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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi joe, Im not sure if this has been asked before and im too lazy to read through the whole thread!
    In 38 minutes the wraith bug reacted to the salt water, do the wraith have any similar reactions and is this related to why atlantis is surrounded and was submerged in salt water?
    And will we ever see bates again?
    thanks for your time.


      Could you give us an idea of what Teal'c will be doing in S9?

      Several of the spoilers I've read have left me with the impression that there will be a main storyline (e.g. fighting the Ori, looking for a cure for a plague) ... and then there will be a sub-plot of Teal'c doing some Jaffa thing that somehow gets tied into the story at the end.

      My fear is that Teal'c is being isolated from the team. Just curious, has it become difficult to write for Teal'c now that the show is moving in a new direction - away from the former mythology of the goa'uld? Also, since the Jaffa are now free, are we going to see a strong motive for Teal'c wanting to stay on SG-1 as opposed to leaving and becoming actively involved in the Jaffa free nation.

      Are there any episodes that you would consider a Teal'c episode?




        Joe, I hope you haven't answered this before. Couldn't find it if you have.

        How much time has passed between the events at the end of S8 and the point when Mitchell shows up at the SGC? Days? Weeks? Months? Was SG-1 "disbanded" (if that's the correct term) the whole time?

        Thanks Joe...
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          hi, joe,

          odd question. does amanda know how many ppl are rooting for sam/amanda? if not, would you mind passing along our interest?




            Hello Joe,

            Thanks again for answering our questions... it's very humble that you take your time from your busy schedule to answer us.... many, many, many thanks.

            I have several questions if I may:

            1.- I understand from previous spoilers that Cameron will be leading SG1 during the first eps, but when Carter is called back to SG1, who will lead?

            2.- It has been said that even though RDA will not be part of S9, O'Neil will be very present during S9, how will you play this if there are no plans "yet" of him being part of any other episode in S9, besides the first episodes?

            3.- Will RDA still be Executive Producer in S9?, he has said that his role as EP was not the clasic definition and that he had become more a liason between the actors and the writers, if he will be EP during S9, what would his role be?

            4.- I've seen during the years, that sometimes you are co-producer, supervising producer, executive-producer, producer... I have no clue of how a show is done, but what are these different roles what exactly do you do?

            5.- I have the feeling that you like writing funny episodes, any other episodes like WOO, URGO just funny, funny, funny?

            6.- Do ever comment with the producers, crew, actors, writers, etc... what goes on on this thread? something like... crazy fans are wondering if ....?

            7.- Last but not least, I still don't know what to think about S9, I'm a shipper and above all a hard RDA/Jack O'Neill fan, I know you have said that it will be a great season and that we just have to trust you, but what would you say to all those RDA/Jack O'Neill fans in order to watch S9?
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              Originally posted by kirmit
              Hi Joe, I'm just wonderin season 1 of Atlantis didn't seem to deal with alot of Mythology (sumthing I love about SG-1), so is there goin to be any incorporated into season 2 or is mythology best left to SG-1?
              SG-1's initial premise - of the goa'uld posing as legendary deities - allowed the show to explore various Earth-based mythologies. The basic preimise of Atlantis is quite difference and, as a result, doesn't really draw on Earth-based mythologies.


                Originally posted by NowIWillDestroyAbydos
                Did Jay Felger invent the Rail Gun, seen in The Siege Part 2?

                And one more thing, Are you and Paul done with the Atlantis Theme song lyrics?

                No, Felger did not invent the Rail Gun. In fact, rail guns weren't invented for the show. They do exist.

                Paul is the guy to ask about the Atlantis lyrics.


                  Originally posted by LOL4JACK
                  Hi Joe,

                  Shipper here

                  We read over the weekend an interview from Amanda Tapping in a French magazine she was asked about Sam and Jack's relationship.

                  TS: Before Richard's departure, will the fans finally have a clear view of the love story between Jack and Samantha?

                  AT:However, waiting for Richard to come for one or two episodes, Samantha says to who wants to hear, that she is not single... for you to judge!

                  So my question is: Are Jack and Sam together as a couple in S9?

                  Hmmm. Maybe Amanda knows more than we do. Seriously though - if you're referring to the French article I think you're referring to, that quote could be translated either of two ways.

                  Looking ahead to season 9 however - I'm pleased to report that none of the stories we've done to date focus on Carter's romantic life.


                    Originally posted by auenway
                    Hey Joe can you give some more info on the 13th episode of Atlantis since its suppose to be some kind of crossover between the 2 casts.
                    I'm not sure which episode you're referring to. It could be Grace Under Pressure.


                      Originally posted by AncientOne
                      Hey there Joe!

                      How did the Ancients populate the galaxies with Stargates and DHDs? Did they have a ship that manufactered Stargates and DHDs and would place them around the galaxy? Just curious because this was never explained...
                      Ah, there are a lot of things that haven't been explained yet. We still have stories to tell.


                        Originally posted by tmp23
                        Mr. Mallozzi,
                        Hello once again

                        We already heard that Mitchell was a pilot in Antarctica, but...
                        I think I remember an earlier implication that Mitchell was already familiar to the rest of SG1, that there were already established relationships between them. Will we be getting any indication of how long he has been with the SGC? And exactly how well he know's Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c?

                        Thank you again
                        Check out Avalon I for the answer.


                          Originally posted by N8ball88
                          Hey Joe,

                          I was wondering if you watch any American football, and if so, what is your favorite team?
                          NFL and NCAA College Basketball are my favorite spectator sports.

                          Favorite NFL team - The same as Chris Judge: Raiders!


                            Originally posted by Sue_Jackson
                            Hi, Joe!

                            I gotta know. Will Daniel have any romantic relations in Season 9? With either Vala or Sarah Gardner?

                            No plans for any romantic relations this far.


                              Originally posted by Atteria
                              Hello Joe,

                              There seems to be a raging debate going on concerning the introduction of Ben Browder and Claudia Black to the SG-1 cast. Many here feel that CB is being brought on to appeal to the 14-25 yo male demographic, period. In addition, others feel that BB will be "stealing" command of SG-1 from Lt. Col. Carter.

                              Can you make any comments on this, or would that that be inappropriate? I've never asked a question before and I'm rather new here.

                              Thank you!
                              The reason Ben is being brought in is because we wanted a fourth on the team now that O'Neill is gone and Ben is a very talented actor. I thought he was terrific in Farscape and he's terrific in Stargate. As for him "stealing" command of SG-1 from Carter - Carter isn't around to have the command stolen from her in the first place.


                                Originally posted by The Mighty Musnud
                                Hey Joe,

                                I asked this over a month ago in the Martin Gero thread, but he's no longer answering questions, so I was hoping you could provide some insight. Anyway, on to the question:

                                What's with the Wraith Helmets? From the looks of them, a wraith could barely even see through them. Seems counter-productive in battle to me. And don't tell me they're there to protect against head injury. These are wraith wearing them! It's not like they couldn't instantly heal from a little gunshot to the head.
                                The Mus
                                Actually, they are there for protection. A headshot, maybe two, would most certainly put down a wraith.