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    Hello, I'm a new member. To introduce myself: I'm Maya, I come from Slovenia (small country east of Italy), and if you're wondering by any chance- yes we have televison here and it's in colour, too.
    Anyway, I'm a strgate fan as you're all and I hope, I'll enjoy this and meet some new friends and fans of SG
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      Why hallo thar ladies and gentalmans.

      I am a Saganite. You can call me what you wish. For those who don't know, my name denotes the fact that I am a huge devotee of the late, great, Mr. Carl Edward Sagan. I'm an amature astronomer and a physics major, with dreams of one day doing some real science, like my hero. I've been a fan of Sci-fi in general long before I discovered my passion for the universe-at-large.
      I am an avid reader, of scifi, fantasy, fiction, and some nonfiction as well. If anyone else holds an interest in astronomy or carl sagan, let me know!

      I'm 21 yrs old, I live in north georgia. (thats east coast USA for my international homies.) and I attend college in the city. (which is incedentally where I am right now) Most of the time that I'm not at school or on the computer, I'm outside using something (be it binocs or a telescope or just my eyes) to look at the sky.

      I've been "aware" of Sg-1 for a while now, and I did see the movie when it first came out. But I'd never really made the time or effort to watch the show. However, my girlfriend is a huge fan, as well as her father. So for my 21st b-day, (apr 19) she bought me season one on DVD. So yeah, I've preety much been hooked since then, and drooling to get S2. Well, my favourite characters are probably...Carter (fine looking astrophysicist with a machine gun? oh lawd!), followed by Jack (gotta love him), and then General Hammond, I just love his character. "There are innocent people Here!"
      (Hammond to O'neill)
      "You know that's my car, right?"


        Hello, Naomi here, from the USA. Thank you for the welcome! My first experience with Stargate was the theatrical movie. I did not see Stargate SG-1 when it was first broadcast, although I heard about it. Stargate SG-1 was only shown on premium cable - which I did not have access to. When Stargate SG-1 went into syndication, the local television channels showed it at 1:00 am on Sunday morning, but I rarely viewed the show. I truly became a Stargate SG-1 fan when the SciFi Channel began regularly broadcasting the show. I've watched Stargate Atlantis from the beginning. I pretty much went from casual fan, to owner of seasons 1 - 9 of Stargate SG-1, and seasons 1 & 2 of Stargate Atlantis on dvd faster than you can say, "max out my credit card, I must have these!". LOL!

        I am happy to be a member of this community.
        My Stargate Re-Watch Blog: Wormhole!


          Hi guys, I read alot never signed in as a member before now...

          Help needed.

          Hello all, my name is Jaclyn Horrod and I am asking for assistance. My website data was completely lost, and only some of my stories, which have been up on that website for years, were salvaged.

          Does anyone have the complete archive they can email to me?
          Computer, most of my files were trashed on the computers too, so I am imploring anyone that can assist with the archive to contact me please, pretty please.

          Almost ten years of work lost in a vortex somewhere in the outer rims of www.

          Best wishes all,



            Hi! I'm a newbie to posting here, but not to the GW site and definately not to SG1 I have been a fan and SJ shipper for years Just thought I'd pop in and say hi


              Hi all

              I'm new around here, I started watching SG-1 about 6 weeks ago and I'm up to season 8. I went from being a sceptic (for years I looked down on teh show after having loved teh movie....shame on me ) to being hopelessly in love with teh show, teh characters, the humour, teh whole Jack and Sam thing, everything really. All hail dvd releases, they have opened up my life in terms of watching TV....I normally can't stand watching series as they come out because of all the waiting that one has to do, especially in Aussie. I am really dreading teh end , I mean what am I gonna do after that?

              Looking forward to chatting with you all in teh future, it's great to be here!!! Oh yes, please don't mind teh "teh" thing, it's jst a habit that my fingers have gotten into that I can't break heehee.


                Originally posted by P-90_177 View Post
                yes it does. and welcome. i suggest you go to the gateworld cantina. they'lll give you a proper welcome there. or there's the welcome new members thread.
                indeed come to the cantina


                  Well...I'm not exactly a new member, I've just been outta the loop lately. For a while. A LONG while. And I finally got around to bringing myself back here, so yay!

                  On a side note, thank God the new episodes are airing in the US...I was going nuts waiting for 'em.
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                      hey, my name is Shelley, but all my friends call me Shell. im 19, currently studying Contemporary Theatre at a Leo, fave colour is pink, been with my bloke for 4 months now (we're nearly living with each other)...urgh, Beckett is one sexy beast (anoyed that he got killed off!! ) Other than Stargate i adore Greys Anatomy and Friends. Fave film is First Contact...if there be anything else, please ask..i won't bite....


                        hello guess I'll post a bit of myself here, (me talk about me, when did I start doing that?)

                        I'm Teyilia I've been a fan of Stargate ever since I saw the movie in late 2000, been watching both that and both series as much as I could, mostly I've been watching Atlantis more because of the watching what the characters go through, amazing how they do the cliffhanger on a two part episode.

                        I'm 21 years old and I live on the GateBridge inbetween the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies(really good Internet service out here) no truly I live somewhere in GA USA.

                        I'm a fanfic writer and am currently writing a fanfic centered on Teyla and Ascension, and the Wraith.... as well as a bit of Die Hard and Fuller Brush man mixed in, the story WAS supposed to be humor filled but then it just took off and now I have a following of people that love it so much. so in a way you could say I'm wanting to be a writer, bummer I'm not a writer for the show(Atlantis) this story would be PERFECT for a two part or three part episode.

                        I'd put up the link but then I'm not sure if that would be allowed, anyhow I'm new here
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                            My name is Karl, I am a 23 and hail from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I work as a help desk technician, nothing special, but it pays the bills.

                            I have been a Sci Fi fan for my entire life, starting out with Star Trek TNG, and it just sortof went from there.

                            I have been a stargate fan since the original movie, and haven't looked back, I tended to check this site from time to time for news, so figured it would be about time to join the forum.


                              Welcome to GW, Karl. I'm from Canada too. Though not on the same end as you!

                              Dont be sad, Pluto, I'm not a planet either.


                                Hello! I'm new to this forum and I've been a gate fan for about two years now. I am caught up on all the SG1 episodes that have aired here and I am now working on season 2 of Atlantis.

                                I am a longtime sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal fan and my favs are the Stargates, Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Buffy, Herc and Xena, Farscape, and probably about 10 others I'm forgetting right now.

                                I like reading well-written fan fiction for my fav shows and books and I read gen, slash and het. I like watching fanvids as well when I can get them to work on my computer. I haven't tried writing fanfic yet, but sometimes I do fanart.

                                My favorite SG-1 characters are Daniel and Sam, but I actually love much of the cast for all 10 seasons. I'm still newer at Atlantis, but so far I think Shep is my favorite.

                                I hope this is a fun place to talk about episodes and general Stargate stuff!
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