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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    [QUOTE=Galluslass]Hey Joe

    Blueberry Ice Cream or Chocolate Chip?

    - Chocolate chip. I usually don't mix fruit and dessert.

    KFC or McDonalds?

    - Oooh. It's a close one. But I'd have to give the edge to McDonalds.

    Starsky & Hutch or Cagney & Lacey?

    - Do I have to choose?

    Pants or Jeans?

    - I'm more of a suit and dress shirt, no tie type of guy.

    Cell phone or I pod (MP3 player, whatever)

    - Cell phone.

    Trainers or Jesus Sandals?

    - Trainers when I work out. Sandals - never!

    Superman or Spiderman?

    - Spidey


      Originally posted by Kalliope
      Hi Joe,

      first of all, thanks a lot for answering my question

      Here's the next one, this time on SG:Atlantis. Is there someone from Poland on this mission?

      Of course. Dr. Zamenhof.


        Originally posted by JMallozzi
        It's a little more deliberate. As you may or may not know, the addition of Dr. McKay to Atlantis team was a last minute decision so, in that respect, the chemistry was not planned. However, it was something we were hoping to develop and David and Joe's ability to really convey that chemistry onscreen went a long way toward making it a staple of the show.
        I didn't realize that he was a last minute addition, but it begs another question. Many sources, Corin included, have stated that the original plan presented to himi when he joined the show at the beginning of S6 was that Jonas would be part of the Atlantis team, yet that never materialized. What happened? I don't watch Atlantis, but I would if he was on it! <g>
        - Mary
        SG1 needs it's Fifth Man - Why should we settle for less? Bring back Jonas Quinn!
        Jack O'Neill would die for any member of his team. But there's only one he'd live for: Samantha Carter.


          Originally posted by LOL4JACK
          Hello Joe,

          Thanks again for answering our questions... it's very humble that you take your time from your busy schedule to answer us.... many, many, many thanks.

          I have several questions if I may:

          1.- I understand from previous spoilers that Cameron will be leading SG1 during the first eps, but when Carter is called back to SG1, who will lead?

          - You'll have to tune in to find out.

          2.- It has been said that even though RDA will not be part of S9, O'Neil will be very present during S9, how will you play this if there are no plans "yet" of him being part of any other episode in S9, besides the first episodes?

          - I would disagree with anyone who says that O'Neill will be "very present" during S9. His character will continue to be a part of the SG-1 universe (we're not killing him off), but the focus of our stories will be our four main characters.

          3.- Will RDA still be Executive Producer in S9?, he has said that his role as EP was not the clasic definition and that he had become more a liason between the actors and the writers, if he will be EP during S9, what would his role be?

          - No, RDA will not be an EP on S9.

          4.- I've seen during the years, that sometimes you are co-producer, supervising producer, executive-producer, producer... I have no clue of how a show is done, but what are these different roles what exactly do you do?

          - Honestly, they all can mean a variety of things. They can refer to a show-runner, someone who actually produces episodes by making the executive decisions, someone who puts together financing for a production, someone who contributes to the production in some other way or, in some cases, someone who does nothing but gets the credit regardless because it is part of his or her deal.

          5.- I have the feeling that you like writing funny episodes, any other episodes like WOO, URGO just funny, funny, funny?

          Ties That Bind, Ties That Bind, Ties That Bind.

          6.- Do ever comment with the producers, crew, actors, writers, etc... what goes on on this thread? something like... crazy fans are wondering if ....?

          Sure. Um, your post reminds me...I need to make a call.

          7.- Last but not least, I still don't know what to think about S9, I'm a shipper and above all a hard RDA/Jack O'Neill fan, I know you have said that it will be a great season and that we just have to trust you, but what would you say to all those RDA/Jack O'Neill fans in order to watch S9?
          You'll love the new guy.


            Hi Joe, The Drones in the MW seem to be able to penetrate directly right into & through their targets & do the main damage from the inside. Yet the ones we have seen so far in Pegasus seem more the explode on impact type.

            Are there differences between the 2? (Ones in the MW & those in Pegasus.)

            My theory is after the Ancients lost the war to the Wraith & returned to Earth they enhanced/supped up the Drones in the outpost ('The Lost City'). Just so that they wouldn't be caught off guard again. This would also be the case with the Time Jumper when it only takes the 2 shots to take out Aries Hat'ak.

