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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by jay
    hey Joe, question about the script for the episode 'lost city'

    while i was watching the commentary for 'the lost city', Robert Cooper said that in the original script there was a kiss bewteen sam and jack around the time jack retired on the cargo ship. i was wondering was that taken out before or after the actors saw the script and who decided to take it out? many people (including me) would have loved to have seen the first real kiss bewteen sam and jack.

    Hmm. To be honest, I don't really remember. Well, I have a copy of the original script somewhere. I'll check it out and get back to you.


      Originally posted by Neelan_Liquor
      Hey, Joe. Any idea why the Atlantis pin created by Creation Entertainment for their cons looks like this:
      Haven't the faintest. Maybe it refers to the 7 deadly sins or the 7 days of the week or, more than likely, the 7 castaways on Gilligan's Island.


        Originally posted by sgeureka
        Daniel called O'Neill "Jim" twice in "Fallen". In "Threads", George Dzundza introduces his characters with the words "Call me Jim. We ran into each other the last time you were ascended." Coincidence?



          Originally posted by tflux
          In Underground when McKay and Shepard are caught in the bunker about 15 minutes in, one of the 3 soldiers bears a striking resemblance to Kolya. The 3 soliders are uncredited as far as I know. Any idea if this is Robert Davi playing one of the soldiers?
          That would be highly unlikely.


            [QUOTE=Carterslave]Dear Joe: Color me confused ...
            Early indications were that "a much-loved, sorely missed character" (believed to be Dr. J___t F_____r) would reappear in your script for Ripple Effect (née Convergence).

            - Is that who you think it is? Interesting.

            Now, according to your blog, Ripple Effect will have "interesting guest stars" (Uh-oh) but "that character" will not return until a subsequent episode, written by Damian Kindler.
            Is this correct?

            - Yuppo.

            (And is the Kindler-penned episode the one that has been slugged Grace Under Pressure?)

            - Noppo.

            By the way, "that character" and "the much loved, sorely missed character" are, well, two different characters. Throw a third one into the mix...ah, its too complicated so I won't even go there.


              Originally posted by SueS
              Hello Joe,

              I have a few questions regarding Carter's return.

              1. You said that Carter will return in the episode "Beach Head". The latest Stargate magazine is saying, "Colonel Samantha Carter returns to Stargate Command in Ex Deus Machina ..." Can you confirm for us that Sam's first appearance is in Beach Head?

              2. In the same SG magazine, regarding Carter's absence, Amanda said, "After Janet died, Carter took responsibility for Cassie. Cassie has had some problems, so Carter went to spend time with her. That's how I'm playing Carter's decision to leave the SGC."

              Okay, this sounds like a backstory that Amanda created for Carter, and not necessarily something we're going to see. I believe the last "official word" was that when Carter finally returns we'll learn she's been working at Area 51. I was wondering, any chance of this backstory becoming a part of the on-screen story? Also, what's the most interesting backstory an actor has come up with to explain their character's action/motivation?

              3. Final question regarding Carter's return. First we were told Carter was away for "personal and professional reasons", then it was "just professional". Then we were told she was "far, far, away" and finally "she's been working at Area 51". My guess is that you guys were playing around with a bunch of different ideas to explain Carter's absence before finally settling on the Area 51 one. Any chance of letting us know what some of those other reasons were?

              What's with all the questions, Sue? You have less of a life than I do!

              1. Beachhead airs before Ex Deus. Beachhead it is.

              2. No, that's a backstory created by Robert Cooper which accounts for one of several reasons Carter is away.

              3. See above.


                Originally posted by shockwave
                will the atlantis episode "Human Error" be picked up this year, or is it shelved again?
                So far so shelved. But who knows!


                  Originally posted by babaganoosh
                  Howdy! Big fan!

                  Anyway, um, I had this idea not long ago about time-travel. DeLuise once said in a DVD commentary that he wished he could break new ground when it comes to shooting a show. I don't think the following has ever been done.

                  Film segments of a scene to be aired three, four, five or more years down the road...something that'll be crucial to the story then, not now. I don't know if that's very clear or not. Basically, If you've seen the Back to the Future trilogy...this might make sense...

                  Okay, in the first one, Marty is at the high school dance and he's outside some double swinging doors. Nothing happens outside the doors the the hallway. In the second movie, Marty is doing the same thing but there's a second "future" Marty outside doing stuff. It would have been cool to have that scene in the forst movie as a teaser or something to let the audience know there'll be another movie.

