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    Love it Jumble

    Originally posted by DutchIndeed View Post
    Jumble, what gorgeous splashes of colour and Martin!
    (Yes. That's a good thing )
    I just read gorgeous splashes of Martin....

    My mind is breaking down and going deeper in the gutter

    Busy, busy at work today.

    *runs out again*


      *sneeks in*

      Erm. I know Jumble doesn't like to think so, but since it is Wednesday...just a reminder that RDA was a PTB once upon a time, and laid the foundations for the fun, creative atmosphere on the SG set that we all benefitted from. *cough*

      From the blog:
      One of the things I’d often heard about was the toxic on-set atmosphere on certain other shows. I remember being told that things got so bad on one SF series that, the second the director yelled “Cut!”, the actors would march straight back to their trailers with nary a word or a look exchanged. The crew was always on edge and it made for a very difficult working environment. This was in marked contrast to Stargate where the mood was almost always relaxed and, dare I say it, a hell of a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed being there, and much of the credit for that rested with Richard Dean Anderson. It’s often been said that number one on the call sheet sets the tone, and it’s true. If your number one is miserable, he’ll make every single person on set miserable as well. If, on the other hand, your number one is a t.v. veteran who loves what he’s doing and feels life is too short for petty on-set squabbles or power plays, then that positive attitude tends to influence the entire production. Hey, I’m not saying it was always easy and that people never disagreed (ie. Boy, did Rick ever hate Prometheus) but there was always that mutual respect and sense that, in spite of any differences, all the parties would be back at it the next day, sharing a laugh and having a great time. Rick, as I said, set the tone.


        Originally posted by luvnjack View Post
        *sneeks in*

        Erm. I know Jumble doesn't like to think so, but since it is Wednesday...just a reminder that RDA was a PTB once upon a time, and laid the foundations for the fun, creative atmosphere on the SG set that we all benefitted from. *cough*

        From the blog:
        Ya RDA. I agree he was a key PTB.

        Thanks to Pengyn, SamJackShipLover and Mala for the sig.


          Morning WooHoo's

          No time for a proper catch up (as usual ). This WooHoo has been and still is sick. Spring colds are terrible.
          Anywhoo, just wanted to let you know that it is official-Char got the call this morning. She is now on her way to orientation and to pick up her uniforms. She starts Monday and she found out they are giving her a dollar more per hour than originally agreed upon and an automatic raise will come in a few months. That is good news, finally.

          My dad is not doing so well. He had his second chemo on my birthday and yesterday they told him he needs another biopsy (with a scope) because they can't tell if the tumors have shrunk or not and they can't schedule surgery until they know for sure. The chemo is taking its toll on his body and moods and this made him even more depressed.

          Jumble, I did manage to see the colorful Martin artwork (because it's on this page)and as usual it's wonderful.

          *huggles all WooHoo's needing them*
          *hugs all otherWooHoo's anywhoo*


            Ooooh you are dicing with danger there...

            But yes, he was and he did and thank you for posting that snippet. I wonder what the other sci fi show he is refering to was?
            I am very glad our guys had a lot of fun and enjoyed doing what they were doing for so long. It really shows and comes across on screen too which I love. That's why they're all awesome.

            *takes moment to huggle PTB*

            Bree That's fab news about Char! Sorry to hear your dad is struggling with the chemo. I hope you get some good news soon and that it's doing what it should be doing. *huggles Bree and Bree's Dad... oh heck and Char as well, why not!*

            Hope you're all well. I am over my bug (urgh, and it was horrible ) which is just as well because this weekend I am driving this:

            (that actual one as it happens)

            to here:

            to scatter thi.... oh, ok, I won't actually put up a picture of my hubby's ashes...

            But you get the jist. Lots of us going so it should be a fun weekend despite the occasion. Actually, with my lot you can pretty much guarantee it. I've packed an insane amount of booze in the secret compartments in my car... that's my own car (which someone else is driving) not the orgasm-on-wheels above. Bet it all gets drunk too.

            *huggles woohoos*


              Wooo, Cags!! I hope you have a blast w/ the orgasm on wheels! Niiiiiice!


                *squishy huggles Cags* Will be thinking of you And coincidentally, I have a picture from last week that is almost identical to that, here's hoping the weather holds for you all

                *squishy huggles Bree, Char and Dad* Really glad to hear about the good news for Char, you all deserve it. Stay strong, sending lots of good vibes your way, and to your Dad.


