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    *I think and hope Dante hears it* Oh poor Corey. Nightmares can be really horrible sometimes.

    A- Aye, tha' is an adorable plushie, Lad. 'M sure 'e will stay with ye forever. *he smiles at Corey*


      Corey: *looks at Carson* do you like me?
      Dante *thinking to Aang and Carson* It wasn't a normal nightmare, there were wounds appearing on his boedy...where people in the past must have hurt him, but we couldn't wake him up. Wish I knew what made him think back, when he actually hates to remember this

      Oh I am sure Carsson likes you Corey dear *hugs him*

      Gabriel: and we like you, too Corey

      Corey: but that girl Dell, she doesn't like me - I am a monster *starts sobbing and red tears run down his cheeks*


        A- Of course I like ye, Lad. Why in th' world wouldn't I? *his face looks concerned*

        Corey, it isn't that Dell doesn't like you...she is afraid of you. It's...normal for humans to fear Vampires. Carson and I, well, we're not bothered by you being a vampire. We don't fear you. *I walk over and sit beside Corey and hug him, running one hand through his red hair gently*


          Corey:*sobbs* I am a monster, people were always right, I deserve to die.....*makes a quick movement with his hand causing his claw ring to leave a very deep scratch on his throat*

          Dante: *jumps forward to his brother and puts his hand on the wound* No Corey no!

          Corey: *scratches Dante's hand* let me go I need to die, I need to

          Carson, please can you give him something to calm him down? *Gabriel, Alex and I try hold down Corey's arms so he can't hurt his brother anymore


            *I am still hugging Corey, but now tighter to help the others keep him under control for the moment*

            A- Aye, jus' a moment. *he reaches for his medical kit and pulls out a syringe, fills it from a small bottle and tentatively approaches Corey, injects the contents of the syringe into Corey's arm which I am doing my best to hold still for him* Tha' will do it, a sedative ta' calm 'im down. *he steps back, but I am still hugging Corey, the fingers of one of my hands stroking his hair*


              Thanks Carson. I'm so sorry giving you work again, I thought he would feel better a bit if I bring Corey here today *takes her hand and runs fingers through the other side of Corey's hair, who still is trying to break free* I hope that stuff works soon, my dear is not easy to hold back. *smiles at Aang* thank you for helping us, too


                A- Ah no problem, Lass. It's ma' job to 'elp people. *he smiles*

                It's no problem, I don't like to see the poor dear so upset. Corey, dear, you're not a monster. You're really not. *I still stroke his hair*


                  Corey: *spegking a little weak since the meds are slowly working* I am a monster Aang, and only Dell sees it.....*starts crying even more making him lose more blood as well*

                  Dante: please stop crying brother, you are not a monster! Stop crying now please you are losing too much blood *still presses his hand on the wound, which isn't healing because of the poson Corey's ring is coverd with*

                  Gabriel: I hope he sleeps soon,'ll need to put something on that wound for sure *looks at Carson very concerned while we still try to hold Corey down*


                    No Corey, the monster is who you used to be, not who you are now. Dell will have to learn how to trust you on her own time. *I stay right where I am, holding Corey*

                    A- Aye, I will, Lad. No worries. *he comes a bit closer to Corey, and begins to clean and bandage the cut, adding a bit of medicine to counteract the poison from the ring, and then he steps back a bit again and smiles slightly*


                      Thank you Carson, he'll need to erst soon he looks so pale...I am so sad *hides a tear away*

                      Corey *sees it and stopps trying to get away* I...I am not worth your tears *leans at us* no one ever than my brother cried for me...but you... you wouldn't do that if you thought I am a monster *looks at Carson* would she?
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                        A- No, Lad. If she thought ye were a monster, she wouldna' cry for you. An' if Aang or I thought ye were a monster, we wouldna' care so much about ye. *he offers a smile*


                          Carson is right dear, if you were amonster, we wouldn't care that much about you *puts her arms around him* And no matter what has been, the important thing is, what is now

                          Gabriel: you are so wise my queen

                          Dante: and of course she is right, Corey

                          Alex: if you live in the past you will miss the future, little vampire

                          Oh well; I guess all my guys are a litte crazy, but that's why I like everyone of them *holds Corey in her arms who is falling asleep slowly*


                            *I push the door of my room wider, no one has seen me hiding back there. I walk into the room and over to the group and wait for some one to see me....Corey is the only one without his back to me, so it is him who sees me first*

                            -I am sorry if you thought you had to hurt yourself because of how I treated you.
                            *everyone is looking at me now, and some room is made for me and I step forward and squat down to be at eye level with Corey, and I take his hand*

                            -I am so sorry, please don't try and hurt yourself again, I'll do better.


                              *I stroke Corey's hair one last time before I let go of him and stand up, going back to my place beside Carson, who puts one arm around me and hugs me for a moment*

                              A- Aye. For goodness sake, I'm a clone of ma' self really an' I was forced to do some unpleasant things ta survive at first. I canna' say I'm proud o' my past, but it does no' mean I am a bad person now, does it? *he shrugs and smiles*

                              Not at all, my Love. Just as Corey's past doesn't mean he is a monster now. *I smile as well* *I am watching Dell and part of me feels bad she's just heard this whole mess but part of me is incredibly proud of what she is doing right now*


                                It's Ok Dell, you dodn't tell him to do that and I think it's not just because of you *gives Carson a look to make him understand, I know what Corey did to Gabriel* It's all just new to him here, it confuses him
                                Oh Carson of course it doesn't make you a bad person you are one of the most lovely guys I know *smiles at him*

                                Gabriel: I guess we all have done things we are not proud of, but to know that and to change it makes us differ from those who must be called monsters

                                Dante: *nods agreing, than looks at me, holding is brother* I can hold him if you want, though I am glad now he feels as save hereto fall asleep in your arms

                                It's OK Dante, I can still hold him,he's not that heavy and he needs some rest now where hie is, I guess its better, not to wake him up again now