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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Will "that character" which we will see in Ripple Effect appear only in this episode or will we see him or her more often?


      Originally posted by JMallozzi
      The Icon sequel is Ethon. The episode where THAT character returns is Riple Effect.

      So ... nobody's returning in Ethon.

      Now, about Ethon. In an earlier post (dated 7/6) you said that Ethon, Stronghold and Off The Grid are all off-world eps. and that at the moment, one is somewhat Prometheus-bound. Since, according to Greek mythology, Ethon was the eagle that gnawed the liver of Prometheus, we've been thinking that Ethon is the ep. that is somewhat Prometheus-bound. However, Icon had nothing to do with the Prometheus.

      So, my question - is Ethon the "somewhat Prometheus-bound" episode, if not, which one is?



      ps - I'm loving S9
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        The Episodes last night where great, Runner and Origin. I can say i didn't care much for Origin the first time through but i think it was that i was distracted to many times but i really did like it, the episode Runner has to be my favorite episode of Atlantis so far. I geuss my question is about Runner. Momoa, with his hair style make shim seem like he'd be some mean grumpy person but you made him calm. I geuss the question is what made the writters decide to make him a calm character in stead of the grumpy mean one tjhat i had at first invisioned? was it the characters idea?

        Also i have to say after that episode if noone loves what you guys did to Ford there crazy i mean the way you put in Ford's personality with the effects of the drug was awsome.


          Dear Joe,

          I'm loving the new season. Browder is great. How far are you willing to become politically incorrect in order to delve into potentially sensitive, even taboo subjects that might be fair game when exploring religion and myths.

          Re: Ice Cream...check out the Washington Post's Style section Sat 7/30 for "Barbecued Alaska" ice cream, using Cackalacky BBQ sauce.

          Udder Delight Ice Cream in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware sells Bacon ice cream...mmm, bacon and butterfat, comes with CPR instructions. The trick is to match the fats to each other. Penn State Agriculture can explain. Other variations include:Cappucino Stout Beer, mushroom ice cream, mushroom pecan, mushroom pumpkin,vidalia onion, cucumber, green tea and pear...I dare you to get some.
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            Joe, you know we are loyal fans and we are so appreciative of your time here.

            So, can you *please* help us to understand: why were Jack's final scenes so stilted, explaining nothing about his promotion or what he is doing, giving viewers no resolution?

            We know RDA only did the scenes as a favor, and the writers purposely left his story open-ended, but if we didn't read gateworld, we wouldn't have a clue as to why Jack left the SGC and where he is now. It seems unfair to viewers, not just the diehard fans, and such a disservice to the character.



              Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

              A simple question. Has any consideration or discussion been given to the fact that the character Vala is degrading to women? She shares character traits with Kinnsey, but he was a villian, whereas she is an "ally." I mean this in all sincerity. Thanks for your time.
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                The first three episodes have been awesome-- please let cooper and the crew know what a great job they're doing! My question:

                Were Beau Bridges and RDA on the set together when the chess game was filmed in Avalon Part 1? And were RDA and Michael SHanks even in the same COUNTRY when the scene in Origin was filmed?

                In both instances RDA was quite wooden, as though he were talking to a brick wall rather than a person. Jack appeared rather constipated. Bridges and Shanks were fine, but if RDA doesn't want to contribute to the show as much as it appears, maybe you should stop writing scenes for him.

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                  Dear Mallozzi

                  Do you know who will be playing Khalek in prototype have you considered David palffy.
                  oh and the Ori are the best enemy on any show or movie.
                  i just love to give and recieve GREENS


                    Hello, Joe.

                    I'm Kim, and I appreciate your time spent here with us very much.

                    My question: you hint to us whether we get (1) more (2) less or (3) the same of the goofy devolved McKay this season?

                    If only by reading this thread, not to mention other threads on Gateworld, you have to know that more than a few of us feel that McKay hasn't been dealt with very well so far in S2. Many feel Runner was a real kick in the gut to McKay's character. The dialogue with Ford was good but some other moments really hit a wrong note.

                    David's immensely talented and can do everything you ask of him as an actor, but it's distressing to see the writer's play to his comic capability to the detriment of the character. Yes, McKay whinges and is a bit of a pain, but if that's all we see of him, it will be hard to take him seriously again as a scientist and team member. I really think we need more balance.

                    Can you share anything that is coming up that rounds out McKay's character again, shows us the semi-brave guy we saw in "The Defiant One" and the smart, if scared, guy we saw in "Hot Zone"?

                    Thank you so much for bringing us Atlantis. And SG-1 too, must not forget it. I hope that our delight in your creation (which, alas, comes with our tiny gripes) makes all your hard work feel like it was worth it.
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                      Originally posted by LiquidBlue
                      I have been a fan for years. I started watching in the first season of SG-1, and I have been watching as I can, as it is available since then.

