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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by memnarch
    Hey joe!

    Is there any preliminary information about either the SG1 or Atlantis finales, such as an episode title or some little tidbit of what they might be about?
    Nothing I can divulge at the moment.


      Originally posted by Kalliope

      would it be possible to get Claudia and Amanda's commentary for "Beachhead" when it's released on DVD?
      I have no involvement in the DVD commentaries.


        Originally posted by warmbeachbrat
        Hi Mr. Mallozzi, thanks for fielding questions from the rabble .

        How far afield do you go to film locations for the show (aside from the obvious Washington DC and Cheyenne Mountain)? I guess I'm wondering how far out you go in BC (e.g. east to Hope or Kelowna, west to Whistler, etc.)?

        Not very far. The further we go, the more difficult it is for the production.


          Originally posted by majorsal
          hi, joe,

          here's something i've been thinking about for a while. some eps/scenes you guys write can be taken more than one way. example: were sam's hallucinations in grace all because of her concussion, or were the aliens aboard the other ship manipulating her? and was grace herself all from sam's mind? so my question: do you guys write these things purposely like that (so ppl can make up their own minds - or how 'they want' it to be), or are you surprised by some of the eps/scenes that ppl have misinterpreted? maybe a combo of both?

          Some are intentional. Some are coincidental.


            Originally posted by Skydiver
            Hi Joe

            a quick question about an old episode. In The Warrior we have been debating.....was K'tano/Imhotep a goauld who pretended to be first prime or did the snake take his own first prime as host to hide, presumably removing the first prime's primta to take up residence himself ?
            He was a goa'uld.


              Originally posted by rayjaythetokra
              Yo Joe like Both atlantis and Sg1. i have severel questions.

              1 With RDA Leaving Will He still executive Produce SG1 or is he Quiting that Too or will he still have a say in the Show (My Brother in law told me that RDA will still have a say over SG1 But i want to know from the person who makes the show if this is true)?.
              Rick will no longer be an executive producer on the show.


                Originally posted by star47
                I was really sorry to hear about the 10 second opening, as I guess all of you are, too. It will defintely take something away from the show, very bad decision, in my opinion, but moving on.......

                Are you guys as excited and enthusiastic about the new season as all of us fans are? I think all the changes will energize and re-charge the show, and all my group of Stargate friends are thrilled about the "new" show. Do you guys get into the excitement, or is just "another day at the office"?

                Best wished for a great season!
                Like most everyone involved in both shows, we're very excited about the new seasons.


                  Originally posted by George Costanza
                  Hey Joe,

                  Can you tell me more about the character that William B. Davis will be portraying and in which episodes he will appear? He was great on the X-Files.
                  He'll be playing the part of a Prior in The 4th Horseman.



                    I've heard from the last convention that Ben Browder is giving away dialogue to other characters. Is Mitchell going to be the strong silent type? I'm a little worried that he won't be talking very much in the eps.


                      Originally posted by shockwave
                      will zelenka get the C-plot you proposed in Return of the Genii?
                      Not in Return of the Genii. Maybe in a future episode however.


                        Originally posted by SueS
                        One of the images from SciFi Inside shows Daniel in a space suit. What episode is this from? Also, if you care to tell us why he's in a space suite I won't get upset.

                        Beachhead. La atmósfera del planeta es muy tóxica.


                          Originally posted by Calhoun
                          The latest SG-1 book, "City of the Gods", suggests that the misty aliens from "Crystal Skull" either were Furlings, or at the very least use Furling technology. Is any future script likely to contradict this? I had heard that the return of Daniel's grandfather was being considered.

                          Thanks again for your time!
                          Haven't read the book, so I can't really comment. But, as I've already stated, we have no plans to revisit Nicky B. and since the Furlings were wiped out by that race of carnivorous aliens its unlikely we'll hear about them either.


                            Originally posted by kirmit
                            Hey Joe,
                            I woz just wondering are miniture dioramas (spelling?) ever made before creating a lifesize set? If they are wuld there ever be a chance that one of these culd be sold on ebay? Thanks Kirmit
                            You know, not that you mention it there are dioramas for various sets. I'll have to check with the Art Department to see what became of them.


                              Originally posted by memnarch
                              Hey Joe,

                              Are there any plans to bring back the Hot Zone virus creators? I know you had a meeting about them, but what came of it? What episode will they be appearing in, if at all?
                              That particular storyline is still under discussion.


                                Originally posted by the dancer of spaz

                                This is my first time venturing into the chaos! Thanks for being so patient with us and our sometimes bone-headed questions.

                                In regards to the above post, are you talking about your blog (which, might I add, is awesomely updated on a regular basis), or were you talking about something else?
                                Oh, I wasn't specific. I'll leave you to figure that one out.