that is enough for me...I don't have to like him, You hear me Poet? I don't have to like him! I don't have to kill him either! We could agree not to be friends and let that be an end to it!
                        *shouting to her again* I want that to be an end to it, I don't want to have to like him, I don't want him dead, I don't want you hurt!

                        *I walk off towards mine and Sheps quarters *
                        -I need some time.


                          It has been busy here ok, lots of talk and laughter, and I think I'm going to crash in the not to distant future


                            *I heard Dell's thoughts loud and clear and even I think she needs some time to herself, so for only the second time since we became sisters, I do not follow her, but I give A-Carson a look and he walks off to our room, knowing I need to think as well, and I sit down hard on the couch I am standing next to, my sister's words ringing in my head. I had known she didn't want him dead, I had known she wouldn't have wanted that...that was a large part of why I had called Joey to bring him back. My sister cares so much for Beck and I, but she wouldn't want Poet hurt for the sake of making her feel better. I know this as well as I know that she would do anything to protect her sisters. I did the right thing...didn't I?*

                            I really need to think things through a bit better... *I mutter under my breath, trying to sort through my emotions once and for all*


                              Originally posted by Dellruby View Post
                              It has been busy here ok, lots of talk and laughter, and I think I'm going to crash in the not to distant future
                              Whoa, easy there...I'm sorry...backing off now...


                                no not mad... just trying to get things said quickly before I crash, at this rate it will be before dinner...I don't sleep well on planes, got maybe 2 hours sleep and a lot of hours with my eyes closed wondering why I couldn't sleep.
                                EG has been in a really good mood this afternoon....I've been taking advantage of it...15 is a tough age for the rest of us!