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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by glennh73
    1. My questions is, when you and the rest of the writing staff are waiting in limbo to see if u get another season or not, do u guys just still write up stories just incase u get picked up for another season?
    It got to be hard to cram stories together for the beginning of the season with little time.

    Yes. VEEERY difficult. Hopefully someone at SciFi is reading this.

    2. Is there a place where someone could get a plush doll of Thor? I just never seen much merchandise for Stargate, no toys or anything and i think somone is really missing the boat here.
    That's a question for MGM. And while you're at it, get me one of those Wraith Queen Pez dispensers.


      Originally posted by JMallozzi
      When she returns, Mitchell is leading SG-1. Do you mean who will be leading the team when she re-joins SG-1?
      i didn't ask the original question, but i'm fairly certain it was referring to after she rejoins them (even if it wasn't, i'd like to know that answer... if it isn't too spoilery of course... )


        Originally posted by KronJP6
        I know I am in the minority here, but I like seeing Daniel in action mode, will we be seeing more of his fighting skills in season 9?

        Can't wait to see Ben Bowder on the show.
        Season 9 = more of Daniel fighting, investigating, translating, studying, confronting, blowing his top, getting beat up - and then some.


          Originally posted by Watters87

          Joe Flanigan said he was going to pen a script in Season 2. Has he done an outline for it and if he has, can you give us any details?

          Joe expressed an interest in penning a script for season 2. We had an idea for a Sheppard story floating around so the writing department kicked it around for a while. Unfortunately, Joe has been sidetracked by other duties (ie. being the lead on Atlantis), so its now unlikely he'll be writing the script.


            Originally posted by ShadowMaat
            Is there any chance of asking Jacqueline Samuda back to write another script? Her character may be gone (99% sure), but that doesn't mean SHE can't come back, right? And if I remember correctly, Tichenor's rejoining the crew, too...
            Alas, her character met her untimely end in Metamorphosis. And if Tichenor doesn't return the DVD's I lent him, he may mee the same grisly fate.


              Originally posted by astrumporta
              Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

              Congratulations you are my first post!

              One question: When are you going to finally attend a con?

              P.S. MORE FURLINGS!!!
              The short answer is: When Hell freezes over.

              The long answer is: In all fairness, convention organizers must execute a myriad of very challenging steps, each one more complicated than the next, in order to secure our participation at a convention. First, they have to invite us. Second, they…uh…well, I guess they have to invite us. And, frankly, that’s unlikely to happen since inviting a writer/producer would mean one less nameless Jaffa on the panel. As the show’s creative, all we have to offer is insight into the characters and storylines, wheras the guy who played Jaffa #3 in episode 37 can deliver a first-hand account of what it feels like to wear faux chain mail pants. How to compete with that? The overseas cons are a tricky proposition, but when a local con rolls into town (let’s just make up a fictitious name - say, “Creatine Con”) and doesn’t even bother to invite the writing department, you can’t help but feel a little sleighted.

              Peter DeLuise and Martin Wood were finally invited to a London con this summer and - surprises of surprises - were a hit with the fans. They were funny, informative, and actually knew the show. After 8+ years, Brad and Robert have finally been invited to an overseas con. My question is: What took so long?

              Ultimately, it comes down to the fans. If you want writers at the conventions, make a request. Contact the con organizers and get them to call the production office. If you’re looking for someone to invite, here are a couple of suggestions:

              Paul Mullie is not only a brilliant writer, but our resident Captain Logic who could field any and all questions regarding the time travel, AU, and virtual reality stories we‘ve done (Yes, even Moebius!). And, heads up to the organizers of the Paris con - Paul speaks French.

              Fan favorite Damian Kindler also happens to be a native Aussie and I’m certain would relish the opportunity to touch base with the Australian Gaters.

              Martin Gero’s background as a improv comic and his encyclopedic knowledge of the Atlantis Universe would make him an entertaining addition to any con.

              Carl Binder, new writer on the block, could offer his take on coming aboard a long-running series, the challenges he’s faced on this show and his experience on the many other productions he’s worked on (including Mysterious Ways, Dr. Quinn, and Disney’s Pocahontas).

              As for me - well, this little rant will preclude me from attending any future cons (with the exception of a con in Italy, a con in Czechoslovakia, and Concept Con in Montreal - all of which were kind enough to invite me over the past couple of years but which I’ve been, as yet, unable to attend because of my work commitments).

              And that about sums up my feelings on the subject.

              Thanks for asking however.


                Originally posted by MareaCasara

                Long time lurker, first time poster.

