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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by rocket4477
    How do you think the beginning of season nine would have played out had Amanda Tapping not had a baby?
    Quite differently in terms of how things would have developed in the first six episodes - and totally different with regard to one story in particular (The Ties That Bind).


      Howdy! Big fan!

      Anyway, um, I had this idea not long ago about time-travel. DeLuise once said in a DVD commentary that he wished he could break new ground when it comes to shooting a show. I don't think the following has ever been done.

      Film segments of a scene to be aired three, four, five or more years down the road...something that'll be crucial to the story then, not now. I don't know if that's very clear or not. Basically, If you've seen the Back to the Future trilogy...this might make sense...

      Okay, in the first one, Marty is at the high school dance and he's outside some double swinging doors. Nothing happens outside the doors the the hallway. In the second movie, Marty is doing the same thing but there's a second "future" Marty outside doing stuff. It would have been cool to have that scene in the forst movie as a teaser or something to let the audience know there'll be another movie.

      It doesn't even have to be years down the road, it can involve time-travel in the firts episode of a season and the last episode.

      Ford or someone goes back to the first eposode of the third season (god-willing) and is seen by the camera trying not to get caught by people from that episode's people. In the final episode, it's revealed why Ford was lurking around.


        So far, where would you rate season 9? Do you think it will be one of the best, or the best? Do you think it's better than 6, 7, or 8?
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          Hi Mr. M--Is William Gereghty going to direct any Season 9 episodes? I like his style.


            Also, Mr. Mallozzi, is there anything I, "Mr. John Q. Public" can do for the show to contribute? I've always wanted to do something that's either subtle or gross that can be seen later so I can tell my friends, "that was my idea!".

            I'm only thinking something small like some Jaffa tradition or where someone on the show is from or was born or the Asgard or Unas do this when...kind of thing.

            Also, if it's not too much trouble. Jeez, I feel sillly for even bringing this up: I had this dream the other night that I wanted to work for you guys as the chief model-maker. I heard someone telling DeLuise that there were Replicator hero props that were being given away. While I was in the office asking for one, I asked Peter if I could do modeling for the show. He said "No, you don't have any CG experience".

            I realize you might not be the guy to ask but how can someone go about becoming a model-maker for a TV show or movie? What kinds of classes or degrees do I need to do that?

            That brings up another point; Is there any chance that we - the science-fiction scale modeling community can get some mass-produced Stargate kits in the future? I sure would like to have a model of a Tel'tak, the Prometheus, a Death Glider and maybe an Al'kesh. OH! And an X/F-302!
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              Originally posted by JMallozzi
              Quite differently in terms of how things would have developed in the first six episodes
              Hi Joe - one simple question - HOW?

              - and totally different with regard to one story in particular (The Ties That Bind).
              again one simple question - HOW?

              Thanks for your time here.


                Originally posted by SueS
                In your blog, regarding Ripple Effect, you said, "I haven't felt this good about a script since I completed The Ties That Bind and, maybe, that's cause for concern."


                1. What is it about this script that makes you feel so good?

                2. Does Daniel play a significant role in Ripple Effect?

                Thanks and take care,
                Its a fun episode with plenty of complications, twists, humor, and mini-revelations. All of our main characters have something to do and have their opportunity to shine. It will be an episode that fans, both new and old, will enjoy.


                  Originally posted by S.G.C
                  Hey Joe

                  This doesnt really have anything to do with Season 9 of Stargate, but then in a way it does,

                  What doens N.I.D stand for?

                  Thanks in advance because i will probably forget i posted in here!
                  When I asked Brad about it, he informed me that, originally, they wanted to go with the acronym N.R.D. which stood ready?...."Not a Real Department". It was changed to N.I.D. because it sounded better. The last time I answered this question, a fan screamed blue murder, insisting N.I.D. stood for the National Intelligence Directorate or something. She insisted that she was very familiar with the agency...and, presumably, the lizard people.


                    Originally posted by keppiezbt

                    coke or pepsi?

                    I'm more of a spring water and green tea guy. But if I had to pick...coke.


                      Originally posted by valaCB

                      I want to know if Claudia Black`s character will appear in the end of seson 9.

                      Thank you

                      BTW - If Jonas will be visiting in season 9 it will be also fantastic and if he will meet Valal it will be super!

                      BTW2 - i've read the other posts. when people ask you Q about VALA or CBlack you prefer not answering. Hope you'll answer mine


                        [QUOTE=ÜberSG-1Fan]Hey Joe! Another Atlantis question for you...

                        Although I know how much you must detest the "will we get to see so-and-so anytime soon or ever again" questions...I simply can't resist...

                        I loved seeing both Robert Davi and Colm Meaney on Atlantis...they were deliciously evil.

                        Now here it comes. Brace yourself.

                        Will we get to see Kolya and/or Cowen and/or any of their Genii compadres (beyond the former Genii spies of The Lost Boys and The Hive) anytime soon or ever again?

                        We are spinning a Genii story as I write this. If all goes as planned, Martin will be writing it over the hiatus.


                          Originally posted by Avatar28
                          Joe, will we ever find out about the origins of the Asgard?
                          For the time being, we will not be exploring their origins. However, check out a couple of new Asgard in the upcoming seasons of both shows - Hermiod will be making his appearance in Atlantis while Kvasir will be appearing in the back of SG-1's 9th season.


                            Originally posted by Neelan_Liquor
                            Joe, any likelihood of you (or any other writers/producers/directors) making an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con this year? It falls on the weekend of the SG-1/Atlantis season premieres, July 14-17.
                            Nope. Don't believe we were invited.


                              [QUOTE=immelmann]Any chance we could get a look at this list?

                              I'm also curious to know if any anime has influenced story lines in SG-1 or SGA?QUOTE]

                              I tried to post the list, but apparently I'm 1500 characters over the posting limit.

                              Has anime influenced storylines? Not really. But you can definitely catch some anime winks here and there


                                Originally posted by sharky277
                                I don't know if you'll be able to answer this but here goes:

                                Do you know what Michael Shanks favorite TV show and or food is? Also, will he be directing any episodes this season, I really loved Double Jeopardy, epecailly his commentary.
                                Can't say. Although he was in my office a couple of weeks ago discussing Finding Neverland which he really liked alot.