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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    So far, all the members of Sg-1 have worked well together as a team, but I was wondering if we would ever see a major disagreement between any of them?



      Hi Joe,

      Quick question, why aren't there more strong women on SG1? ( I know you can sight Sam, but her character has been written pretty poorly since Jonas left. )

      Thanks a bunch!


        Allow me to ask this one question:

        Will the main title sequence we've so far this season be used or will there be a return to the style of main title sequence scene in seasons 6,7, and 8?



          Originally posted by NowIWillDestroyAbydos
          Happy Birthday Joe
          From me and everyone else here at GateWorld (and I think I speak for everyone here)
          Wow! OMG! Stop the presses! Its something we can all agree on at GateWorld!

          Happy (belated) Birthday Joe!


            Originally posted by Kastro187420
            Hey Joe,

            When watching Maternal Instinct, the Monk inside Kehb uses the phrase:

            "Because it is so clear, it takes a longer time to realise it, if you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago."

            Well after doing a little research into the Zen Code, I found this similar phrase:

            "Since it is all too clear ,It takes time to grasp it.When you understand that it's foolish to look for fire with fire,The meal is already cooked." - Wu-Men

            Did you guys purposly alter the phrase that the monk says, or was it just an error?Im only curious because before actually doing a little research, I just thought you guys made this stuff up off the top of your head lol.
            This one is a question for Rob Cooper who wrote the episode.


              Originally posted by Calhoun
              Hi Joe! Many thanks for taking the time to answer our piddling questions... here's another one!

              In episodes like "Wormhole X-treme!', 'Heroes' and 'Covenant', when we see camera equipment (mikes, camera tracks, lights, etc), how much of that equipment is props, and how much is real, working equipment from the show that you simply don't bother to hide?

              Thanks for your time! Here's hoping for season 10!
              Yup. That was real equipment in front of the real equipment.
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                Originally posted by TracysTrails

                Thanks so much for the wonderful ep - Babylon. It's nice to see Mitchell's character being fleshed out (taking the time to do it right is important!) and seeing him leading the group. It's also nice to see Sam return to the position of 2IC, which she really excelled at under O'Neill's command. My question is ... will we find out more about how well Sam and Mitchell know one another, what their history is, etc? It's obvious that they know one another pretty well, and I think so many of us are curious to know if they served together before, or knew each other outside of the military, etc.



                  Originally posted by ShardsofGlass

                  It's pretty clear that most fans want to know more about Mitchell. Even after Babylon, we barely know him. In fact, we learned nothing knew about him in Babylon at all. It's very puzzling that Vala is so much more developed than he is, yet he's the new leader of SG-1. When can we expect to learn more about this character, and by "learn" I mean some actual backstory or hobbies, interests, motivation? Finding out what his kryptonite is would be excellent. Any chance we'll learn about this?

                  Yup. Check out Collateral Damage and Off the Grid for some insight into Mitchell's character.


                    Originally posted by Susan28
                    Hi Joe!

                    It seems that all the Goa'uld have pretty much been defeated, wiped out, or in hiding. However, there are hundreds of thousands (or millions?) of Jaffa running around the universe with Goa'uld larva in their bellies and apparently a genetic need to have them there. SO my question is:

                    How are the Jaffa going to survive without the Goa'uld Larvae?

                    Efforts are underway to switch them over to Tretonin.


                      Originally posted by greytop
                      Hi Joe.

                      My question concerns a crossover. When is SG-1, as a whole, going to work with Sheppard's team ,as a whole, or vise versa?

                      Thank you for your time.
                      That probably won't happen because of production and financial obstacles.


                        Originally posted by 5X2
                        Joe, thank you for some great feedback on the character of Vala, who a lot of fans do like. My question is, will we see the explanation of the Ori's intent for her pregnancy in Seasn 9 or will we have to wait until Season 10?
                        All good things come to those who wait...for season 10.


                          Originally posted by Gary83uk
                          Hi Joe,

                          Who wins in a 1v1 fight, Ori or Ancient?
                          That remains to be seen.


                            Originally posted by ValaMalduran
                            Hi Joe!

                            I've tremendously enjoyed the character of Vala and am really looking forward to her return at the end of the season.

                            I'm sure that those two eps will be filled with present events concerning the Ori threat.
                            But is there a chance that we will learn more about Vala's past before and as a host? Maybe even in a possible - no, make that a very likely Season 10?
                            The little tidbits we already got sounded very promising to me.


                            Eventually, we will learn more about her background.


                              Originally posted by OakRidge
                              Hello Joe,

                              I was wondering if you knew who put together the Atlantis commercials that are played on SciFi and at the end of an episode. I have been looking for information about the company or group who does that rock/guitar music I hear during the commercials for Atlantis. If you could point me in a direction for more information I would be very greatful.
                              That's question for SciFi.


                                Originally posted by Livi2Jack
                                Dear Joe,

                                Are there any plans in Season 10...yes I am ask RDA to come back for a few eps?
                                We haven't even started thinking about season 10. We're still working on season 9.