                Was just wondering if we are ever going to meet Rodney's sister. After watching Letters From Pegasus, it seemed like he really wanted to make inroads into repairing their realtionship and it would be really nice to see.

                Keep up the good work.

                Thanks. Yes, there is a possibility we may see his sister in season 2.


                  Originally posted by JMallozzi
                  Aussies did most certainly go to Atlantis. Maybe one will pop up in season 2.
                  Thanks joe.

                  follow up question.

                  if an aussie pops up in atlantis, will he be played by a genuine aussie, or will he be played by a canadian or a north american who can't do the accent right?
                  i would be really sad if an aussie appears on atlantis and their accent is completely wrong, or it sounds extremely fake.



                    This was probably asked before but I was wondering about the languages you all use. In Ernist's planet, were those symbols just symbols or did they have an actual language. I'm wondering because there is group going around translating Ancient from altantis. So, I'm wondering which languages can actually be translated and which are just made up with no real reference material.
                    'Nou ani anquietus' - 'We are the Ancients:’ teachers of roads and builders of the 'gate.


                      Hi, Joe.

                      With the various damage and stuff that Atlantis has undergone from various circumstances over the first season, both natural and Wraith, it's a wonder the place is even still standing. Is there any kind of self-repair mechanism that would get the city to fix up the damaged areas that they just haven't figured out how to activate yet? And if there is... do you think it might be dangerous to people in those sections?

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                        I love the chemistry between Sheppard and McKay on Atlantis. The two of them are a lot of fun. Is McKay going to get around to calling him "John" in Season 2 instead of "Major"? Especially since Sheppard's being promoted... Lt. Col. is too awkward, even for someone as verbose as McKay.



                          Joe - thanks for stopping by...

                          I've highlighted my questions so you can skip through all my yammering if you'd like...

                          Atlantis questions for you.

                          Are we going to be having any funny episodes? (I consider Window of Opportunity hilarious) So far - for the most part - Atlantis has been very serious to me...

                          Why did the original actress who played Weir not come back for the series? I really liked her and connected with her...

                          Lastly, I think good SCI FI is about more than the mythos created and the special effects generated. Most importantly, it's about the interpersonal connections that you feel drawn to as a fan - that people you care about are in bizarre situations (I haven't been attacked by a Goa'uld mothership recently) and you want to know how they resolve their problems. This concept I believe is what made Star Trek great in the past - why I feel Enterprise failed (I didn't sense real chemistry) and one of the reasons SG-1 is such a hit. I feel kind of like the SG-1 team are good friends of mine and I want to know what's going on in their lives.

                          With this whole concept of connecting with the characters, on Atlantis, I'm lovin' the relationship developing between John and Rodney - they're like brothers competing for attention...but I haven't quite warmed up to most of the Atlantis crew - for instance Weir. Sure, there have been some great action sequences and great development of the mythology IMHO, but I don't really know the main cast. I don't quite feel like they are friends of mine - if you will - like I do with SG-1.

                          I know this might seem like a silly question, but are we going to have any episodes that will delve more into the characters? I really want to establish an emotional connection to them but can't quite yet and it's thoroughly frustrating as a Stargate fan (or in my case, Über Stargate fan).

                          Thank you again!
                          Mary Beth

                          (P.S. - Aren't you proud of me for not mentioning on ANY LEVEL the Sam/Jack shippy thing? SEE?!?? Shippers do care about other elements of the franchise...)
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                            This question does not really pretain to either SG1 or Atlantis, but with TV how it is these days I would like to hear the answer to this question from the point of view from someone working on a show. I also understand If you don't want to answer it, or if the mods need to delete this post.

                            My Question is: What are your views on people downloading tv shows, such as SG1 and Atlantis off the internet?


                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              What's the quote?
                              i didn't ask the original q, but i know the quote:

                              Jack: (to Carter) ...(says some other stuff i can't remember)'ve got packing to do. (walks off with zpm)

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                                Originally posted by soulblade64
                                Thanks joe.

                                follow up question.

                                if an aussie pops up in atlantis, will he be played by a genuine aussie, or will he be played by a canadian or a north american who can't do the accent right?
                                i would be really sad if an aussie appears on atlantis and their accent is completely wrong, or it sounds extremely fake.
                                To whit: Lost.

                                I'd like to know how much influence the writers and producers have on the casting for something like this. If you put your foot down and said, 'No, I want an Australian instead of someone pretending to be one" would you get an Australian?

                                Can we have an Australian military team?