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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Lida
    My very first question for either Joe or Martin......and it's really quite silly, but, here goes.

    I understand the Asgard have lost the ability to reproduce sexually, however, are there any female Asgard or are they truly asexual. Seems people here are wondering....... And if there aren't, is there any chance that Heimdahl's (?spelling) experiments will ever pan out?
    The Asgard are asexual beings who use cloning as a means of reproduction. Heimdall's experiments are ongoing.


      Originally posted by bugchicklv
      Hi Joe:

      I have a question about a past character: Dixon (Adam Baldwin)

      I don't remember seeing him come back through the gate in Heroes, but in my happy little world he is ok. Which leads me to ask if there is any way possible that we will see him again.
      Dixon is fine and, if the right story comes along, we'd love to have Adam Baldwin back.
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        Originally posted by Lewis
        hi Joe thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to answer questions now here is two from me.

        in season 8 we saw the Replicators rise before the Goa'uld but then the Replicators got killed by carter but do we see the Replicators again in season 9?

        do we see Anubis again because we saw Oma go into the fin air with him does it mean hes dead or ?
        We won't be seeing either the replicators or Anubis in season 9. They have, for all intents and purposes, been dealt with.


          Originally posted by ImmrtlofDrknss
          HI Joe,

          My question is: If you were going to give someone a crash course on the Stargate franchise, which episodes would you chose and why? Obviously the original movie, and Children of the Gods, but what else?
          I would do what we always do when we give new writers a crash course on Stargate: we direct them to Gateworld.


            Originally posted by lonely_star
            hi again Joe
            I'm watching Window of Opportunity
            I have a technical (and maybe stupid question), when T and Jack are playing golf, how did you stop the ball for coming back ? because there is a wall behind the gate isn't it ??
            Yes, there is. If I remember correctly, we set up a net behind the gate.


              OK, I have a question, Why the name change for Jack's son. In the movie there is a pan of his son's room and a certificate on the dresser said Tyler O'Niell, then on the show his name is Charlie...was there a reason for the name change or did the writer's just think Charlie was easier?
              Unless of course there was that unspoken, his name was Tyler Charles O'Niell and Jack just called him Charlie..LOL

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                Originally posted by golfbooy
                Hey Joe,

                I've always been a big fan of Brad Wright's ability to write interesting and thought-provoking stories. From Solitudes to 2010 to Abyss (and all credited and non-credited others as well), I find myself continually entertained by Brad's scripts. I'm hoping that despite his tremendously busy schedule he'll find time to pick up the pen for a story of his own this year. So, any chance that he'll be writing an episode of SG-1 in season 9?

                Edited to add: In the last few days it has already come out that Brad Wright has written Beachhead. Any chance you could say a little more about the episode or if he'll write any other stories?
                Despite Brad's busy schedule on Atlantis, he found time to write Beachhead for SG-1. Also, check out an Atlantis episode titled Epiphany.


                  Originally posted by SueS
                  Hello Joe,

                  So, I'm wondering are Avalon 1 & 2 and Origin being played as comedic episodes with a few serious moments thrown in, or are they considered serious episodes that happen to have a few light-hearted, comedic moments?
                  They are serious episodes that, like most of the stories we do, have a few light-hearted, comedic moments. Episode 4, The Ties That Bind, is more of a comedic episode.


                    Because I am a nice person (okay and because I liked the episode a lot) I voted for Heros for the Short Form Hugo.
                    Will they be sending anyone over to collect in case SG1 wins?

                    FF (also a nominee for Fan Artist and looking forward to the Hugo loosers party, always a great bash)


                      Originally posted by sg-1fanintn
                      Joe.....didn't putting John and Aeryn together in "Farscape" open up new adventures for them? Couldn't it do the same for Sam & Jack, once one of them becomes a civilian? Aren't there still enough intergalactic threats to Earth that Sam & Jack would be compelled to go off-world together.....for the good of us all?
                      Needless to say that with the cast changes this year, any mention of a possible Jack-Sam relationship would be limited to off-screen allusions.


                        Originally posted by SueS
                        Just letting you know right off the bat that this question/comment is coming from an anti-shipper.

                        [mod snip]

                        If you had been able to write a shippy end to the series, how would you have ended Daniel and Teal'c's story, so that their fans wouldn't be left feeling as though they were nothing more than supporting characters in the Jack and Sam saga?[mod snip]
                        You're assuming that a shippy end to the Sam-Jack relationship would have taken precedence over Daniel finally dealing with the Anubis threat and Teal'c finally leading the Jaffa to freedom.


                          Originally posted by Jonas Quinn
                          I don't mean to contradict you, Joe, but when Sam was concerned that the sabotaged ZPM could be used to destroy Earth's solar system, didn't Jack say that they gave the dead ZPM to Camulus?
                          True but the specifics of what happened to that particular ZPM (and Camulus for that matter) is something only Baal knows for sure.


                            Originally posted by lonely_star
                            hi Joe
                            just wanted to know if you have some news about RDA and his possible appearance in some more episodes

                            and just in case you haven't see the previous post, any comment on this ? is it your idea?

                            Actually, that was Peter DeLuise's idea. As for RDA - for now it looks like his appearances will be limited to early season 9 episodes.


                              Originally posted by Carterslave
                              Finally saw It's Good to be King last night. That Leo nomination of Tom McBeath's performance was very well-merited. Is a Maybourne episode planned for S9?
                              Not yet.


                                Originally posted by The Mighty Musnud

                                Maybe I missed something somewhere, but in the original episode where Tretonin was introduced, wasn't it described as having a limited supply, since the Tok'Ra Mommy could only make so many symbiotes before she died? Suddenly, Teal'c and Bra'Tac are usuing it all the time. And now the entire race of free Jaffas are going to use it? Excuse me for being cynical, but where are they gonna get all the Tretonin when it was already in short supply to begin with?

                                The Mus
                                With the help of Tok'ra scientists working in conjunction with Earth-based R&D, we were able to create a less-problematic source of the drug.