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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe

    Just seen the new pictures for Atlantis episode “Conversion” Shep looks scary my question is who did the great job on the make up because he or she deserves an award.
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      hey Joe Mallozzi, i wanted to ask you one thing.
      I read that the aurora is a ship with ancients, can u tell us any details of the ship lets say how big it is or if it was a powerful ship?
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        I have an Atlantis question: I've noticed there seems to be some different views among the fans on Weir's relationship to Simon, so I was wondering if you could clear things up. Is Elizabeth married to Simon? Thanks for the clarification!

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          In your blog, regarding Ripple Effect, you said, "I haven't felt this good about a script since I completed The Ties That Bind and, maybe, that's cause for concern."


          1. What is it about this script that makes you feel so good?

          2. Does Daniel play a significant role in Ripple Effect?

          Thanks and take care,



            Hey Joe

            This doesnt really have anything to do with Season 9 of Stargate, but then in a way it does,

            What doens N.I.D stand for?

            Thanks in advance because i will probably forget i posted in here!



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                I want to know if Claudia Black`s character will appear in the end of seson 9.

                Thank you

                BTW - If Jonas will be visiting in season 9 it will be also fantastic and if he will meet Valal it will be super!

                BTW2 - i've read the other posts. when people ask you Q about VALA or CBlack you prefer not answering. Hope you'll answer mine
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                  No DVD's in my office. Just the toys. I have a DVD room and keep an updated list of my collection.
                  Any chance we could get a look at this list?

                  I'm also curious to know if any anime has influenced story lines in SG-1 or SGA?

                  Thank you for taking time to answer our questions joe!
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                    Hey Joe! Another Atlantis question for you...

                    Although I know how much you must detest the "will we get to see so-and-so anytime soon or ever again" questions...I simply can't resist...

                    I loved seeing both Robert Davi and Colm Meaney on Atlantis...they were deliciously evil.

                    Now here it comes. Brace yourself.

                    Will we get to see Kolya and/or Cowen and/or any of their Genii compadres (beyond the former Genii spies of The Lost Boys and The Hive) anytime soon or ever again?

                    There...see? That wasn't too bad now was it?

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                      Joe, will we ever find out about the origins of the Asgard?


                        Joe, any likelihood of you (or any other writers/producers/directors) making an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con this year? It falls on the weekend of the SG-1/Atlantis season premieres, July 14-17.


                          I don't know if you'll be able to answer this but here goes:

                          Do you know what Michael Shanks favorite TV show and or food is? Also, will he be directing any episodes this season, I really loved Double Jeopardy, epecailly his commentary.
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                            hey Joe, question about the script for the episode 'lost city'

                            while i was watching the commentary for 'the lost city', Robert Cooper said that in the original script there was a kiss bewteen sam and jack around the time jack retired on the cargo ship. i was wondering was that taken out before or after the actors saw the script and who decided to take it out? many people (including me) would have loved to have seen the first real kiss bewteen sam and jack.
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                              Hey, Joe. Any idea why the Atlantis pin created by Creation Entertainment for their cons looks like this:
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                                Daniel called O'Neill "Jim" twice in "Fallen". In "Threads", George Dzundza introduces his characters with the words "Call me Jim. We ran into each other the last time you were ascended." Coincidence?
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