                  It doesn't even have to be years down the road, it can involve time-travel in the firts episode of a season and the last episode.

                  Ford or someone goes back to the first eposode of the third season (god-willing) and is seen by the camera trying not to get caught by people from that episode's people. In the final episode, it's revealed why Ford was lurking around.
                  Errr...okay. Except that we have to have a story plotted 3 years in advance.


                    Originally posted by sharky277
                    So far, where would you rate season 9? Do you think it will be one of the best, or the best? Do you think it's better than 6, 7, or 8?
                    If I were to rate the seasons of Stargate in which I was involved with 1 being the best and 6 being, well, not so best -

                    1. Season 9
                    2. Season 8
                    3. Season 4
                    4. Season 7
                    5. Season 6
                    6. Season 5

                    If I were to rate the top 10 episodes of Stargate I wrote with 1 being the best and 10 being, well, not as best -

                    10. Nightwalkers
                    9. Exodus
                    8. Its Good to be King
                    7. Revisions
                    6. Window of Opportunity
                    5. The Curse
                    4. Moebius I
                    3. Point of No Return
                    2. Ties That Bind
                    1. Ripple Effect

                    Some will undoubtedly disagree.


                      Originally posted by jckfan55
                      Hi Mr. M--Is William Gereghty going to direct any Season 9 episodes? I like his style.
                      No. Bill will not be directing an episode this year.


                        Originally posted by babaganoosh
                        Also, Mr. Mallozzi, is there anything I, "Mr. John Q. Public" can do for the show to contribute? I've always wanted to do something that's either subtle or gross that can be seen later so I can tell my friends, "that was my idea!".

                        I'm only thinking something small like some Jaffa tradition or where someone on the show is from or was born or the Asgard or Unas do this when...kind of thing.

                        Also, if it's not too much trouble. Jeez, I feel sillly for even bringing this up: I had this dream the other night that I wanted to work for you guys as the chief model-maker. I heard someone telling DeLuise that there were Replicator hero props that were being given away. While I was in the office asking for one, I asked Peter if I could do modeling for the show. He said "No, you don't have any CG experience".

                        I realize you might not be the guy to ask but how can someone go about becoming a model-maker for a TV show or movie? What kinds of classes or degrees do I need to do that?

                        That brings up another point; Is there any chance that we - the science-fiction scale modeling community can get some mass-produced Stargate kits in the future? I sure would like to have a model of a Tel'tak, the Prometheus, a Death Glider and maybe an Al'kesh. OH! And an X/F-302!

                        Hmm. I'd suggest sending a letter to the production offices and querying them.


                          Originally posted by binkpmmc
                          Hi Joe - one simple question - HOW?

                          again one simple question - HOW?

                          Thanks for your time here.
                          Well, the answers to these questions will be self-evident once the episodes air. Suffice it to say, things would have developed very differently if Vala had not been around.


                            Hi Joe:

                            How do you guys decide what "spoilers" to release on the upcoming episodes without giving away the most important elements? Do you get a giggle sometimes letting out info that you know will confuse the fans or lead them in the wrong direction?

                            Kudos to all you guys involved in the making of both Stargate shows. Don't know how you do it, but it gets better each year!


                              My we're up late tonight!
                              The very young, do not always do what they are told.

                              "To me, my board" - Silver Surfer


                                Originally posted by star47
                                Hi Joe:

                                How do you guys decide what "spoilers" to release on the upcoming episodes without giving away the most important elements? Do you get a giggle sometimes letting out info that you know will confuse the fans or lead them in the wrong direction?

                                Kudos to all you guys involved in the making of both Stargate shows. Don't know how you do it, but it gets better each year!
                                Well, I think there's a difference between "spoilers" and "teasers". "Spoilers" are revelations about key plot points, twists, surprises, endings, etc. - ie. SG-1 discovers that the key to Atlantis is located on Earth! - that could potentially "spoil" a viewer's enjoyment of said episode. "Teasers" are hints or subtle clues, information on small specifics (ie. guest stars) or general story points (ie. Earth is stricken by a plague, or, Mitchell and Daniel go off-world to seek out the key to stopping the plague).

                                As to what can or can't be revealed - common sense prevails.

                                As for giggling, I don't do much of it but Damian occupies the office beside me and I hear a whole lot of giggling emanating from behind his closed door.
                                It frightens me.