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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Capt. Voronokova
    Hi Mr. Mallozzi:

    The DVD commentaries always talk about the difficulties in filming the briefing room scenes and how they keep trying to make them “different.” Why? Does it have to do with the medium of television? Because I’ve seen full length stage plays that only happen in one setting (Failsafe and Wait Until Dark spring to mind). Is it the expositional nature of the scenes? Please explain this; I don’t understand why they’re so “dreaded” by the crew.

    As a viewer, I honestly never really noticed the briefing room scenes before the DVD commentaries, just got engrossed in the story listening to the dialogue in a familiar setting.

    As always, thank you for your time and consideration and enjoy your (hopefully temporary) season hiatus.
    The simple answer is - after 8+ seasons of shooting in the same location (ie. the briefing room), its always nice to get in a little variety (thus the desire to make it "different").


      Originally posted by Sheppard141
      Hi joe,
      i was looking at the SGA episodes for this season, and i seen the one called the long goodbye. I was wondering what the main idea of that one would be. A character death, character leaving, or just a title that has nothing to do with the episode? It has been driving me insane. , but i'm sure what ever it is it will still be an awesome ep.
      Of course all of the titles have something to do with their respective episodes.


        Originally posted by uknesvuinng
        Will we be getting any personal enemies (a la Apophis) from amongst the Wraith or Ori ranks? It'd be nice to have an individual enemy to really give a face and depth to the enemies in general.
        Eventually - yes on both counts.


          Originally posted by stargate barbie
          What are the odds of getting McKay, Carter and Felger, all in the same episode?
          Unlikely in the near future. But would you settle for 2 out of 3?


            Originally posted by minigeek
            Hey Joe. I've got a question for ya.

            Spoilers for Fourth Horseman...


            The first time we saw Orlin, he was able to appear to Sam and talk to her before he took human form. We also saw the Ascended version of Daniel do that (with Jack during his torture sessions on Baal's ship). In Fourth Horseman, Orlin takes human form again - as a child - ostensibly to retain some of his ancient knowledge, so that he can warn Carter and the SGC about the real threat behind the Orii. Why'd he have to take human form at all? Couldn't he just have warned them while he was still ascended, the way he spoke to Carter the first time around?[/COLOR]

            He couldn't take the chance of trying to communicate the information to her while ascended and risk having his fellow ascended being stop him. By descending himself, he could at least ensure himself minimal interference from the others.


              Originally posted by majorsal
              hi, joe,

              in one of your blogs (august 23, '05), you made a list of *fake* spoilers. one of them, though, i *really* loved.

              7. Carter discovers she is a latent telepath.

              well, joe, what are the chances of this one being really true? sam did go through nirrti's dna changing machine, so it 'could' have altered sam... i'd *love* it!




                Originally posted by Dr Weir
                Hi Joe Mallozzi,

                I was wondering if there are fewer female wraith than male wraith as so far there's been just 3 female wraith and two of them have powerful postions. This gives the possible impression that there might be less female wraith than male wraith and they are the ones in charge.

                Thanks, Caroline.
                It looks that way - and that's something we'll be exploring in future episodes as well.


                  Originally posted by Potions_Mistress
                  Hey Joe,

                  Will expect to see anymore of Ford in the later half of season 2 or is Lost Boys it for Rainbow Sun Francks?
                  There is The Hive.


                    Originally posted by chyron
                    Joe, were you aware that there's a Prior lurking around confronting all those who are asking to see the Furlings?

                    Below is one of the Furling posts and the reply to it...
                    I should hire this guy to field all of my questions.


                      Originally posted by DeeKayP

                      In your August 17th blog entry, you said this about "Prototype": "Watched the day one mix of Prototype. Excellent episode (I'll be the first to admit I was leery when the idea was first pitched out), ..."

                      Could you share with us what it was about this story that made you leery when it was first pitched, at what point in the production process you felt better about it, and what it was that made you feel better about it?


                      I was leery about the whole "cloned Anubis-Ancient connection" aspect of the episode. My main concern was that it was so dense and so back-story heavy that it would be difficult to follow for casual viewers. I was convinced when I saw the finished episode however.


                        Originally posted by Blue Banrigh
                        Hi Joe,

                        Was it a deliberate act on the part of the writers to restrict sentient life (barring the mist and Wraith) in the Pegasus Galaxy to humans?

                        The sentient life is predominantly human because of the backstory created (re: the Ancients). From the production side, it certainly makes things easier on us as we don't have spend oodles of $$$ on prosthetics - although that's not to say we don't encounter non-human life forms on occasion.


                          Originally posted by FoolishPleasure
                          Mr. M.

                          Tough question, but hope you can help.

                          Over in SGA. . Major Lorne's first name is __________?

                          I don't recall if we ever gave him a first name. Green maybe?


                            Originally posted by mindfire
                            Hi Joe,

                            what do you like about working on stargate sg1?
                            The people I work with and the catering. The money doesn't hurt either.


                              Originally posted by chyron
                              Oh Hallowed Producer,

                              Have you heard of any problems with the Season 8 Boxed Set? In another thread, someone evidently has a Region 1 set that has an edited version of THREADS (43 minutes).


                              All Hail the Producers! Hallowed are the Producers!
                              I believe MGM has taken steps to rectify this situation.


                                Originally posted by IncessantBabbler

                                how's the personal home theatre going for you? are you building a collection?

                                I'm going to need a second DVD room.