            Also if you are allowed to answer this, In Rising I, We see a single Drone that Beckett activated when he used the chair, yet no others went as well. At the End of 'The Lost City' with the thousands that seemingly went right through Anubis' fleet of ships & others have speculated that they survived this & went back down to the outpost or the SGC gathered up the remainder in orbit. I personally say that the outpost is depleted of Drones other than the one that Beckett launched & was just wondering if your allowed to clear this up or not. Thanks..


              [QUOTE=SueS]1. Does this mean there won't be any comments from Carter or anyone else regarding who she may or may not have been hooking up with while she was away from the SGC?

              - There'll be no conversations on who she or any of our team members are hooking up with.

              2. In a Cult Times interview, regarding romantic relationships, Robert Cooper said, "there isn't as much of that kind of thing going on. It's more like seasons one and two, with big adventures and a lot more story-based stuff." Did feedback from fans who said they wanted to see less romance and more scifi adventure on the show factor into this decision, or was it solely because the show is moving in a new direction and you'll be busy enough as it is dealing with that?

              - I'm sure the fans who wanted to see more ship will think they scored a decisive victory in season 8 while fans who want to see less romance think they've scored their own victory in season 9. But the fact is we're just trying to tell the best possible stories for our characters. In the case of season 8, with Rick leaving the show, we wanted to wrap up some loose ends. In the case of season 9, we're setting up new characters and storylines.

              3. Assuming that part of the reason S9 won't be delving into any of the character's romantic lives is because you'll be too busy introducing new characters and enemies and establishing those relationships and developing those storylines, does this mean that in the second half of S9, when things have been fairly well estalished, you might delve into some of the character's romantic/personal lives? If so, care to say whose romantic life you MIGHT be exploring, or whose romantic life you'd like to explore?

              - Well, we're already well into the second half of season 9 (script-wise) and, so far, there is no romance to really speak of. No kissing. No cuddling. Although, I'm thinking of getting Teal'c a doggie. Does that count?


                [QUOTE=SueS]Regarding the flashbacks in this ep, I understand Mitchell will be having flashbacks, but who else on SG-1 will be having flashbacks in this episode?

                - Can't say.

                Any plans on doing any AU/Mirror, time-travel or clip shows this year?

                - Hmmm. It's very possible. I would say probable. Nope. Definite.


                  Originally posted by auenway
                  Hey Joe from what I've heard and read about the SGA episode Trinity it seems like some military people from Ronans homeworld survived is there any chance that they could be brought to Atlantis and help the people from Earth fight the Wraith. Since Ronans people are suppose to be skilled warriors.
                  You'll have to check out season 2 for the answer to that one.


                    Originally posted by sgeureka
                    Woah. (Off-topic post) I think I'll never have more than 100 DVDs in my life. How do you make sure you don't have three copies of the same anime movie? And have you rented extra space to store them? How many of your DVDs are in your office (instead of home)?
                    No DVD's in my office. Just the toys. I have a DVD room and keep an updated list of my collection.


                      Originally posted by Kalliope
                      Hi Joe,

                      another question on SG: Atlantis. Is there a chance that Sheppard will meet Chaya again?
                      Its possible - but unlikely for the time being.


                        Hey Joe
                        Thanks again for this. I was just wondering if we are every going to see how the team deals with all the stuff that happens to them. At times SG1 feels like a military show (war movie) and it would be great to see the effects combat has had on the characters. For example Daniel used to be quite the pacifist, how did he react the first time he killed someone, does he ever wonder how he came to be toting around a P-90?


                          Hi Joe !
                          I was wondering if we are going to see the Reetous in the episode " Charlie " of Stargate SG-1's Season 9 ?



                            Hi Joe,

                            When you're coming up with ideas for episodes, do you have to spend ages thinking of stuff or do you get an idea immediately and go with it? I ask 'cos ever since I was nine I've been writing stuff, but I sometimes find it hard to get ideas.

                            Really appreciate you taking the time to answer all of our many many questions, thankyou loads.


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                              Ok, so we know Jack is going to be in one or two episodes towards the beginning of the Season, but what is he actually going to do? I mean, he can't be there just for the sake of being there, he has to do something. Any hints on what that is?

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                                How do you think the beginning of season nine would have played out had Amanda Tapping not had a baby?