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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Purpleyin
    Hi Joe

    Is the Japanese scientist from "Letters from Pegasus" Dr.Kusunagi (or Kusinagi? I'm unsure of spelling) mentioned in passing in Seige Part2?
    - Yes.
    Originally posted by Purpleyin
    And will we be seeing more of her?

    - Yes.

    Originally posted by Purpleyin
    Also wish to know if there are plans to use Simpson, the woman who spoke up against Kavanagh in "38 minutes", again.
    - No firm plans as of yet, but it's very possible.
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      Is there any significance to the six spoke layout of the city of Atlantis? I thought I saw it echoed in the weapons platform from Defiant One/Seige, but I may have been distracted by McKay at the time. For the city, at least, is there a practical reason for that design, or is it just because it's more symmetrical/pretty like a snowflake?


        Hi Joe,

        I'm not sure if this was asked before, but what will become of Hammond since Jack is being promoted? And who's replacing Jack?
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          Sheppard is supposed to be the lead on Atlantis. Are we going to get more eps focused on him in season 2? We have had tons of Rodney-centric episodes and know plenty about him, Teyla, and even Carson. When do we get to see an episode all about Sheppard?

          Sheppard is in Atlantis because of his gene. Will we get to see why it was so important to have him there? So far he has turned on lights and flown jumpers. (I haven't seen Seige 2 yet so I apologize if stuff has happened on tonight's ep)

          Thanks in advance for some info
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            Dear Mr. Mallozzi,
            Thank you very much for taking time to answer our questions.

            I know Joe Flanigan's just had a birthday and David Hewlett's about to have one; do y'all have parties on the set for everyone's birthdays? Is it a fun set with lots of pranks going on, and will we get lots of behind the scenes goodies on the DVDs? (because I am so very much buying the DVDs when they come out).

            My other question concerns a comment you made in response to someone else's question. You said something about inviting "freelancers" to pitch for the show each year? How does that work? I have a friend who writes humorous sci fi, fantasy, and suspense novels (and has sold two so far to publishers) and she adores Atlantis. I've encouraged her to try her hand at a script and find an agent. Is that the best shot at submitting a script for an episode?
            (I realize y'all don't read fan fic for legal reasons, so I was wondering how you go about hiring new writers?)
            Thank you so much for any info on the subject.

            devoted Atlantis fan,


              Hi Joe,

              Don't suppose you could ask Martin Gero what line (the supposed funny one) he was trying to get out during his podcast of the Seige Part I? Please?



                Joe do you think that there is any other City Ships like Atlantis, and will we see any Ancient War Ships?

                thanks for your time Kris



                  Now that Jack has been promoted out of the SGC for Season 9, will we finally stop having all the Sam and Jack stories that clog up the rest of what is otherwise a great show?



                    Originally posted by JMallozzi
                    - Check out SG-1's new CMO. She's female, smarty, and sassy.
                    Joe - thanks again for your time.

                    Of all the words you could have used to describe the CMO - why "sassy"? (Webster's -- Sassy=impudent, saucy. Impudent= (1) immodest, shameless;(2) shamelessly bold or disrespectful;saucy, insolent. Saucy=(1) rude, impudent; (2) pert, sprightly; (3) stylish, smart (as in "keeping with the curent fashion - stylish"). Is this the way the character will be written?
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                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      wherein we introduce a new team leader, a new base commander, a new Chief Medical Officer, and a new villain. What more could you ask for?
                      Joe - Who, Mitchell or Carter, will be in charge (the team leader, in command) of SG1 once Carter "rejoins" SG1?

                      As always, thanks for your time.
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                        There's been speculation that the beard Daniel has is to make him look different from Mitchell. Please tell me if this is true or not (not, please) and if the beard will be gone in a few episodes. Thank you.
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                          Originally posted by JMallozzi
                          Raknor survived the events of Reckoning I and II. He'll be making an apperance in season 9.
                          Since I got negged for my jubilance that Rak'nor survived, I'll make this a question...

                          Was Rak'nor supposed to be in Reckoning? I know he got mentioned, but he never showed. Was Obi Ndefo just not available?

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                            Originally posted by Sue_Jackson
                            Hi, Mr. Mallozzi.

                            There is something that's been bothering me. Will Daniel have any romantic relationships in Season 9? And, will it be Vala or Sarah Gardner?

                            Bothering you? Why would it be bothering you?


                              Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan

                              Are we going to be having any funny episodes? (I consider Window of Opportunity hilarious) So far - for the most part - Atlantis has been very serious to me...

                              - Check out an early season 2 episode called "Duet", written by Martin Gero.

                              Why did the original actress who played Weir not come back for the series? I really liked her and connected with her...

                              - I like Tori and I'm kind of connecting with her.

                              are we going to have any episodes that will delve more into the characters?
                              - Yup.


                                Originally posted by David
                                Joe, have the producers been tossing any stories around regarding Sarah Gardner or Young Jack?
                                No - not yet. But to be perfectly honest, Young Jack is more likely than Sarah.