                      My Question.

                      How much thought or discussion goes into balance issues. For example, you might have one episode that gives one group or another a significant advantage over another. Is it a concern that the incidental details of one episode may destroy the intended power mix of the show setting as a whole?

                      It seems in some cases this balance of power is addressed by introducing the miracle technology or device, but for whatever reason it will only work once and generally to less advantage as might have been gained.

                      I can think of many Atlantis episodes in particular where an advantage is taken away almost immediatly.
                      • The personal shield device. (There is only one, and there is no way to duplicate the scientist's methods to construct another?)
                      • The wraith vaccine/bio-weapon that proved to be lethel in many people (this instance seems to be more a dramatic issue, rather than a balance issue.)
                      • The ZPM the Daedulus delievered turns out not to be able to power the shields for very long. (How did the Ancients survive a protracted seige then? The answer, speculation, is that they sumberged the city, but apparently the atlantis team does not know how.)

                      This is always a concern when writing the shows. We want to introduce advanced tech (ie. ZPM's) but access to this tech must be limited (ie. the ZPM has a limited amount of power) otherwise things become too easy for our characters. We want them to make powerful allies (ie. the Asgard), but we can't allow them to rely on the allies every time they get into trouble (ie. the Asgard are busy with their own problems in their own galaxy), otherwise, again, things become too easy for our heroes. Then again, we'd like to introduce threatening new villains (ie. the wraith and the Orii), but we must set up their respective weaknesses otherwise our heroes wouldn't stand a chance against them.


                        Originally posted by purpletoo1
                        Hi Joe,
                        NICE!! Loved The Siege Pt 3 and Avalon1 was a surprise even with all the spoilers! And fuuuuuunny!
                        But I missed something, what are Stargates R & D in area 51? Sam seemed to be on a ship. Help please!
                        Thank you sir! Love your blog, hope it doesn't go away!
                        Carter has had a number of things to occupy her time - research and development, deep space reconaissance, and taking time off to be with Cassie are just a few of the things she'd been up to.


                          Originally posted by Linzi
                          Hello Mr. Mallozzi,
                          Firstly thank you so much for answering our questions!
                          Before I ask my question I have to say I laughed myself into a stupor regarding your answer to the name of Atlantis teams! I can just hear Dr. Weir saying how concerned she is that F.A.R.T. is 2 hours overdue!!!! Touche!

                          Anyway, can you give us any spoilers for 'Michael' formerly 'Charlie', I'm fascinated by the title(s)?
                          To quote from my recent blog entry:

                          "The back half of Atlantis sees some surprising revelations about the wraith, the return of a former adversary, and a script, being written by Carl Binder, called "Michael", which focuses on a couple of days in the life of one of the expedition's unknown and unheralded members." Its a story about one of the many unsung members of the expedition.


                            [QUOTE=Send Pete to Edora]Hey Joe!

                            Greetings from Germany! Thanks for taking your time to answer all of those questions! It's very interesting to read through them!

                            I have a shipper question! Nah! Don't scroll and ignore it, please! I know you must be tired of those now but at least it's not about Season 9 or if they end up together!

                            It's about Abyss. Not sure you know this but in the end where Sam brings Jack the water and then leaves, Jack says "Thanks" to Daniel, I assume. Now my question: Did he just say thanks because Daniel visited him and was there or was it just my imagination that the "Thanks" was for bringing him back to Sam as well? It looked to me as if Jack was really glad to see Sam again and all that. But as a shipper I like reading into things and maybe I just made that up. I just saw that episode again and it made me wonder if it was for Sam as well ...

                            To be perfectly honest - I don't know. You might ask Brad Wright who wrote the script, but I'd hazard a guess he doesn't know either. The only one who knows for sure is RDA.


                              Originally posted by prion
                              You wrote in your blog:

                              Just saw the new Atlantis opening (that's the one minute version). It kicks a**! Gone are the lame/cliche fade up/fade down/fade up/fade down sequences that you see in sooooooo many trailers today. Needless to say, it is a thousand times better than the 10 second opening.

                              Is this one minute version one that SciFi viewers will see, or is this for syndication? Did the music remain the same? Must admit I really enjoyed the season one version, both visually and music.
                              Its still the same, terrific, Emmy-nominated theme - but with all new visuals. It looks and sounds great. You'll see it in syndication.


                                Originally posted by hungrytrash
                                Do Asgard have genders? It seems like they are all male . The one in Nemesis sounded like a girl though. Also...I ask of you with all of my heart if we can see a baby Asgard clone!
                                The Asgard are asexual. As for Asgard babies...Why would they clone an infant when they can clone a fully grown Asgard?