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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by anulus
    Please explain to a very dumb person where the answers tfrom Joe are.


      Originally posted by Kara318
      Hi Joe,

      I know that Pete and Sam broke up, but being a fan of David DeLuise, I wondered if there were chances for any future appearences of Pete in the series? I'm aware that many people are sick of Sam being in love, but I wouldn't mind having some follow up to the ending of that story.

      If not, are there any plans for any of the SG-1 members to be having any romance in Season 10 (if there is Season 10). Perhaps having more Ishta or even a bit more romance on Daniel or Mitchell's end wouldn't be a terrible thing.

      No romantic storylines or future appearances of Pete in season 9. As for season 10 - who knows. And when I say "who knows" I really mean "Who knows?" since, at this point, you're guess is as good as mine.


        Originally posted by SmallTimePerson
        Hi Joe,

        I know that there aren't any spoilers being given out for Allies in SGA S2, but have we come across them the "allies" before and are they going to be our allies or the wraith's?
        any clues greatly appreciated

        Oh, we've come across them alright.


          Originally posted by TrustNo1
          Hi Joe. How be you?

          How come we never see toilets on SG-1 or Atlantis? I know it doesn't add anything to the story but couldn't you work in a shot while the actors are saying something, like John is walking with Teyla and they are talking about the Wraith or something and then John goes "Teyla I have to go to the toilet." And Teyla says "I will wait outside for you Major." So John walks in and as he closes the door we catch a glimps of an ancient toilet. It would make my day Joe

          So my question is why don't we see an ancient toilet or any other alien toilet for that matter?
          Actually, I wrote a scene in a toilet scene in Ties That Bind that answered the age-old question "Where is the toilet on a cargo ship?". Jup is up at the controls and gets a reading and he calls back to Tenat who is "indisposed". The door separating the front of the ship from the cargo hold slides open and Tenat hurries in, buckling his pants as he goes. Suddenly remembering, he reaches back and hits the controls, initiating the rings that "clear out" the back.

          Sadly, they made me cut the scene.


            Originally posted by LoveYouBaby
            Hi Joe,

            I was wondering, will we as viewers get to see how Weir & Simon met. I was watching - (2x02) "The Intruder" again and I was curious, how did the 2 meet in the first place.

            *Flashback... Weir takes to her older self, referencing to what Simon said after the Baltic negotiations*

            Those 2 seem to have it deep before well Simon screwed up, (which leaves more for Weir & Sheppard, I guess in the future).

            Thanks for reading this.
            Its unlikely. Their relationship is history.


              Originally posted by minigeek
              Joe, I took a visit to your blog comments today and my jaw was on the floor at the level of inanity that you must have to read there on an ongoing basis. Some people are great and have neat comments to make, but some are downright rude, and others are, (I hate to say it but), nuttier than an almond roca. One of them even threatened you, I noticed. I had to stop after that one because, even as a reader I was ashamed. Why do you put up with it? I have to admire your willingness to keep posting, but, wow. Somehow I don't think they pay you enough....

              To be honest, I enjoy reading the wackos as much as I enjoy reading the praise and constructive criticism. In the end, they're the ones who end up looking/sounding silly.


                Originally posted by Camy
                Mr. Mallozzi...

                Please forgive me if this has been mentioned or asked already....

                Over in the Teyla Thread, we are constantly discussing our interest in finding out more about Teyla's background especially her relationship with her people, the Athosians. We are wondering if this aspect of her character will be develop further and if there will be more scenes with her interacting with her people...One of the things that we love most about her character is the fact that she is an alien and that she is different from the rest of the characters...this is what makes her so interesting, too many of us....Questions such as, how was she chosen as the leader of her people? Is she still the leader since she joined Atlantis? What happened to her father? mother? does she have any siblings? and of coarse, how do her people view her now since she joined Atlantis?

                Basically, we want to learn more about Teyla's background and more about the Athosians.. Will this be explore in future episodes...season 3?

                Thanks again for developing her character even better in season 2..and to remind you that we want to see more of Teyla....

                And thanks for the terrific job this season....
                Check out Critical Mass for some insight into the Athosian culture, particularly with regard to death.


                  Originally posted by SueS
                  Hello Joe,

                  I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit more about the episode Ethon. So far, we know we'll see "plenty of science/military Sam", there's significant angst/emotional turmoil for Daniel, it's a sequel to Icon, and it happens off-world, but what exactly is going on in the episode. What's the basic storyline - why are we seeing "plenty of science/military Sam" or what is the cause of Daniel's emotional turmoil?


                  I can't really reveal much about this episode without giving away a huge spoiler (you'll just have to tune into the SciFi promo for that). That said - Daniel ends up in a mess of trouble and, when the rest of the team tries to lend a hand, they end up in a whole other mess of trouble. Mess of trouble all around.



                    As one of a huge contingent of Sam/Amanda fans...I just have to know and would like to make a personal request...Will we get to see some more of her sense of humor play out as Carter? She is an incredibly funny woman. We get little bits now and then but for the most part she's been serious this year (I know, not much to joke about).

                    Looking forward to more Kickbutt!Sam, more Scientist!Sam, more interaction with the team...heck what am I beating around the bush for??? Just more SAM (we missed her terribly when she was gone).

                    Take care and thank you kindly as always,
                    Mary Beth

                    P.S. Thanks for answering that the leads are all returning next year should there be one...and please let us know when you find out for certain about 10...

                    ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                      Originally posted by trupi
                      Hi Joe-Is it true that there might be a Stargate movie in the works?
                      Nope. That's not to say it won't happen eventually. But, for the time being, television production is taking priority over any planned theatrical feature.


                        Originally posted by Olli

                        on I read about an exclusive interview Martin Wood had given to SG-P. He had made the comment that Brad, Robert and he would love to make a movie and that he can't speak about that yet.

                        I can not belive that such an important comment was made unintentionaly! So, if the gang is reunited for that movie, will we see some other old characters too? Like Teryl Rothery or Don S. Davis or Carmen Argenziano?

                        It will be a chance to fix that terrible error killing Janet off!
                        See above.


                          Seeing as you're online at the moment, I figured I'd give a question a shot. Although there is no evidence to support the claim, it's been reported that Vala is set to appear in the last two episdoes of season nine. So, does Vala also appear in Camelot, or is she just in Crusade?


                            Originally posted by uknesvuinng
                            In a discussion, someone mentioned they thought they had heard that the idea of the Ori was originally considered for a spinoff. Was this the case?
                            There was some consideration in the beginning, yes.


                              Originally posted by ancientalliance
                              Is there yet another spin-off in the works? If there is will it be held off (dare I say it) until SG-1 goes off the air?
                              At present, there are no new spin-offs planned.


                                Originally posted by TheUnknown
                                (Highlight blank spaces to read possible spoilers)

                                If "Ripple Effect" turns out well, will there be any chance of Janet returning to the show since her body was never shown in "Heroes", she could still be alive (resurrected by the Goa'uld (it would make an interesting storyline, too)).

                                They recovered Janet's body back in Heroes.