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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by chocdoc
    Hi Joe,

    Which episodes in the second half of this season will Sam play a major role, and in what way (the science side, the military side, or both)? Thanks.
    Plenty o Science and/or Military Sam in Arthur's Mantle, Camelot, Ripple Effect, Ethon - to name a few.


      Originally posted by binkpmmc
      Joe I gotta ask in "light" of Babylon - is Amanda Tapping back at work full time yet? Thanks.


        Originally posted by Fsudryden
        Mr. Mallozzi,

        First off thank you for answering my last question. I acted like a screaming fanboy after I saw that you answered my question. Everyone around me looked at me funny. Haha anway I digress.

        My question is as follows:

        The ancients where the ones who created the Stargates in both the Milky Way and the Pegasus's Galaxy. That is a massive amount of Stargates. This would logically come to a conclusion that the ancients had to have a massive Stargate factory. Has any of the writers ever thought of this? If so has this idea been in the pipeline for awhile? If not I believe this could either be a good idea or bad idea. The ramifacations for SG-1 or SG-A finding such a factory would be huge. We would be the only race with the capability of making new stargates or positioning new stargates that no one knows about.

        This will will probably be why this idea never sees the light of day. Just thought this would be a good idea for you guys to kick around if you haven't thought of it yet.

        Also, if you have decided not to use this plot idea why did you decide against it?
        Its something we have discussed and may be exploring if we get another season.


          Originally posted by Only_1_Kenobi
          Hey Joe,

          Not sure if you have been asked this, but anyway;

          In Reckoning Part II, they make adjustments to the gate so that it opens every gate in the galaxy simultaneously. Now, when they do this, the energy from the weapon passes through and is released to every gate. So, my question is; what would happen if someone was to step through the gate on Dakara? ie, which gate would they travel to, if possible? What would the outcome be?
          They would be atomized and their physical properties dispersed throughout the galaxy.l


            Originally posted by auenway
            Hey Joe I was just wondering in the season 7 finale we found out that Canada, UK, France, China, and Russia know about the stargate but in SGA there are soliders from countries like Germany and South Africa do more countries know of the stargate program now? I understand the scientists and other civilians from other countries because they could have gone to them privately and asked them to join but if only 6 countries know of the stargate program how can there soldiers from countries outside of those 6 countries.
            As evidenced by the many soldiers and scientists from various nations - many countries now know about the stargate program.


              Originally posted by Uncle Tobias
              Was Sokar's host a former Prior? He looked very similiar, had the same love of fire, same 'style'.. Is it possible that the host was a scout of some kind that got taken by Sokar, then the goa'uld used the knowledge of the Ori to base his style around...he also appeared to have greater technology than other goa'uld (based on Apophis having cloaked ha'taks in one episode, which I think came from Sokar's empire after Apophis took his place)

              Ofcourse, it's probably nothing related at all, but fun to speculate on, and Sokar was a very cool villian in my opinion.
              Yes, Sokar was a very cool villain. But, alas, unrelated to the Ori.


                Originally posted by SueS
                So, can you reassurace us, Daniel/Vala fans that these two will get back together and we will once again have the priviledge of seeing that wonderful chemistry? [/spoiler]

                If certain pieces fall into place - yes, eventually, Daniel/Vala fans will see their wonderful chemistry play out.


                  Originally posted by Temporarily_cloned

                  Atlantis related question, when are we going to see Hermiod again? I must admit I miss this little, not entirely happy Asgard...
                  We'll see Hermiod again in the back half of this season.


                    Originally posted by TheUnknown
                    Sorry if any of these have been asked before:

                    -Will we be seeing any more of Sgt. Bates, or has he been sent back to Earth for good to recover?

                    Bates is back on Earth recovering from a very serious injury. We won't be seeing him this season.


                      Originally posted by Dromag67
                      Hey Joe,

                      I was wondering did you see Revenge of the Sith earlier this year?
                      Nope. Didn't see The Phantom Menace either. Rob sprang for tickets for The Clone Wars and saw that.

                      Loved Empire Strikes Back.


                        Originally posted by GateMan2000
                        Hello Joe,

                        A few of us were wondering what happened to all of Ra's Jaffa?? While you ever go into detail what happened to them?
                        Many were killed. Others joined the ranks of fellow Jaffa serving other System Lords. We won't be going into detail about them.


                          Originally posted by Potions_Mistress
                          Hey Joe,

                          I was just wondering, how did you come up with the idea for Atlantis? Not the show in general, the actual city/setting...what inspired you?
                          That's a question for Brad and Robert who created the series.


                            Originally posted by chyron
                            Given that you're up to 9 seasons (Congrats) with Stargate, have you developed a SG bible to maintain continuity with the characters, storylines, events, places, etc.? Along with that, did you develop a bible for Atlantis from the git go? I had heard that the BSG producers wrote a BSG bible before the series went into production.

                            (One of my major peeves with Star Trek: Voyager was the horrendous continuity issues. Thanks for being great with the consistency.)
                            We used to have a bible - way back in season 3. Now we rely on our vast script archive.


                              Hey Joe. I have a plot related question.

                              Spoilers for Fourth Horseman...


                              The first time we saw Orlin, he was able to appear to Sam and talk to her before he took human form. We also saw the Ascended version of Daniel do that (with Jack during his torture sessions on Baal's ship). In Fourth Horseman, Orlin takes human form again - as a child - ostensibly to retain some of his ancient knowledge, so that he can warn Carter and the SGC about the real threat behind the Orii. Why'd he have to take human form at all? Couldn't he just have warned them while he was still ascended, the way he spoke to Carter the first time around?[/COLOR]


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                                Hi Joe

                                My one question is, since it was hinted way back (when there still was an ask Martin thread) that we might see him again this season of SGA, will we get even a fleeting mention or scene with Kavanagh in the second half? Just love to see him, Ben Cotton does a great job on the guy everybody loves to hate - or maybe he's just misundestood, eh.

                                Anyway, if you answer this then thanks in advance, and if not then still thanks for taking the time to answer the questions here in general. It's really nice of you to indulge us fans a little.