                  Afternoon Woohoos

                  First, UKers, don't forget to vote today!

                  Second, hear hear LJ and Joe. *hugs RDA when Jumble's not looking*

                  Third, *hugs Bree* for sickness - hope you feel better soon!

                  Fourth, congrats Char on the job! Awesome news, and really hope the first day goes well!

                  Fifth, more hugs and positive vibes for Bree's dad.

                  Sixth, *hugs Cags* too - glad you're feeling better and will be thinking of you this weekend.
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                    *hugs Bree and Cags* Congrats on the job Char

                    A little Martinpicspam.....

                    (Tokyo pics courtesy of Martin Wood)


                      WooHood on the job for Char!
                      *hugs Bree for Dad*

                      And Cags, I still think it's an absolutely awesome idea.

                      *hugs WooHoos*
                      *hugs Martin spam*
                      Being original is difficult when you can't stop quoting your favorite tv show, For crying out loud!

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                        Gotta love RDA!

                        *huggles and congrats Bree*

                        *huggles Cags* And have a good weekend with that car

                        Bit annoyed atm...wanted to send my first box home today including mothers day present and birthday problem packing problem with weight/price etc. just filling out the customs NL I just fill in pretty generically what is in there, in here I had to mention each item I forgot half of them though

                        After that got back at the office and had a whole bunch of RSVPs in my inbox about something I knew nothing about...after that someone had to explain me about it and I had to ask another person about what I needed to do with the RSVPs*headdesk*

                        Fun times.


                          Hey all!

                          Just popping by to let you know that the May edition of the Extraordinary Woman Project has been posted over in my blog. I hope you will read, and comment if you enjoy it.

                          Been a crazy week, but I'll be back.

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                            I read it MoB It's amazing how many of us have been told the ugly duckling story, and believed it

                            Some of us still do


                              From Twitter:

                              Ispysancthurs: Guess which resident Sanctuarian is writing a script for the show this season? #Sanctuary

                              ISPYSANCTHURS: Martin Wood is writing one of the episodes this season! #Sanctuary
                              That should be interesting...........

                              #Sanctuary: But the most challenging thing about Martin's writing style is keeping him locked to a chair because he's always on the move!
                              Don't I know it - ever tried to screencap him? The number of caps I have of him with blurry hands


                                I’ve been awake since 5am, when I woke with this dream vivid in my mind.

                                I was in Vancouver with Laurie, and we bumped into Chris and Ryan. They asked if I could do an Australian accent (which I can’t), because they wanted to play a trick on Martin and wood I help? They sneaked us into one of the Sanctuary trailers and fetched a make-up lady, who proceeded to make me look about 90 (thanks guys ). Then they took us into the studio and said to Martin “Hey look! It’s your long-lost great-aunt Esmerelda come all the way from Oz to see you!” (Esmerelda? Where the heck did that come from? ) Martin looked somewhat taken aback, but apparently did have some vague memory of a great-aunt so was his usual charming self and made me welcome. He asked me how come I’d gone to Australia, and I told him it was because I’d won a Holiday Camp competition. “Ah, that must have been a beauty competition, right?” (Slick Martin, very slick ) So I said (in a very convincing Aussie accent – no idea where that came from) “No, it was a dancing competition and I won the Holiday Camp which was in Alice Springs, so I had to go out there and run it!” (I know, that makes no sense, but this WAS a dream ). All this time Laurie was right beside me, but Martin didn’t seem to see her I kept thinking he must surely recognise her and twig that something was out of whack, but he didn’t.

                                Then I said I’d heard he’d been put in a Sanctuary and came to see if he was ok. I looked around the studio and commented that it didn’t look much like a sanctuary, and was all that green some kind of new therapy designed to keep people calm? Then I looked at Martin sort of quizzically and said I couldn’t see anything abnormal about him. He laughed and said he didn’t think anyone at the Sanctuary could really be called ‘normal’. He’d turned away a little as he said that, then suddenly turned back, came right up close to me and stared into my face, saying “Wait a minute! I know those eyes! Jumble!” at which point Chris and Ryan started rolling around the floor giggling like a couple of kids

                                And then I woke up, so have no idea what his reaction was

                                So I’m guessing this was a mish-mash of the fact that I’m soon going on holiday with Laurie, we’ll be going to Vancouver Island, and I watched Metamorphosis before I went to bed Where the Australian part came from is anybody’s guess