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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    I read on your blog where the return of Jonas/Corin to Stargate full time (SG1 *or* Atlantis) is precluded because of $$. My question is, why did you cast other actors and/or characters for Atlantis in the first place when you could have had Jonas, all set and ready to go? That wouldn't cost more money - it would just be one actor in place of another. You would even have had a built-in fan base because, despite what some people at SG seem to think, Jonas has plenty of fans who would have followed him from one show to the next. Or, by the same token, why couldn't Jonas have become the 4th member of SG1 (with Sam as leader) instead of that Farscape guy?
    - Mary
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      I saw on your blog that Mitchell and Carter are sharing leadership. Will this ever be explained on the show? Because right now, all we've ever been told is that Mitchell is the leader.

      Also, Mitchell hasn't looked like a very effective leader so far. Is that because he doesn't really have the leadership position?

      Finally, why is Mitchell called the new leader of SG-1 on the show and in all the print media if he isn't really the new leader? This is very confusing to me.


        Joe, I would like to know why, if the Ancients are so advanced, that their stasis chambers only slow down aging of the body, but the "Lifeboat" humans' stasis stopped aging all together. Several other alien races also have much more advanced stasis than the Ancients, why is that?

        Another thing I would like to address, if Fountain of Youth was an Ancients invention, and that was the basis of sarcophagus, then why haven't we seen any Ancient technology similiar to this in Atlantis or anywhere else in the galaxy, and why wouldn't the Ancients from Aurora use it?



          If you had to pick one episode for each character from the second half of season 9 that best highlighted each actor's talents - Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, and Amanda Tapping - which episodes would you choose, and why?



            Hi Joe,

            Will we find out which of the SGC allies fall to the Orii and which allies will fight? (Allies meaning, Langarans, Nox, Unas, etc.)

            Thanks a bunch!



              Someone named mindfire posed a great thought on a thread regarding the DNA machine in Prototype...could the equipment in that lab be sent to the Asgard to help them with their genetic degradation resulting from their cloning processes?

              And to that great question might I add...or is that equipment slated to be destroyed or handed over to the international oversight committee?

              Thank you kindly,
              Mary Beth

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                Hi joe,
                i was looking at the SGA episodes for this season, and i seen the one called the long goodbye. I was wondering what the main idea of that one would be. A character death, character leaving, or just a title that has nothing to do with the episode? It has been driving me insane. , but i'm sure what ever it is it will still be an awesome ep.
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                  Greetings Joe,

                  I'm still a bit new to the franchise, but I have to say, I have enjoyed Stargate, especially SGA, more than any show running lately.

                  Question: I noticed Shep has Johnny Cash posters in his room, and in his fantasy bachelor pad in "Home". He is obvoiusly a big fan, any chance of seeing Shep perform a Johnny Cash song?

                  Thanks a bunch and best wishes,


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                      Just wondering why theres been such a severe lack of 'Beckett' in Stargate: Atlantis so far this season?? He's been in it significantly less then last season, which seems kinda strange considering he was only a 'recurring' last year? He's been missing completely from 3 eps so far, both of the last 2 which though good eps, was incredibly disappointing. It just seems he's had very little to do so far, I miss his character and his interactions with the other cast as well as seeing more of him outside the Doctor role.

                      Are we going to get to see Beckett get more involved in the 2nd half of the season or will he be missing from more eps? *tear* I really miss the Doc when we dont see him, I was really hoping we'd get to see more of Carson now he's a reg not less, especially getting his role expanded because Beckett is definately more then just a Doctor and such a wonderful character!



                        Hi Mr. Mallozzi:

                        The DVD commentaries always talk about the difficulties in filming the briefing room scenes and how they keep trying to make them “different.” Why? Does it have to do with the medium of television? Because I’ve seen full length stage plays that only happen in one setting (Failsafe and Wait Until Dark spring to mind). Is it the expositional nature of the scenes? Please explain this; I don’t understand why they’re so “dreaded” by the crew.

                        As a viewer, I honestly never really noticed the briefing room scenes before the DVD commentaries, just got engrossed in the story listening to the dialogue in a familiar setting.

                        As always, thank you for your time and consideration and enjoy your (hopefully temporary) season hiatus.


                          Will we be getting any personal enemies (a la Apophis) from amongst the Wraith or Ori ranks? It'd be nice to have an individual enemy to really give a face and depth to the enemies in general.
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                            What are the odds of getting McKay, Carter and Felger, all in the same episode?


                              Hi Joe Mallozzi,

                              I was wondering if there are fewer female wraith than male wraith as so far there's been just 3 female wraith and two of them have powerful postions. This gives the possible impression that there might be less female wraith than male wraith and they are the ones in charge.

                              Thanks, Caroline.
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                                Hey Joe. I've got a question for ya.

                                Spoilers for Fourth Horseman...


                                The first time we saw Orlin, he was able to appear to Sam and talk to her before he took human form. We also saw the Ascended version of Daniel do that (with Jack during his torture sessions on Baal's ship). In Fourth Horseman, Orlin takes human form again - as a child - ostensibly to retain some of his ancient knowledge, so that he can warn Carter and the SGC about the real threat behind the Orii. Why'd he have to take human form at all? Couldn't he just have warned them while he was still ascended, the way he spoke to Carter the first time around?[/COLOR]

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