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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Spacemonkey_Jackson
    Hey Joe.

    When are you guys gonna make Season 10 and Season 3 Official? Cause we all know the current season for both SG-1 and Atlantis aren't about to slow down anytime soon.
    That's up to SciFi.


      Originally posted by mindfire
      Hello again Joe,

      In the episode Prototype since Khalek was created using Anubis's pre ascended dna along with human, is that what Anubis's host looked like before ascending?
      One would assume so.


        Originally posted by jafacakes
        Sorry if this has been asked before (long thread to check), but in the spoilers for Stronghold
        Carter relates to Mitchell's dilemma, confessing that even had she not received clearance, she might have eventually told her father Jacob and Pete Shanahan about her work anyway

        Why go back on what we clearly saw by implying that Carter considered commiting traison when this goes so much against how she has behaved for the last 8 years? Is this a result of changing the timeline in Moebious or a deliberate attempt to undermine her character?
        Uh, none of the above.
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          Originally posted by Buc252
          I'm reposting this question because it went unanswered the first time. (If it's not answered again, I'll give up and presume that this was intentional. <g>)

          I read on your blog where the return of Jonas/Corin to Stargate full time (SG1 *or* Atlantis) is precluded because of $$. My question is, why did you cast other actors and/or characters for Atlantis in the first place when you could have had Jonas, all set and ready to go? That wouldn't cost more money - it would just be one actor in place of another. You would even have had a built-in fan base because, despite what some people at SG seem to think, Jonas has plenty of fans who would have followed him from one show to the next. Or, by the same token, why couldn't Jonas have become the 4th member of SG1 (with Sam as leader) instead of that Farscape guy?
          Well, let me put it this way. I loved Adam Baldwin in Heroes I and II and I would have loved to have cast Adam as a main character in the Stargate universe. However, I'm not the only one doing the casting. And Brad and Robert aren't the only ones doing the casting. And Sony isn't the ony one doing the casting. And SciFi isn't the only one doing the casting. Ultimately, all the major players (and I don't mean me in this case) have to agree on casting series regulars.


            Originally posted by Royal_Nonesuch
            Thanks a bunch for answering my last question--at least I know not to expect a singin' Shep anytime soon

            One more question (I apologize if this has been asked before), I've noticed among my family and firends (also from taking a quick look at IMDb's demographics; which are of course limited), that Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis seem to be very popular among female viewers; even a little more so than other Sci-fi shows. Granted this is based on shaky statistics and personal experience. Keeping this in mind, do you know if the Stargate franchise has made any decisions to court female viewers more than other Sci-fi shows?

            Thanks for your time, and enjoy the break!

            We have never made any moves to specifically target a certain audience - but we are well aware of our popularity with women. Interestingly, the audience for Atlantis is more balanced between men and women.


              Hiya Joe I saw that you were online so i couldnt resist posting something before you go, if you get time to reply today i would be very pleased.

              There was a thread created a few days ago about noahs arc being an ancient data base or a ship left behind by the ancients, so i was just wondering if there is any chance of seeing a story based on this in a future season? or any chance of any storys based on other bible storys?

              Thanks for your time, ThePope!
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                Will Major Lorne survive through season 2 of Atlantis and if so, will we see him in S3 (assuming the show gets renewed)?

                And if you say "Not in season 9" I'm really going to start worrying about you.



                  Will Mitchell and Carter ever have an onscreen conversation about being co-leaders?


                    Originally posted by SueS

                    Assuming there is going to be a S10 for Stargate and S3 for Atlantis, how about giving us a short "wish list" of stories you'd like to explore, or better yet, stories you will be exploring?
                    Assuming there is a tenth season and assuming I am working on the show...

                    There are no specific stories I'd like to see told. In a general sense, however, I'd like to see more stand-alone stories and, specifically, stories that have little to do with the Ori. The Ori are our new big baddies and it was necessary to lay the groundwork this season. They' should be a major force in the show's tenth season. But its a big galaxy and there are still elements out there (like the goa'uld, like the Lucian Alliance) that would make for interesting stories, in addition to a whole host of as-yet undiscovered frends and foes. I've often said that while I like the big arcs, my favorites are the self-contained stories in which the team goes off-world, encounters and problem, hopefully solves it, and heads home.


                      Originally posted by tofuchef
                      since everything in here is based on sg.. i thought i give you a break so i just read your blog. and you've just watched peacemaker. that was so last year and a half for me haha.. what you think of it? too bad they didn't extend the series. i would recommend you to watch bleach if you haven't started yet. it just gets better and better and better. Ü anyways good day too you.
                      I'm working my way through my 3000+ anime collection so, yeah, some of the stuff I'll be watching will be older by the time I get around to it. Also - I won't start watching a series until all of the volumes have been released and in the case of Peacemaker, volume 7 wasn't released until last month (when I was finishing up on GITS). After a bit of a rocky start, I'm into the series. I was expecting something more along the lines of a Rurouni Kenshin or, ideally, Samurai X, but am enjoying it nevertheless.

                      I tend to lend out my DVD's to friends and co-workers. One of them is watching Bleach now and highly recommends it. Once I'm through the three titles I'm watching now (Peacemaker, Read or Die, and Wolf's Rain), I'm thinking of switching over to three shorter series, maybe Cromartie High, Midori No Hibi and...I don't know. Recommendations?


                        Originally posted by kirmit
                        Hey Joe,
                        I woz just wonderin if we'll ever see the Prommie (prometheus) and the daedalus side by side? Like in a battle or sumthing? BTW I mean the actually daedalus not another daedalus class ship Thanks Kirmit
                        We will see a couple of the big ships fighting side by side before season's end.


                          Originally posted by alaskannut
                          Hi Joe..quick question: over at stargate-project there is some information on Ethon that strongly implies that something many stargate fans hold close to their heart could be...lost ...could you possibly comment on this?

                          No comment.


                            Hiya Joe,
                            Heres a quick not-stargate related question:
                            Ever watched a program called 'House' with Hugh Laurie in it?
                            Its really funny, but im in the UK, so its on Channel five at 10pm on Thursdays but no idea for the Americans, anyway its really good. Its a bout a Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and he works at a Clinic, and all sorts of things happens its really good and i just wondered if you had ever watched it?

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                            LOVE HIM-> DT
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                              Originally posted by knowsfords
                              Hello again Joe, can we see Rodney searching the ancient library for sandwich recipes or other food items? Some more Rodney backstory would be great too...

                              Maybe something like Rodney came from a single parent family (his father), his father is dieing and Rodney visits him and gets permission to debrief him about the stargate program and ultimately get inserted with a tokra symbiote to save his life... oh wait that sounds vaguely familiar.
                              Seriously tho, backstory = good.
                              Actually, Martin is working on a McKay/Ancient library tuna-esque casserole recipe as we speak. How's that for coincidence?


                                Originally posted by JMallozzi
                                Its unlikely. Their relationship is history.
                                Charming, LOL

                                Thanks for responding!
                                Go SG-1! Go ATLANTIS!

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