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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by JMallozzi
    To be perfectly honest, there are more interesting and important stories to tell at this point.
    Aw...that's a bit of a downer but for now is an understandable sentiment with only one of them there. FOR NOW. (I'm ever hopeful)

    As for my question, it's a bit convoluted so hopefully you can hang on. In watching The Tomb and Fallout I was wondering something about how former hosts and Jaffa sense the presence of symbiotes and other former hosts.

    Teal'c in The Tomb did not sense the presence of a symbiote in Sam but did he ever sense the naquadah in her bloodstream (meaning did his symbiote give him the ability to sense and differentiate a former host with a current one)? Now that he's Junior-less, can he still sense the presence of a Goa'uld or former host?

    As for former hosts, would Vala sense the fact that Sam used to be a host because of the residue naquadah in her blood or can former hosts only sense the presence of living symbiotes? I wondered because, besides Fallout, I know of no other opportunity where two former hosts ever met up like this and no attention has ever been given to that question.

    Thank you kindly for stopping by and playing with us,
    Mary Beth
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      Joe. A very very important question.

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        Well I have a question for SG-1's producers too. what chances are for Teryl Rothery, Richard D. Anderson, Corin Nemec and Gen. Hammond to return for the 200th episode? Cause we all miss them a lot. And what chances are there for Sg-1 to send Vala ( for good this time), altough it makes me feel sorry for SGA in the Pegasus Galaxy?


          Originally posted by JMallozzi
          Brad is working on a story in which Daniel, finally, gets to go to Atlantis. So far, we have no Carter crossovers planned.
          Ok than - If there are no crossovers planned for Carter, so far, how many SG1 eps are now broken and how many SG1 eps will Carter appear in and does Carter play a major role in S10?

          You already gave us the stuff about being firmly rooted to SG1, that can simply mean you have her in the eps but as wallpaper or "exposition girl", with no significant role or contributions. Saying she remains firmly rooted to SG1 provides nothing into what type of role, or what type of important contributions she will be making, especially since she is co-leader of the team. What will her role be - we know some about most of the others from what you have said here and elsewhere: for example you said Vala plays a major role in S10; Daniel is going to be darker and it sounds like, from everything you have said about Daniel for S10, he will play a major role; we know there will be stories, including non-Jaffa stories, for Teal'c, - what about Carter e.g. how will she be shown as co-leader of SG1, will she and Vala form a relationship (good or bad), will her experience with Jolinar play a part, what eps will have Carter as an integral character, etc. etc.?

          Again, if you are going to reply with maybe, it's possible, you have to wait and see, you have to watch S10, etc., you can go ahead and skip the question -- seeing as how you have made statements about the other characters though, and a significant number of eps for S10 have been broken (last time you mentioned it you said 8 had been broken and that was several weeks ago) it would seem plausible that you can provide some additional insight into Carter's role the way you have for Daniel, Vala and Teal'c.

          Thanks for your time.



            I know that Ben Browder signed on for season 10. But so far, from what you have leaked out, it would seem that he is not even there! Sorry to get a bit panicky so far in advance, but I am still trying to get over the serious underuse of his character from the first 10 episodes of season 9. I fear history may repeat itself. Does Mitchell play as major a role in season 10 as Vala and Daniel seem to, or is he simply a back up singer to them?
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              Hey Joe,

              I have a question regarding this Asgard/Ancient alliance. Was the alliance before the Ancients left for the Pegasus or after they returned?





                I was wondering if you were planning on doing any upcoming eps with a major space battle with spaceships?
                I love the designs you guys have come up with for the Wraith and would love to see maybe some big epic battle.
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                  So, Joe...

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                    This is an extension of my Jaffa/former host question from the other day as it was part of the same quote from Sam from The Tomb:

                    SAM: Sir, as you know, Teal'c's body is incapable of sustaining a symbiote as long as he’s carrying a larval Goa’uld. And he doesn’t sense a presence in me...

                    I think you know where I'm going with this. Now that Teal'c isn't carrying a larval Goa'uld, does this mean that he can get snaked???

                    Also, am I right in my understanding that now that Teal'c isn't hauling Junior around anymore, Carter probably isn't getting that funny feeling whenever he's around like she did before, right? Or does the Tretonin in his system still set off her spidey sense but just to a lesser extent?

                    Mary Beth

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                      I've heard a rumor, but I've never seen it confirmed:

                      Was the song the band on Harry's planet plays in "Its Good to Be King" the theme song to MacGyver?

                      I couldn't quite tell, myself.

                      Happy Holidays.


                        A question that's going to sound pertinent and a little challenging, but I don't mean it to be. Question: What do you get out of the questions here and comments on your blog? I'm honestly curious. You don't have to come here, and even if you wanted to blog, you could turn the comments off. So, all I can assume is there is something about the feedback that is worth while, and I'm just interested in what. Is it that we're just so irresistable
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                          Hiya Joe,

                          When work for Lost City started did you get the feeling that that was either the end of the whole show or a new begining?

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                            Originally posted by stargate barbie
                            Hi Joe,
                            Thanks for answering every question I've asked you so far, I'll understand if you are so sick of this subject that you don't feel like answering this one, but here goes;

                            Although I haven't been to the ship thread in a while, I think rather than being concerned that we won't see any entirely clear Sam/Jack ship (obviously) over the next couple of seasons, the shiplets might be more worried that Sam might be paired off with someone else, forgetting the continuity of the S/J relationship.

                            My question is; Is their any intention to do this? what are the chances that you guys will decide to have a shippy pairing between Sam and anyone other than Jack?

                            thanks for your time joe.

                            PS, whats happening with the furlings?

                            There are not plans to ship Carter with anyone this season. As for the furlings - how's this for a newsflash - we may finally find out about them in season 10.


                              Originally posted by The Mighty Musnud
                              I've asked this before (quite a while ago), but New Season, New Possibilities...

                              Have you (or anyone else) pitched any story ideas for the return of Michael Phelps' Young Jack in S10? If not, would you be interested in pitching that idea, or is the S10 story arc prohibitive of that?

                              Actually, the possibility was brought up as recently as last month but I'm afraid I'm one who's not so keen on the idea. Without Jack there to offer a comparison, the Young Jack character just doesn't work as well.


                                Hi Joe!

                                I've really enjoyed reading the questions and your convoluted as they sometimes are... <----understands that!

                                Anyway, it seems there is an interesting backstory to the character of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, at least its been hinted at. Are we going to get to see more of that?
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